Should You Use iOS 12 Public Beta?

June 26, 2018
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Apple showed the world iOS 12 during the annual WWDC event at the beginning of this month. After three weeks in developer beta, the OS is now available as a public beta for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

Whenever I have to write something about iOS 12, I am always skeptical. In my mind, I have iOS 11 ingrained like a bad date. Even though numerologists say 11 is the master number, the same cannot be associated with the current iOS version. Riddled with bugs of all shapes and sizes, iOS 11 felt like a product of over-ambition and short-sightedness.

Much to my surprise, iOS 12 betas have been very stable. It works as good as iOS 11 if not better. Yes, the software is a work in progress, but it hasn’t bugged me that much. A few hitches and glitches have occurred but that’s a part of being a tech reviewer.

However, will I advice anyone to use it? I won’t sugarcoat. No! I won’t!

Why? Because, a beta is unfinished business. In my experience, there have been no nasty surprises, but I believe every device has a mind of its own. What might have worked on my iPhone may not work on yours. The experience of an iOS beta is not as uniformed as full and final release.

But, saying that “don’t install it because I said so” is not a reason. Therefore, I have listed four common problems you might face when you install the iOS 12 public beta:

  1. Expect the unexpected. There will be bugs. Countless bugs!
  2. Don’t trust the benchmark test blindly. These tests are hardware performance indicators and do not replicate real world usage. Apps may not perform at their best, even though the keyboard and the camera feel snappier than ever.
  3. Remember that older hardware may not completely agree with the new ways of iOS 12. Apple may have supported the end of spectrum iPhone 5S for one more year. But, the difference in performance improvement would be minute.
  4. Expect the occasional performance lag (or reboot) on latest devices. In a few cases, I have found iPhone X to be a troublesome case.

If you still want to brave it out, then take my word and test the beta on a secondary phone. The iPhone 6 you haven’t given to your mom is a perfect candidate for such an experiment.

In any case, don’t install it on your daily driver. Remember! Curiosity killed the cat. Of course, you can install the beta and rollback to iOS 11, but in between such adventures, you can lose important data. Therefore, creating a backup via iTunes is not a bad idea.

Still want to play with the iOS 12 beta? Then, follow this guide carefully.

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