Thinking Beyond with Apple: The Future of Smart Technology in 2019

November 28, 2017
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Ever wondered what iPhones are going to become in year 2019? What does Apple holds dear for the future population of this world? Is it going to be better than the existing phones we use day in and day out or is it simply going to enter a new stratosphere of virtual reality!

As the rumors are taking a swerve in the world of Apple with the introduction of the new iPhone X, It seems like the company is now considering the leap ahead compared to the remaining cellular technologies around the world.

What Apple Plans for Future

From holograms to solar charging and self healing screens, Apple is now taking innovation a step ahead with Augmented Reality applications. And that’s just a chunk of what Apple has in store for customers around the world… Apple aims to deliver 40 more amazing innovation which are most likely going to shape the future of technology in coming days.

Incorporation of OLED Technology

First things first which we have learned about Apple is that it is going to make a major shift by replacing all its smartphones variants with OLED displays. According to an inside news, we learned that some of the developers behind the optimization and research of enhancing display units are planning to create a chameleon featured device which will adapt to its surrounding.

Investments in AR Technology

Apple is also looking forward to invest in AR technology and mastering a product/device that is compatible with AR environments. As per now, it has successfully designed a phone, iPhone X which adaptable to modern day AR applications! But, a device that solely supports AR is something new on which Apple is going to invest in the future days.

Apple Battery Drainage Fixes

Apple further aims to work on its battery drainage issue. With Apple, the battery drainage issue has always been a terrible problem. Although, Apple incorporates the latest technologies, it also crams up the smartphone with applications that drain the power on iPhone sets quickly. It is believed that battery life is going to become one of the most important element in the coming days and Apple wish to take its chances to secure its devices.

While other developments for iPhone devices are in the pipeline such as retractable screens, solar powered phone skins and well supported camera imagery, let’s see how the Cupertino company is going to provide alarmingly amazing benefits for the world ahead in the near future.

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