Triple-Lens Camera on 2019 iPhones To Bring 3D Sensing & Better Zoom

May 29, 2018
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While the world waits for this year’s iPhone lineup, the buzz around 2019’s models has already started. Based on a “research note” from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu, Apple is planning to introduce an iPhone with triple-lens camera in 2019.

First highlighted by Taiwanese news website Economic Daily News, the additional lens will bring powerful features to the iPhone.

It is believed that the triple-lens camera setup can pave the way for 3D sensing through stereoscopic vision. Complicated, much?

According to Lu, two of the sensors will be used to capture images of a single object from different angles and then a ‘triangulation method’ will determine the distance between the object and the iPhone. Through this complex camera system, Apple will be able to deliver augmented reality related functionalities.

In the same report, the use of the third lens has also been clarified. According to Lu, the additional lens will bring a longer focal length for better zooming capabilities.

The long-focus lens will provide 3x optical zoom where a user would be able to focus on an object by magnifying it up to three times without any noise or reduction in the output quality. Currently, the latest iPhone models provide up to 2x optical zoom.

This is the second time Economic Daily News has reported on this development. Last month, the website leaked the news of an upcoming iPhone with a triple-lens camera setup. However, at that time, the article did not mention specifics.

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