Turn Sound Notification On iPhone 8

August 9, 2017
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iPhone 8 updating feature didn’t stop there. Just a month before of launching iPhone 8, there will be more and more updated news about iPhone 8 are still coming. A sophisticated 3D sensor that turns on the OLED iPhone initially thought comes with a new representative feature that Apple’s tenth-anniversary phone might suppress notification sounds if you’re looking at it.

Guilherme Rambo‏ (iOS Developer), found some strings in the last week’s inadvertent release of an unredacted build of homeport’s version of iOS. Said by Journalist Jason Snell

This technically feasible featured of Apple’s rumored 3D sensor, which has based on PrimeSense technology is thought to shoot infrared light showing invisible to the human eye in all the directions, using time-of-flight calculations to detect objects and to build an active 3D mesh approach.

The confusion is that if the sensor will double as an iris scanner or not and it is also unclear that this feature will be a default or optional, possibly enabled on a per-app basis. But this OLED iPhone 8 is believed to include both 3D facial recognition and eye scanning features with dedicated sensors. Hardware based face detection and tracking sound are cool. In Settings, to turn this cool feature on or off would be much treasured.

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