“Mockups” of Expected 2018 iPhone Models Compared in a Viral Video

June 19, 2018
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Is it real or are we getting mocked? Only time will tell. Over the weekend, a┬ávideo comparing upcoming “iPhone mockups” has been making waves. All 3 models expected to be released this year are examined and compared to the existing iPhones in detail.

The video posted by YouTuber Mac Otakara uses 3D mockups from Alibaba to compare speculations to the recent past of iPhones. The launch of the next iteration of iPhones is very close and we have many measurement related schematics in the market for the sizes of the unreleased phones. This video makes use of mostly China-based supply of screen protectors and plastic details.

We are currently expecting, among the 3 releases, a lower-cost 6.1-inch model with a LCD display instead of an OLED one. According to the leaked data, the smartphone would measure 150.9 millimeter (mm) by 75.7 mm by 8.5 mm in dimensions. This might as well be “iPhone 9” that uses LCD to cut down the price.

The second iPhone, as defined by the leaked schematics, will have a 5.8-inch form similar to the current iPhone X. My guess is, this is either iPhone XS or SE 2. The noticeable thing is that it is 1.1 mm wider than the current iPhone X. Technically, it may be just a button causing the increase. Dimensions for this one are 143.65 mm by 72.03 mm by 7.69 mm to be precise.

Another model waiting to be unleashed allegedly has a 6.4-inch screen. This is expected to be the upsized iPhone X. Leaked specifications put it right up to the size of iPhone 8 Plus, that is, 157.5 mm by 77.4 mm by 7.9 mm. This phone may be called “iPhone XS Plus.”

Have a look at the video yourself for the detailed comparison.

Truth be told, this all seems a bit sketchy. The bezels on the mockups are too thick to be called any iPhone. Plus, you can’t trust any information since Tim Cook warned Apple employees against leaking information.

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