Vulkan Apps are now Compatible with iOS and macOS

February 28, 2018
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Mac and iOS users can expect to see a bunch of high-performing games on their devices soon since API Vulkan is gaining support for the Apple ecosystem. This means iOS and Mac developers will be able to run Vulkan apps on Apple devices.

Vulkan is already supported by Android, Windows, Linux and more and is capable of using graphics chips from Intel, ARM, and AMD.

The members of Khronos Group association, including Valve and LunarG, have developed Vulkan and worked together with the Khronos Group Portability Initiative to allow Vulkan apps to be ported to Apple platforms.

Valve used Vulkan tools on macOS with Dota 2 and was able to achieve “high performing” OpenGL drivers. With Vulkan support for iOS and Mac devices, the developers will be able to support multiple platforms.

“Running Vulkan applications on Apple platforms has been the number one request from developers and today’s release of the MoltenVK runtime and LunarG macOS SDK brings that capability to life,” said Neil Trevett, VP NVIDIA and Khronos Group President. “Developers are invited to download the open source Vulkan Portability tools today and provide feedback via Vulkan Ecosystem GitHub Issue. The Vulkan Portability Initiative will continue to strengthen the infrastructure and tooling around bringing Vulkan capabilities to multiple Metal and DX12 platforms – our long-term goal is to enable portable Vulkan code to be executed on any platform that developers care about.”

To going forward, LunarG has planned to continue to evolve its Mac SDK to add more features.

If you want more information and updates on Vulkan support for Apple devices, you can visit The Khronos Group website.

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