What’s new in iOS 11.1 Beta 4

October 21, 2017
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Apple has finally updated and launched the fourth beta versions of iOS 11.1 and also watchOS 4.1. These both version are available for developer’s eyes only. The public beta version would be available soon. The iOS 11.1 version includes the 3D Touch Gestures, new emoji characters like “Girl with a Headscarf, Beard Guy, Breastfeeding, Zombie and plenty of more emoji inside that. This new beta four has just launched after the releasing of the third iOS 11.1 beta. Here’s truly nothing in this beta update to get excessively amped up for.

The update additionally introduce a fix for a Reachability bug that has been available since the arrival of iOS 11, and it brings back the 3D Touch App Switcher Gesture that has been absent from iOS 11 since its release. When the gesture returns, the user of iPhone can once more 3D Touch at the left edge of the display to raise the multitasking App Switcher interface.

Some new feature has been added in iOS 11.1 beta. The keyboard this is built-in iOS 11.1 now presents numerous emoticon images when utilizing an emoticon related word, there’s an updated camera symbol under Restrictions, another animation when tapping the status bar to scroll upwards, and a speedier unlock animation.

Concerning security fixes, iOS 11.1 tends to a genuine weakness in the WPA2 Wi-Fi standard that ensures many modern Wi-Fi systems. Utilizing a key reinstallation assault or “KRACK,” attackers can exploit the weakness in the WPA2 convention to decrypt organize the activity to sniff out delicate data.

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