What’s new in iOS 11.0.3 ?

October 12, 2017
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As iOS 11 has arrived a few times ago, but its users are facing some minor issues that need to be updated. Apple is working on these bugs by releasing the new version of iOS 11. Now Apple has released 11.0.3 after 11.0.2 that came out just last week to target some of the minor bugs. The size of this update is about 285 MB. The users who are moving to iOS 11.0.3 from the older version will be thankful because this feature has fixed issues and updates that were skipped by you.

What has this update brought?

  • Apple has resolved the issue that occurred in mostly iPhone 7 and 7 plus handsets in which their audio and haptic feedback irregularly stop working. This 11.0.3 Apple update is worthy download for this issue.
  • Secondly, Apple has fixed the iPhone 6s touch panel that irregularly becomes unresponsive because it was replaced by the third-party vendor. Apple has recommended that the users that faced such issue should seek for genuine Apple replacement parts and service so they will surely be able to meet the desired performance expectations

Sizes & Installation Time?

Mostly size of Apple update is just a few megabytes. But the last three updates of iOS 11 has major downloads.

Size of Update:

  • iPhone 7         – 278 MB
  • iPhone 7 plus  – 280 MB
  • iPhone SE       – 276 MB

Time Update Will Take:

  • If the user is directly moving from iOS 11.0.2 to 11.0.3, then it would take few minutes to download it
  • If the user is coming from old version than iOS 11.0.2 will take longer time.

Problems that are still with iOS 11.0.3?

Apple is trying level best to come up with the best result, but still, there are some issues still user are facing:

  • Installation Problems:
    Some of the users are facing the problem like their updates get stuck during installation and error occurring as you can see it.
  • Bluetooth Problems
  • Battery Drain Issue
  • First & Third Party Application Issue
  • WiFi & Bit UI lag

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