Will iPhone 2018 Models Have More RAM?

July 4, 2018
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It seems it’s happening this year. The 2018 iPhone lineup may arrive with 4GB of memory. That’s 25% more memory than last year’s iPhone lineup. The information was first leaked on the mobile benchmarking app Geekbench where a model dubbed “iPhone 11,2” was spotted.

This iOS 12.0-running device uses a D321AP motherboard with a six-core processor and 3748MB of RAM. The L1 instruction and data caches have also been bumped to 128KB from 32KB.

This means Apple is constructing an impactful device for this year’s iPhone launch. However, the comparative data is telling a different story.

If we compare iPhone 11,2 with an iPhone X running iOS 12, then the outcome looks a bit dull. At most, the user will get a 10% improvement in the performance.

However, experience related metrics will get a boost. The camera will open faster and produce better finished photographs. The 4GB iPhone, if released, will recognize your face and voice quicker. In some cases, it would be nearly 60% speedier!

As a result, Face ID will be crazy fast and Siri will be more responsive than ever. This means Apple is readying a device that will be able to handle the smarter Siri functions of iOS 12.

Then, there is historic data behind this expectation. The iPhone gets a memory updates every two years (or so). It all began with the launch of iPhone 4S when the device got a new microprocessor, but no additional memory. Since the iPhone 7 Plus was the last phone with a memory upgrade, it’s assumed that this year’s lineup will get more RAM.

Will iPhone X 2018 have a new processor?

Of course, there will be a new processor. Apple has been very consistent about upgrading the processor of iPhone. It even has a habit of naming them fancily like the 2016 one was called “A10 Fusion” and 2017 one was “A11 Bionic”.

However, the leak data mentioned a microprocessor that’s not very “updated.” The iPhone 11,2 runs on an “ARM @ 2.49 GHz with 6 cores”. Strangely enough, it feels like a slightly overclocked version of A11 Bionic. This could mean two things: either this is a device of “lower importance” in the lineup or Apple is not introducing a new processor this year. Believing in the second notion is foolishness. The computing giant has always included a new processor in its flagship smartphone.

The only thing known about the processor is that the production began back in April.

Can this leak be fake?

Yes. It can be a mischief on someone’s part. However, it can be taken considered for the time being. The historical data points at a pattern similar to what’s being expected.

So, if anyone asks if the new iPhone will have more RAM, tell them there is a possibility.

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