Best 6 Apple HomeKit Light Bulbs of 2018

July 23, 2018
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Conventional bulbs will soon be a thing of the past, what with smart lighting equipment taking over. Of course, you want in on the future, but how does one decide which lighting device in perfectly compatible with your HomeKit framework?

To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of the best bulbs and other lighting equipment that you can control from the comfort of your HomeKit compatible devices. Let’s dig in!

  1. Philips Hue 10W
  2. LIFX (A19)
  3. Sylvania Smart+ A19
  4. VOCOlinc L1
  5. iDevices Socket
  6. Koogeek WiFi Smart LED

Philips Hue 10W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb ($49.94)

With Hub


Philips Hue series is arguably the most well-known brand for lighting equipment. The Philips Hue equivalent of a 10W light bulb can throw out 16 million colors! A Hub is required for connectivity though, which will be very useful for further expansion as well.

Installing the bulb is very simple. You connect the bulb to a socket like any conventional bulb, and download the app to connect to it. It’s as simple as that, but to unlock the full potential of your equipment you will require a bridge and few other toys. Like, Hue dimmer Switch, Hue tap or Hue Motion Sensor in combination with bulbs like these to deliver a fully customizable experience. Now you can use this system as a timer, wake up light, relaxed mode light, cool or warm light and much more.


LIFX (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb ($59.99)

Without Hub


If you want a bulb that functions without a hub, A19 Wi-Fi smart LED bulb by LIFX is worth your attention. The 16 million possible colors on this smart LED bulb make it an interesting option for your home since it can omit warm and cool whites precisely the way you want.

LIFX Smart LED is an equivalent of a 75W bulb with an incredible 22.8 years of life based on three hours of usage per day. If you think one of these is good in this price, you can get your hands on 4 of these bulbs for a mere $195.96. That should give you durability coupled with savings as well.


Sylvania Smart+ A19 Filament LED Bulb ($32.99)

Without Hub


This list won’t be complete without a filament bulb in the mix. Sylvania’s Smart+ A19 Filament LED Bulb comes in a retro style A19 shape. Its ambient light, at 650 lumens, is ideal for multiple uses like pendant line, table lamp, or floor lamp. This bulb consumes low energy and is long lasting as well.

While a hub isn’t required with this bulb, you can use one to activate additional features such as automation and scheduling. Once installed, the lighting device can be controlled by Siri to perform basic functions such as dimming the lights, setting a scene, or turning the lights on or off.


VOCOlinc L1 Smart LED Light Bulb ($25.00)

Without Hub


For anyone looking to try out a smart bulb without too much of a dent on the wallet, VOCOlinc L1 Smart LED Light Bulb might be a suitable entry point. While a hub isn’t necessary to use this device, it still consumes less energy and the intensity of the output is actually very impressive.

The compact and lightweight bulb can be operated by voice commands or even accessed remotely to monitor and control your lights.


iDevices Socket - WiFi Light Bulb Adapter($49.99)

Without Hub


iDevices Socket is just the device that opens up new possibilities. It even eliminates the need for a hub for remote access, therefore that additional expense is not required. This socket will let you connect standard edison type bulbs to your smart network. The iDevices socket lets you lower the brightness of the lights if the bulbs are dimmable. All conventional bulbs upto 60W of incandescent, halogen or LED are supported.

You will find it easy to arrange scheduled on and off times for all the bulbs mounted via these sockets. The setup itself is simple as well; just download the iDevices Connected app, screw the socket in, and scan the unique code to start things off.


Koogeek WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb E26($32.99)

Without Hub


Koogeek’s 60 W equivalent Wi-Fi smart LED bulb connects using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (No Hub Required). This enables easy access from anywhere within the network.You can control these bulbs using Siri to set timers, or even customize the lights for dimness. It is even possible to create custom lighting for creating a scene using the available lights.

The Koogeek bulb has 16 million colors and can be dimmed from 2700 K to 6000 K, so you can get the precise brightness you want. With a lifespan of upto 25,000 hours, this bulb sure provides great value for money.


Bonus: Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit (From $214.93)


To conclude this list I wanted an awesome piece of lighting equipment that is not a bulb. Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter kit actually come as triangular panels that can be mounted on any flat surface with mountable tape. A single system can have upto 30 panels, which can be used to achieve various creative arrangements.

The Nanoleaf smarter series app lets you emit over 16.7 million colors on each of the panels. With so many vivid colors arranged on different triangular panels on a wall, you can create jaw dropping visuals everyday. The range of brightness varies from 1200K to 6500K, that is soft warm white to bright white daylight, which can create an ideal background for anyone trying to shoot videos.


This concludes our list of the best Apple HomeKit light bulbs devices. Have you already had the chance to try any of them out? Or do you know of any smart lighting device for the HomeKit that should have made it to this list? Let us know in the comments below.  

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