Best Apple Watch Bands of 2018 (38mm & 42mm)

July 25, 2018
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You probably haven’t worn the same shirt outdoors for two days in a row, let alone an entire month. Then why would you want to stick to the same watch band for the Apple Watch that you wear every day?

What you need is a collection of watch bands to choose from. But for that, you need to sit down and scavenge the internet for best Apple Watch bands.

At iOS Appers, we’ve taken care of that bit for you. Here are the top Apple Watch bands you can choose from.

OUHENG Retro Vintage Genuine Leather iWatch Strap ($10.99)

OUHENG Retro Vintage Genuine Leather

Ouheng Retro Strap for your Apple Watch was manufactured to deliver that classic vintage look. It gives off the look and feel of authentic leather on your wrist. You get a brownish black band with a black adapter. If you’re worried about it being compatible with your 42mm Apple Watch, you don’t have to, it fits perfectly with the bigger sibling. The classic look for men is something worth your attention, especially when it is not too much of a burden on the wallet.


amBand for Apple Watch Sport Loop Band ($9.99 - $19.99)

amBand for Apple Watch Sport Loop Band

The lightweight amBand sport edition band comes with many variations. It’s made of nylon, which means it’s breathable. You can also quickly adjust the band to close ‘exactly’ where you want to with the Hook-and-Loop fastener, something not possible on conventional watch bands. amBand is compatible with Apple Watch 1, 2 and 3, and comes with slightly different prices for various models but none of which will cause a dent on your budget.


BRG for Apple Watch Case with Silicone Sport Band ($8.99)

BRG Silicone Sports

Certain watch bands just look good and that’s where all their appeal lies. That’s not the case with this BRG for Apple Watch band that comes with a watch case too to protect your precious wrist wear. If the Apple watch is enwrapped in this skin, it’s shock-proof and gets resistance from shattering, while the soft and durable case protects the corners and sides of the watch. If you’re worried its looks, it comes in many colors to help you get exactly what you want. For this quality at such a low price, I would suggest getting it in multiple colors.


BRG Stainless Steel for Apple Watch Band 42mm ($8.99)

BRG for Apple Watch Band 42mm, Stainless Steel

What if the your Apple Watch band could be custom tailored to match the color scheme of your watch? Why stop there, why not make it look like a complete package that matches your iPhone or even iPad? You’re in luck, because BRG is available in all 6 colors (with the exception of red). You can swap them about without any hassle thanks to the magnetic lock, and they’re also compatible with the 42mm version. High value, light on the pocket!

BRG is available in six colors to go with all your iPhone or iPad casings. Sadly, there isn’t a Product Red iPhone matching case available yet.


Marge Plus Genuine Leather Band ($9.99 )

Marge Plus Genuine Leather Band

If you’ve ever wanted a comfortable leather band that looks classy, stop looking further. Available in black and a brown colors, Marge Plus Leather band tops it off with a silver colored classic buckle for the watch. Marge Plus genuine leather band can be used by both men and women alike, making it a great gift for just about anyone.


EloBeth Silicone Sport Strap ($12.99)

EloBeth for Apple Watch Band with Silicone Sport Strap

Fitness freak? EloBeth’s the band for your Apple Watch. Thanks to the silicone, it won’t take any damage by sweat, and it can even survive the swimming pool. You may detach the band from the watch and wash it in a washing machine if you must. The band’s snap-on design makes installing it easy as well, and the air holes will help keep things fresh on your wrist. Its shock-resistant protective case will protect your watch too. Overall, the flexible silicone sport band is good value for money.


SWEES Stainless Steel with Double Button Butterfly Folding Clasp ($15.99)

SWEES for Apple Watch Band Stainless Steel

One of the functions any watch has to perform is look stylish, and something that never truly goes out of style is the classic double button butterfly folding clasp. Made of stainless steel, this band is both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Apart from being able to last for a long time, it is actually very comfortable for wear for long hours. The SWEES band is adjustable, and can be worn by people with 6.2 inches to 8.2 inches of wrist size, which covers pretty much all wrist sizes.


AdMaster Sport Band for Apple Watch ($6.00 - $9.99)

AdMaster Sport Band for Apple Watch

This low-cost sports band is both durable and soft. AdMaster Sport band will last for a while, is really comfortable to wear, and comes in a multitude of colors for you to choose from. The installation mechanism is fairly simple and a one-button removal will ensure it is easy to remove as well. For ensuring a clean fit, AdMaster band makes use of pin and tuck closure so you can be sure that the band will fit your wrist perfectly.


Misker Floral Strap Sport Band ($7.99 - $11.99)

Misker Floral Strap Sport Band

Want to make a statement with your watch band? A floral pattern on your wrist might do the trick. Misker Floral strap is made up of silicone and flexible elastomeric to to give off a soft and comfortable feel on your wrist. Apart from being colorful and attractive, this band comes in different sizes and fits on both the 38mm and 42mm watch for a fairly great price!


top4cus Genuine Leather Strap ($11.99)

top4cus Genuine Leather Strap

Anyone into a rustic look for their watch will surely love this option, or actually a set of options because this band is available in five colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from. All the colors give that worn out look and it looks sophisticated. Top4cus leather strap for your Apple Watch can be a perfect fit for wrist sizes of 6.3 inch to 7.9 inch. The stainless steel clasps complete the classic look of the leather band on your wrist, so if you’re into rough and rusty look, this one’s for you!


SUPCASE Rugged Case with Strap Bands ($17.99)

SUPCASE Rugged Case with Strap Bands

This case gives your Apple watch a mean look while ensuring maximum protection for the device. Supcase rugged case is a complete package in terms of both look of the device and the feel on your wrist. It is specifically engineered to fit all 42mm Apple watches from 2015-2017 releases. Oh, and none of the function of the Apple Watch has been restrained, in case the band’s size deters you!


That was it for our list of best Apple Watch bands, and we hope we helped you make the perfect choice for you! Did we miss an Apple Watch band that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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