Best Bags for the iPad Pro of 2018

June 14, 2018
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If you have an iPad Pro, there is no reason why you should carry it out in the open. Whether you are travelling or heading to work, it is a good idea to invest in a bag for your beloved Apple product, that is unless you much prefer putting it at risk of getting damaged. If you do not want an incident to take place with your iPad Pro, here are a couple of bags for you to consider.

Dodocool 9.7 inch Sleeve (Price: $5.59)


The 9.7 inch sleeve has a high quality exterior with soft suede interior that will protect your iPad Pro against bumps and scratches. The Velcro closure also ensures your iPad Pro stays in one place no matter what. With its eco-friendly material, exquisite workmanship and practical design you will not regret invest in Dodocool’s sleeve which is lightweight and slim at the same time.


Mosiso Quatrefoil Style Sleeve (Price:$18.99)


The best thing about the Mosiso sleeve is that its outer canvas has a Moroccan style pattern. This makes it possible for you to carry your iPad Pro in a uniquely designed sleeve. It features fluffy fleece fabric lining and polyester foam padding to protect your Apple device from shocks and bumps, while protecting from scratches. The adjustable shoulder strap varies from 27 to 48 inch, and its top handles allow you to carry your iPad Pro with complete comfort.


RAINYEAR 15 inch Padded Bag (Price: $8.49)


With the RAINYEAR padded bag, you can expect an outer layer with fabric that will protect your iPad Pro against dust and scratches. At the same time, it also offers protection against shakes, extrusion and bumps when it is placed in a suitcase or backpack. If that is not enough, it has a fashionable design that allows you to personalize your iPad Pro’s look. Its top-loading zipper is strong, and ensures your iPad Pro remains secure.


Tomtoc 13 inch Sleeve Bag (Price: $11.99)


The top interior of the Tomtoc sleeve bag has a protective flap for extra protection to your iPad Pro, while preventing it from being snagged by zippers. The top-loading zipper works smoothly, giving you complete access to your device when you need it the most.

As for its exterior, it features soft fleece that offers complete protection against scratches and bumps. The slim and lightweight design makes it possible for it to be carried in your favorite bag or solo, whatever you find most convenient.


GMYLE Cushion Sleeve (Price: $19.98)


The GMYLE Cushion Sleeve is specifically designed for the iPad Pro, unlike the other entries on this list. It is designed to protect your iPad Pro from scratches and drops. It is a fully padded sleeve with a zipper, with a soft interior to keep your device spick and span.


Mosiso Denim Sleeve Case Bag (Price: $12.99)


The fluffy fabric lining and padding layer protects your Apple device from shock and bumps, and even accidental scratches for that matter. It has side pockets for you to store accessories, including and not limited to; pens, cables, adapters, notepads and pens. Apart from being extremely convenient, the outer layer sports a denim fabric giving the Mosiso Denim Sleeve Case Bag a durable and sturdy look. The case may look simple, but is incredibly stylish. What is truly amazing about this sleeve case bag is that it comes with a 1-year warranty.


Mosiso Polyester Multifunctional Handbag (Price:$16.99)


The Mosiso Polyester Multifunctional Handbag has an outer canvas fabric that allows you to carry not only your iPad Pro, but your notebook, laptop, MacBooka and Ultrabook is a unique design. The polyester foam padding with fluffy fleece fabric prevents bumps and shock, while protecting your Apple device from scratches. The handbag is lightweight and slim, meaning it can easily slide into your backpack, briefcase or any other bag, effortlessly. The top handles give you the ability to carry your iPad Pro comfortably, and can be tucked away quickly when not needed.


ProCase 12.9 inch Sleeve Case Bag (Price: $14.99)


The ProCase Sleeve Case Bag may look simple, but it will meet all your needs and requirements. It is portable, lightweight and slim to take while you are on the go; or you can place it in your backpack or briefcase when not needed. The ProCase is more or less more effective for individuals that require a bag for school or business.

Since it is made of soft materials, the sleeve will protect your iPad Pro from scratches, dust and dirt. It has an extra pocket in the front, where you can store your smartphone, pens, power bank, charger and cables. What is unique about this sleeve bag is that it can be opened at 180-degree, allowing you to easily access your iPad Pro when you are in dire need of it.


Plemo 9.7 inch Waterproof Carrying Case (Price:$15.93)


The Plemo Carrying Case has a chic style. The outer canvas features Bohemian style patterns. It also has polyester foam padding with fluffy fleece to protect your Apple device from shock, bumps and accidental scratches. The carrying case is compact, and will not bulk up your iPad Pro, thus allowing you to easily place it in your backpack, handbag or briefcase.


Inateck 13.3 inch Case Cover (Price: $13.59)


The Inateck Case Cover has two compartments, one for your iPad Pro and the other for your magazines. However, the primary compartment can also be used to store your smartphone, wallet, earphones and so on. Moreover, it also has a small felt where you can store a mouse, for those times when you need to be extremely productive.

The lining material is guaranteed to be mold-proof and is able to resist daily wear and tear. It also has a synthetic leather Velcro closure to keep your iPad Pro from falling when you least expect it. With the Inateck Case Cover’s exquisite and practical design, you will find it to be a fine investment indeed.


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