Top 6 Best Cases for iPhone 7 of 2018

June 14, 2018
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Apple’s high-end smartphone – the iPhone 7 has got the world by storm. Here are some of the best cases for iPhone 7. Make sure to have them on your iPhone 7.

Apple has been seamlessly working on its flagship phone, but of course, with each launch, the iPhone finds itself the center of abundant hot and cold reviews.

With feature enrichments to discarding an essential element – headphone jack, the iPhone 7 has proved to be a powerful phone which excites case makers to try out multiple designs for people of all ages.

While some argue that the glass back on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X need covers and cases, the iPhone 7 is no different as just like any other phone; it too is prone to screen cracks, side cuts and more. That calls for severe cases which protect your phone if it slips from your hand and lands hard on the floor.

Speaking of cases, here are some of the best cases for iPhone 7 you’ll find on the internet:

1. Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 7 Case

Spigen is a sought-after mobile phone accessory maker known for its durable cases for the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 comes in 5 beautiful colors, Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. You most certainly do not want the glaze of the iPhone 7 to fade away or get cuts on that beautiful body.

Spigen’s thin fit iPhone 7 case is pocket-friendly and tailored in respect to the iPhone. What’s best is that if you’ve got a Spigen magnetic car mount, the case comes packed with a slot for the magnetic plate. Additionally, the case is lightweight and hard in nature, offering perfectly cut openings for swift and stress-free convenience.


2. Speck Presidio Gold Glitter and Onyx

Fancy a shiny phone? Speck Presidio case offers a shiny gold shimmer on its back that is hard knitted into the case.

The case itself features a shock barrier, keeping your phone safe in an even it slips and falls on a solid surface – which most likely is the case most of the time. The suppression material absorbs the shock and keeps your iPhone 7 safe at all times.

The case is lightweight and drops tested from 8 feet in the air. Additionally, the corners of the case have a gel material that keeps the corners of your screen completely secure and preventing any damage.


3. Speck Presidio Inked

Speck Presidio is renowned for its vigorous shock restraint barrier that fits perfectly with the case.

What’s interesting is that this particular case is much stronger than your average cases as tests have shown the phone undamaged when dropped 10 foot from the air. The case is slim and sturdy for daily life and rough terrain use. Moreover, it’s scratch-resistant and comes with a glossy finish which keeps the ink intact.

Speck Presidio Inked case offers four exciting colors, Flower Etch Pink Metallic/Magenta, Fresh Floral Rose/Magenta Pink, Milky Way Black Glossy/Black and ShiboriTile Blue Matte/Marine Blue.


4. Mujjo Leather Wallet Sleeve

Mujjo pays attention to detail. The case has a single card slot at the back with a nice textured leather. The stitching around the card slot gives it a nice elegant feel while the edges are firm to protect the sides of your phone.

The inside of the case has a soft material to hold back your phone nicely without scratching the back of your iPhone. The camera cutout is sharply done, making room for the camera and the flash. However, the top and bottom of the case are exposed but that’s okay as the case itself is quite durable.

Mujjo leather sleeve comes in two colors, Mujjo black, and Mujjo Tan.


5. Tech 21 Evo Check

Tech 21 case features a flex shock body that is up to 30% slimmer and 60% lighter than other cases. The skin case has a stylish pattern that provides a firm comfortable grip even with its minor bumps for functional controls like volume and on/off switches.

However, the extra grip around the corners is quite noticeable but since it keeps your phone in a protected shell, it’s not that bad. The case design would hide your fingerprints and won’t slide off a surface that easily. Though, if you do drop the phone, the open area around the speakers and charging port are likely to catch some debris.

The power button works by pressing the case a bit hard but the overall handling of the case in incredible. The case comes in three colors, Clear, Rose and Smokey/Black.


6. Aduro Combo Shell and Holster Case

Audro Combo Shell is a simple and cost-effective case with a textured back cover that provides very solid protection to your iPhone.

The case has a back stand that locks into place, allowing you to keep your iPhone on a surface and using it without having to hold your phone at all times. This functionality works best with you’re streaming, Facetime or reading something while working in the kitchen, etc.

The case as a soft textured interior that protects your iPhone from any scratches. On the other hand, you do have open sections for the camera, volume button and the charging port. What’s interesting about this case is its belt clip which allows your case to slide in with of course your power button on the top.

The process is easy and simple, all you have to do is just lift up your phone, and it conveniently slides up. This is a case for someone who is looking for something to clip on. The case is rugged so you need not worry about dropping your phone as your front screen and back are completely covered.



All in all, cases for iPhone 7 are a must have protection accessory that can prove to go a long way in safeguarding your phone against debris, falling, sliding accidentally or just dropping on the floor while you’re taking it out of your pocket.

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