Best Cases for iPhone 8 Plus of 2018

June 14, 2018
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Just like the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus too brings a new processor, improved camera, and a feature that every iPhone fan had wanted for so long: Wireless Charging!

With wireless charging comes back glass on iPhone 8 Plus, though, and that means more fragile body. That means you need a case on your iPhone now more than ever. So if you’ve been looking for a case for iPhone 8 Plus to provide it further protection, you’re at the right place!

Here are the best cases for iPhone 8 Plus:

1. Torras iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Gel Rubber Case ($15.99)

Torras has made a liquid silicone case with the same material like Apple cases. The case gives a heavy-duty touch to your iPhone 8 plus along with a sleek elegant look to the all glass phone. The case wraps around your iPhone smoothly and settles in to protect the corners against hard drops and the glass back against scratches or debris.


Torras has made this case while keeping the Apple’s quality standards in mind. Additionally, the silicon case fits neatly over the phone’s buttons like the volume button, sleep/wake button and edges of the phone. It also gives a nice grip to the phone even on slippery surface. Get the silicon case and ensure ultimate protection of your hard-earned investment.

2. I-Blason iPhone 8 Plus Case ($17.99+)

Want a heavy-duty armored case for your iPhone? Look no further and get a hard shock-absorbing case that keeps your phone intact in an event it falls on a solid surface. I-Blason designs cases specifically for Apple iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus users.


The exterior of the case has an impenetrable body along with a built-in screen protector that ensures that you do not face any issues with the touch-sensitivity on your iPhone’s screen. While other cases protect you against scratches on the back of the phone, i-Blason keeps your phone protected from the front as well.

3. Totallee iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Fancy genuine leather cases? Totallee’s leather iPhone 8 plus case will have you craving for the case. The case has a genuine lambskin leather back, giving it the soft feel while the sides are prepared with a plastic material that provides extra defense and resilience.


The ultra-thin later doesn’t add weight to your phone and gives it the firm grip which prevents your iPhone 8 plus from slipping out of your hands. You can rest assured that your phone won’t be getting any scratches, bumps and scuffs once the leather case is on it.

It’s actually difficult to find such thin leather cases that offer great protection and a stylish feel to your phone. Get Totallee’s leather case and upgrade your iPhone’s appeal.

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal ($12.99)

Spigen is renowned for its well-designed phone cases. Such is an iPhone 8 Plus case that comes packed with exclusive sleek design which highlights the color of your iPhone. The case is durable and lightweight on your iPhone.


Furthermore, the transparent back gives the phone a genuine feel and looks more attractive. The flexibility and precise cutouts ensure that the case maintains its shock absorbing capability – something that is very important, the reason why most people opt for cases. The liquid case comes in two colors; crystal clear and matte black.

Most importantly, the case keeps fingerprints off its back and doesn’t withhold water on it. Get the Spigen case and uplift your iPhone’s charm.

5. Pasonomi iPhone 8 Plus Leather Wallet Case ($22.85)

Pasonomi is relatively a new case maker but the brand has designed a leather wallet case for the iPhone 8 Plus that speaks for itself. The design is pure brilliance and elegance. The case comes in a variety of colors like black, dark blue, dark brown, grey, red and light brown – all of which are stunning colors for a leather wallet case


While the tailored design gives the wallet case a masterpiece feel, the edges and the sides of the case are packed with solid material that absorbs shocks and provides your phone with 360 degree protection.

Also, the case can hold your cash and cards, keeping them secure with the magnetic lock on the side. If you want ultimate protection and classiness, get the Pasonomi leather wallet case.


On the whole, the iPhone 8 Plus is a great phone and has great cases which maximize its look and gives critical protection to the phone. So what are you waiting for, get these cases and put them on your iPhone.

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