Top 5 Cases for iPhone 8 of 2018

June 14, 2018
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The iPhone 8 comes with an all new glass design, wireless charging and much more. Get the best case to protect that glass body from scratches.

Apple’s September 12th keynote gave us the first look inside the new Apple Campus and the Steve Jobs Theater. That’s not it, Apple revealed its flagship phones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the most hyped iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 is now available for purchase and comes packed with a sleek glass back design, metal frame and a flimsy front screen. While Apple says that the glass used in the iPhone is much stronger than normal glass used on phones, hey, it’s still glass, isn’t it?

Just like any iPhone or other smartphone, the iPhone 8 is equally prone to getting scratches, screen crack, fingerprints all around the phone, dents or bumps on the sides and much more. This calls for serious protection of your iPhone.

What’s interesting is that if you’re upgrading to an iPhone 8 then your existing iPhone 7 case will fit your new iPhone 8. You can check out the best cases for iPhone 7 for additional designs. Without wasting any time, let’s have a rundown of the best cases for your iPhone:

1. Apple iPhone 8 Silicon Case ($35)

Apple’s very own silicone case offers basic protection for your iPhone. The silicon case comes in a range of attractive colors and offers soft comfortable grip when the phone is in your hand. The microfiber lining inside the phone protects your iPhone from scratches and keeps it firmly intact the case.


If you do somehow drop your phone on the ground, the case will offer sufficient protection to your iPhone from cracking. You can conveniently get the iPhone 8 silicon case for $35.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S ($12.99+)

Spigen is a well reputed case brand known for its sturdy but flexible cases. The Hybrid S is tailored to the iPhone needs. The case is made of a flexible material that has an inelastic back, protecting your iPhone’s glass back.


What’s exciting about the case is its metal kickstand which gives you a hands-free watching experience. Additionally, the sides of the case have precise cutouts for the volume and power button, ensuring you get smooth access to the phone’s controls. Get the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S starting at just $12.99.

3. Nodus Leather Shell Case ($77.95)

Nodus shell case is an elegant leather case for your iPhone. The case comprises a shock absorbing core which safeguards your phone against any accidental knocks or drops.


Moreover, the case has this suction body which holds your device perfectly, securing it end-to-end. Inside the case is a soft microfiber lining and a pocket which can carry up to 3 cards. Since leather is a comfortable and soft material, it blends perfectly with the phone. While the case is pricey, it sure gives a classy and modern look to your iPhone 8.

4. Totallee Scarf ($17.99)

Not worried about drops? You’ve got just the case you need. Meet the totallee scarf that wraps on your iPhone 8 and keeps the scratches away.


The super thin case wraps on your iPhone like a glove. While it may not provide a hard shell protective material, it does offer an extraordinary stylish style to your iPhone. The thin sheer material comes in prominent colors, showing your Apple logo at the back. Get the Totallee scarf and embellish your phone.

5. X-Doria Defense Shield Case ($29.95)

Talk about a hard case. The X-Doria defense shield is your ultimate protection shell that features an aluminum frame which has a rubber lining all around the case to absorb heavy shocks.

The buttons of the case are covered with a protective layer that secures the buttons if they hit with a hard surface. Furthermore, the back of the phone is transparent and comes packed in red, black and rose gold color.


What’s remarkable about the case is how the front facing audio channel amplifies sound, giving a better sound experience. When the case is on your iPhone 8, you can be sure about not having any scratches or bums on the phone. Get the X-Doria Defense Shield case starting at $29.95.


There you have it, the best cases for your iPhone 8 that can also be utilized on your iPhone 7 as well. Make sure you’ve got a case protecting your iPhone at all times. After all, a small investment can go a long way in safeguarding your phone.

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