Best 5 Cases for the iPhone X of 2018

June 14, 2018
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A phone costing $1000+ deserves extreme protection. Check out the much needed best iPhone X cases and shelter your phone against drops, scratches and debris.

Now we all knew the 10th anniversary of the iPhone would mean unveiling of a phone that sets industry standards and paves way for the future.

Keeping in mind the ideology of Apple and the legacy left behind by Steve Jobs, engineers and designers manufactured a powerful phone – the iPhone X. The 10th generation iPhone features a big and fine-looking edge-to-edge bezel-less screen that comes packed with an all glass body and a vertical dual-lens camera – first in its class.

While it’s no doubt that the phone has a beautiful design, the all glass material at the front and the back highlights the delicacy of the phone. Pre-orders for the phone go live on October 27th and the phone will be in stores on November 3rd. If you’re amongst those who will pre-order the iPhone X, don’t forget to order a case that will protect your phone from the day it’s in your hands.

Here are some of the best cases for the iPhone X:

1. Torras iPhone X Liquid Silicone Case ($15.99)

Torras has made a liquid silicone case with the same material as the Apple silicone case and at less than half the price. The two-layer case offers strengthened toughness while maintaining a smooth feel to the case.


Torras has designed this case by keeping the iPhone X body in mind such as the level of toughness required on the case to protect the sensitive body of the iPhone X. What’s good about the case is that it covers the volume buttons, sleep/wake button and the edges of the iPhone.

With a premium rubber case in place, you can rest assured about the protection of your phone. Go ahead and buy the case.

2. Nomad Clear Case iPhone X ($45)

Nomad has been long known for its use of leather in the cases they make. Straight up, the best thing about this case is how Nomad has used the leather along with the clear transparent coating at the back of the phone. The blend improves the grip on the phone and gives it a classy look.


The back of the phone is just beautiful with its soft tone and well-shaped edges that protect your phone against hard falls. Nomad claims that the case will protect your phone from a drop of up to six feet.

If you’re looking for a modern touch which blends perfectly with your iPhone X, Nomad is the case you should be putting on your phone. Get the case and strengthen your phone’s stylish design.

3. Jaagd iPhone X Case ($8.99)

Jaagd’s iPhone X case is the ideal fit to your phone. With precision cutouts and a rough plastic body, you get the best protection your iPhone deserves.


The slim design gives a lightweight feel and a transparent look to the phone which highlights the phone’s actual color and of course, the Apple logo. Additionally, the case is a bit raised around the bezels so that no damage occurs in an event your phone falls on the solid surface.

Not only that, the silicone sides are well in place, shielding your phone against bumps, scratches and debris. If you fancy a good-looking transparent case, get the Jaagd iPhone X case.

4. Rokform iPhone X Case ($44)

Rokform as the name goes, sounds like a case that is in a rock form. The case boasts a stealth design featuring a vent mount that allows hands-free capability. The outer shell of the phone is built with a hard material that protects your phone against hard drops while the inside of the case holds a soft material that secures your phone perfectly.


What’s interesting is that the thin slim design does not make your phone bulky and the case gives you the ability to magnetically mount the phone on multiple accessories like on a bike, a car, ATVs, and many more. If you’re an outdoor person who likes taking pictures with your iPhone X, you’d definitely like this case. Get the case and add simplicity to your life.

5. Proporta Carbon Fibre iPhone X Case ($30)

Who doesn’t like carbon fibre cases? Proporta has designed a strong and sleek case using cutting edge technology to give the iPhone X an amazing bold appeal. For those who prefer carbon fibre and high tech cases, this is a phone that will definitely get you pumping.


The case has been shaped to firmly clinch on the iPhone X and keep it in place. This beautiful case ensures you’re not carrying any extra weight on your phone and just adds 2mm on to your phone. The fiber plated cases naturally absorbs shocks from the corners and the back of the phone.

When the case is on, you can go about your day without worrying about bumps or scratches on your iPhone X. Also, you can car mount this case to achieve a hands-free experience. That’s not it! The best thing about this case is its lifetime exchange warranty which can be officially claimed by Proporta. Wait no longer and get the carbon fibre case for your upcoming iPhone X.

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