Top 8 Bags for the iPad 9.7 of 2018

September 27, 2018
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Buying any product that is manufactured and sold by apple requires serious commitment to the Apple ecosystem and investment. It’s not far from the truth to say that Apple’s products are some of the most expensive on the market. The 9.7 inch iPad for instance fits that criteria. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to invest in a good iPad Bag to ensure that your iPad remains protected from the elements and from clumsiness on your part. The real problem here is that there a ton of cases in the market that claim to be the best, while in reality, most don’t even come close. That’s why we have compiled a list of some fantastic iPad cases that are reliable and vetted.

Victoriatourist V5006 Vertical Messenger Bag

This bag from Victoriatourist is excellent in terms of build quality. It’s constructed from 100% nylon and is quite robust. The interior is quite roomy and comes with tons of compartments for all your needs. The zips are also of high quality construction and material composition and work as intended. If you want a casual iPad bag that isn’t too bling, get this one.


Solo Ludlow iPad 9.7 Bags

This series of products is one of the best iPad bags product lines available right now on the market. From its classy minimalistic design to the high quality finish, Solo’s iPad bags can store iPad models up to 11 inches. Another standout feature of this bag is Solo’s 5 year warranty. This shows how reliable the product is and that the manufacturer cuts no corners when it comes to quality. The strap is adjustable and the bag is made up of high quality polyester.


Ghostek NRGtab Series

Ghostek’s NRGtab series of bag packs are productivity oriented lifestyle bags that are designed with a number of unique features. The primary of these features being a built in 16000 mAh power bank. This power bank comes integrated in to the backpack and there is also a smart LED power indicator that shows the status of the power bank. It can store a tablet with a 10.1 inch screen and comes with a one year exchange warranty. It’s also water resistant due to the premium materials used in the making of the bag. A worthwhile investment indeed.


Evecase Tablet Bag 9.7

One of the more high end options on the market for an iPad or tablet bag, the Evecase Tablet bag is a versatile bag that has a lot going for it. It can store devices with up to 10.5 inch displays. These include iPads or any other tablets that come with that size. The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be set as per your requirement. The materials used in its construction include a layer of neoprene that makes this water resistant. As far storage is concerned, there are ample spaces on the back and front of the bag. If you want a good looking yet robust and functional bag, get this one.


Pacsafe Camsafe Z15

The Pacsafe Camsafe Z15 is one of the most rugged and tough bags available in the market right now. This bag has lots of storage. You can store an iPad and a full sized DSLR along with mounted lenses and two extra lenses. The bag also comes with RFID protective pockets to prevent theft of IDs and finances via hacking. Its material construction also makes it resistant to cut and run theft scenarios. If you are looking for an all-purpose bag, this is a good option.


This is an incredibly diverse bag as it can store most generations of the iPad. Its pockets come with layers of foam and a special filling that protects the iPad. The strap is adjustable and can let you switch quickly from cross body to shoulder carry and vice versa. It also comes with self-repairing zippers. It also water resistant. Just your basic reliable backpack.


Nevissbags Multi-functional bag

This bag is an incredibly chic and high quality messenger bag that has been designed specifically for carrying around iPad pros in an efficient and stylish way. In fact, we think it’s more of an iPad sleeve because that exactly what it becomes when you remove the strap from the bag.


Bear Travel Backpack for Kids

This iPad carrying bag is designed with kids in mind. It comes with an incredibly cute design that will keep your toddler entertained while at the same time hold an iPad for cartoon time. This bag also has some storage where you can store other essentials along with an iPad.


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