Best iPad Pro 12.9 Football Cases

June 22, 2018
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During the World Cup, your iPad can become the ultimate soccer station. The target is to use the big screen of the iPad for watching matches. However, I am a passionate football fan and it’s always better to be safe than sorry as calamities may befall when you least expect them. You know Ronaldo’s not going to pay the damages for the sudden jump of joy that cracked your iPad’s screen.

Of course, there is a simple solution: Buy a football themed case for your iPad Pro. Not only you will be the coolest kid on the block, you would also protect your precious tablet. 

To help you out, I have created a list of the best football cases for iPad Pro (12.9-inch) available on Amazon. 

Tom Wood Soccer Monsters Leather Book Wallet Case Cover For iPad Pro 12.9 ($44.95)


The handcrafted leather construction of this product carries a design that will definitely catch attention of everyone. Plus, it’s not just a “pretty football case.”

This thing is pretty functional too. It comes with multiple slots for ID or credit cards, but more importantly it has a multi-view stand that is prefect for watching football streams. The magnetic closure is a great feature as it holds the screen firmly when you are not using it.


Argentinian Soccer Football Ball Flag Smart Cover With Back Case ($19.99)


Is there a team that is close your heart in this World Cup? Show some love by getting an iPad Pro soccer case with your favorite team’s flag on it. The football-focused design can become a great conversation starter.

For the sake of display, I have chosen Argentina. However, this case has variants available for all countries of the world. Want to go hands-free while watching football? This cover has got you covered as the front flap can be folded into a stand.


Soccer Football Sports Design Ultra Slim Case Smart Cover Stand ($19.99)


This graphics4u Football slim case brings a rugged wooden feel with a silhouette of a football player. This cover surely stands out and has a personality that is not meant for everyone, but if this is your type of thing then this case is definitely an option for you.

The case is constructed from a single piece of polyurethane and can easily protect the 12.9-inch iPad. It also has the automatic sleep-and-wake functionality for when you cover or uncover the screen, which actually always nice to have.


Graphic4You Soccer Ultra Slim Case Smart Cover ($19.99)


Want to look at your iPad Pro and be reminded of the dream to play football in the big stadium? Just buy this ultra slim smart cover that puts that dream in front of you every time you look at the iPad.

The cover from Graphic4You is also made from a single polyurethane that protects the front of your device and automatically wakes it up on removal or put it to sleep upon covering it.

You can fold the casing for many viewing angles with this casing and it is very easy to remove and put on.


MIP Smart Case Cover: Eat. Sleep. Soccer. Repeat. ($19.99)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch football themed case

If soccer is an important part of your life, then show it to everyone by using this case on your iPad Pro. Even though it is made up of “faux leather”, you’ll have a good grip on your tablet while gaming.

It contains cutouts for access to all the necessary ports and the cameras. Even though the case does not contain any fancy features, it gets full marks on functionality. Just like many cases, it also has the ability to be used as a stand for horizontal viewing.


So, which one are you going to use? To be honest, all of these football cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro give a unique look to your tablet. Got a better design? Do let us know about it in the comments below.

Got an iPhone? You can buy a football-theme case for it too.

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