Best iPad Pro 9.7 Screen Protectors of 2018

June 14, 2018
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Seeing how people have started using tablets on a daily basis to carry out a variety of tasks, they need to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure their device remains in one piece. Whether you would like to believe it or not, but using a tablet quite often puts it at risk of getting damaged. For this reason, it is a good idea to get a screen protector for your tablet, this applies to Apple devices more specifically, especially considering how they get scratched and damaged easily.

If you own an iPad Pro 9.7 inch, and are looking for some of the finest screen protectors for your Apple device, you should look no further. The following list will have everything you need to make an informed decision in no time.

Spigen iPad Pro Screen Protector (Price: $14.99)


The screen protector is one of the most popular out there, and will last you for years to come. Spigen’s screen protector is specifically designed for the iPad Pro with its 9.7 inch design, which ensures your iPad Pro’s screen is protected at all times.

With edges that are rounded, your iPad Pro will not be uncomfortable to use. The screen is clear and will see whatever is on the display in a much better quality.


PLESON iPad Pro Screen Protector (Price: $19.99)


Apart from being designed for the iPad Pro, the screen protector can also be used for the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2. Once installed, it will give your iPad Pro a better feel; all the while boost its overall appeal.

You can expect greater touch sensitivity with PLESON’s screen protector, without any compromise on the level of protection it has to offer.


Selectec Apple Pro with Shatterproof Screen (Price: $15.99)


With Selectec’s screen protector for the iPad Pro, you can expect superior durability and hardness, which will ensure your iPad Pro does not get any scratches for any reason whatsoever.

The best part about this screen protector is that it will even protect your iPad Pro from heat and chemicals. With its multi-polished screen, you will find it to be easy-to-use, thus offering an unparalleled experience like never before.


IntelliGLASS HD Smart Apple Screen Protector (Price: $14.95)


If you are looking for transparency apart from complete protection for your iPad Pro, then this is the screen protector you need.

Apart from being extremely transparent, it also manages to offer high level of sensitivity to touch. While using your iPad Pro with the IntelliGLASS installed, you will be able to enjoy content with high clarity regardless of whether you are inside or out in the open.


iPad Pro Protector with Tempered Glass 9H (Price: $19.99)


The reason why this screen protector is recommended is due to the fact that it has an anti-fingerprint coating. But that is not all, as it even features anti-bacterial technology.

The materials used to manufacture the screen protector are eco-friendly, and will exceed your expectations in regards to protecting your iPad Pro from drops, scrapes and scratches.


iPad Pro Screen Protection with i-croo Tempered Glass 9H (Price: $34.99)


The screen protector will protect your iPad Pro from fingerprints and will fight against bacteria. With its outstanding quality, the screen protector will keep your device protected, even if you drop it from a considerable height. But that is not all, as it can withstand scratches and scrapes of any kind.


TSW iPad Pro Protector (Price: $39.99)


What’s special about the TSW iPad Pro Protector is that it provides an advanced fit for your Apple device. You can apply it effectively without having to worry about it coming off after some time.

The screen protector is shatterproof and is scratch resistant at the same time. You will also get to enjoy a high quality viewing experience once it has been installed.


Jimkev iPad Pro Tempered Screen Protector (Price: $13.90)


Jimkev has done the unthinkable by offering a screen protector that is strong and durable due to its high quality tempered glass. It is scratch resistant, and will offer true value for your money. In fact, if you are not satisfied, you can return the screen protector and get your money back, only as long as it is returned within 30 days from the initial date of purchase.


NEWELL iPad Pro Screen Protector (Price: $7.59)


You can install the NEWELL iPad Pro screen protector on your iPad Pro easily, considering how user friendly it is. It features a high quality glass that will protect against smudges and fingerprints.

Apart from being well suited for the iPad Pro, it can be used for the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 as well. However, you need to keep in mind that it cannot be installed in older Apple models.


Etrech iPad Pro Screen Protection with Tempered Glass 9H (Price: $7.99)


The Etrech iPad Pro screen protector can be used with almost all latest iPad models. It offers a crystal clear display with a high level of transparency. It is durable beyond belief, and will not shatter easily even if it is dropped.


Now that you know of the different screen protectors available of your 9.7 inch iPad Pro, you should be able to make an informed decision in no time. If for any reason you are still not able to determine which is the best, you can always go through existing customer reviews for a better understanding of what each screen protector has to bring to the table.

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