Top 6 Cases for the iPhone XS of 2018

September 18, 2018
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iPhone XS became a trendsetter in the mobile industry in 2018, setting the design trends for other brands and their new products and just its impact on the mobile industry and the tech world in general, was massive. Spending a thousand dollars or more on a phone will be considered by some to be a bit too much.

Regardless of that notion, Apple as a brand and the iPhone as a product are too powerful to be ignored and have garnered a loyal following that amounts to millions of people. If you purchase an iPhone XS, you will definitely want to invest in a quality case to keep it safe and pristine. To help you do that and make it easier, we have compiled a list of high quality phone cases that you can choose from.

Spigen Classic One

This iPhone XS case is a major throwback to the original, first generation iPhone. This case is a robust product that combines history and practicality into one first class product. It contains a special air cushion technology that prevents an iPhone from being damaged if it falls from a high place or any other similar scenario. The design is dual layered to make impact absorption better and the case has been designed to make it quite form fitting and slim. Safe to say, it’s a worthwhile investment.



This iPhone XS case is a technological and design marvel that is quite advanced and offers extensive value for money. It is made from five layers of impact resistant materials that include metal and top grain leather. This makes this case incredibly robust yet lightweight. The buttons in the case are incredibly tactile and responsive. To top it off, its 2X drop tested up to military standards. Safe to say that your phone will become a tank when this will be applied.


SUPCASE iPhone XS Unicorn Beetle PRO Series

It was designed specifically for the iPhone X and iPhone XS and is a hard tough case that is built to withstand extensive drops and other damaging situations. Another feature that makes it standout is that it can be clipped to a sound mounted holster and as such can be safely kept on your person yet can be easily accessed during work, workout or any type of situation easily.


DTTO Romance Series

This case is a personal favorite of mine. Its slim, light weight and high quality. It’s made up of rubber and has a texturized, soft finish that makes it incredibly comfortable to hold. Since it’s made of rubber, it’s quite easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe with a wet rag or cleaning cloth. It comes with a ton of color options. The design of the case also makes it able to release 80% of the heat generated by the iPhone and thus increase its lifespan by 30% and best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


X-Doria Defense Clear Series

This case from X-Doria is a high quality thick case that stands out from the rest. It’s the design. The case is slim, comes with three layers of shock resistant PolyOne filler protection, has a raised front lip to prevent damage to the screen even if the phone falls and best of all, it easily fits in your pocket and comes with none of the bulk that is standard to most heavy duty cases.


Zizo Static Series

This case takes an interesting new approach to what a heavy duty protection case should look like. It comes with an edgy and aggressive color combination and looks slim yet robust. It also comes with a kickstand that you can use to put your phone in landscape mood to enjoy movies and other media. It comes with a multilayered impact absorption design that ensures that your phone survives big drops and other hazardous scenarios.


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