Top Screen Protectors for iPhone 8 of 2018

June 14, 2018
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What’s an all glass iPhone without a screen protector? Check out these best screen protectors for iPhone 8 and protect your phone against scratches and fingerprints.

Going around using your iPhone without a screen protector is like going on with our day without having a morning coffee.

We all know Apple released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X – all phones with the love of glass. While it’s no doubt that the phones look dashing and possess strong appeal, make no mistake, gorilla glass is still a glass at the end of the day.

The all glass screen needs a heavy duty screen protector to ensure that your hard-earned investment on the phone does not shatter into pieces. When choosing a protector for your iPhone, make sure you have it on the day you get your iPhone 8 so that the phone is protected from day one.

1. Spigen iPhone 8 Screen Protector Tempered Glass ($7.99)

Spigen is a renowned brand known for its cases and screen protectors. Spigen’s iPhone 8 screen protector offers a precise cutout, allowing a smooth installation on your iPhone’s screen.


The screen protector is made of the finest quality glass and comes packed with a lifetime warranty on purchase of the double pack. The finest quality protector keeps scratches away from your screen, keeping your iPhone’s screen brand new. Get Spigen’s screen protector and protect the vulnerable screen on your iPhone.

2. Orzly iPhone 8 Screen Protector ($7.99)

Glass screen protectors have always been chosen for all the right reasons. Orzly’s material is such that provides improved protection against scratches and impact. What’s interesting about the screen protector is how it doesn’t cover the entire front screen and leaves room for cases to be applied on easily.


If you use the screen protector along with a case, you will provide more than enough protection to your iPhone. Additionally, the screen protector is quiet easy to install, securing your phone’s screen against debris, scratches and easily cleans fingerprints when rubbed against a cloth or jeans. Get the Orzly iPhone 8 screen protector today.

3. I-Blason iPhone 8 Screen Protector ($7.99)

Like many other screen protectors, i-Blason too has designed a screen protector with finest quality ingredients that has resulted in a top-quality tempered glass that strengthens your iPhone’s screen.


The coating on the screen protector keeps away any and all fingerprints along with smears. At this price, you get 2 screen protectors, one which you can use later on in an event your first protector gets chipped. Wait no more and get the i-Blason iPhone 8 screen protector.

4. Trianium iPhone 8 Screen Protector ($5.35)

Talk about slim screen protectors and Trianium tops the list. With just 0.2mm width, Trianium is designed with care to be an ultra-thin screen protector that safeguards your iPhone’s screen against sharp hits and drops on a hard surface.


Despite its ultra-thin thickness, the hard protector is shatterproof and curve from the edges to give the phone a smooth feel. Additionally, the refined clarity increases viewing and gives a natural feel to the phone. Get the thin screen protector for your iPhone.

5. Tech Armor iPhone 8 Screen Protector ($3.95)

Tech Armor is a well-known ballistic glass protector. The shiny protector gives an elegant look and feel to the phone. Once it’s on, your phone’s front screen is completely protected against high impact drops and sharp edges.


The Tech Armor screen protector packs premium ingredients along with affordability. The protector uses such a sticking on material that does not form any bubbles on the screen. Get the tech armor iPhone 8 case at the most affordable price.


With too many screens to protect, screen protectors are increasingly becoming common and widely demanded for obvious reasons. Make sure you have one as a little investment in a protector can go a long way in securing your phone

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