Best Styluses Pencil for the iPad Pro of 2018

June 14, 2018
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Whether you like to believe it or not, the market for styluses is actually quite expansive. This applies to styluses pencil for the iPad Pro too, which come with tons of handy features like pressure sensitivity or palm rejection.

Whether you want to sketch, navigate, draw or write, there are plenty of styluses for you to choose from. If you wish to find the absolute best, here are a few you take into consideration.

Apple Pencil (Price: $109.50)


For the absolute best experience while drawing and/or writing, there is no better option than the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. The stylus is sensitive to tilt and even the slightest bit of pressure, making it easier for you to vary shading and lines across different apps.

The Apple Pencil is a gift that keeps on giving, which is mad evident by the fact that it also comes with palm rejection technology, which is unparalleled to say the least. This means you can easily rest your hands on any iPad Pro, without having to worry about it interfering with your work.

If you remove the cap at the end of the stylus, you will find a lightning connector for quick charging and easy pairing with your iPad Pro. You also get a USB adapter to charge the stylus on a wall socket. As for the stylus’ battery life, it can easily last anywhere around 10 to 12 hours, on a full charge that is. Rest assured, it is the best and the most obvious stylus you can get for your iPad Pro.  


Adonit Jot Mini (Price: $16.99)


The Adonit Jot Mini is perfect for individuals that need a compact and easy to store stylus for their iPad Pro. It costs $16.99, and does manage to make it appealing for those that need true value for their money.

The Jot Mini offers greater control, making the disc-style stylus a worth option without too much weight. While the stylus is capped, it is no more than a few inches in length. The length can be increased using the cap to extend the body though.

Due to the stylus’ disc-shape, it makes it easier for you to see what you are drawing or writing. The only drawbacks are that the stylus may slip on the iPad Pro’s screen, and will tend to make clicking noises while in use.


Adonit Mark (Price: $9.99)


If you do not necessarily require features like palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, then the Adonit Mark is exactly what you need. It is an affordable stylus that is quite comfortable when it comes to writing, sketching and drawing.

The stylus does not come equipped with fine control movements or even app integration for that matter, but it works well with any multi-touch screen you throw its way, including the iPad Pro.

The Adonit Mark offers enough resistance for you to write with ease, with its triangular grip design that fits well in the hand, much like a charcoal stick. Even though you can’t put your hands on the screen while working with the Adonit Mark on your iPad Pro, the stylus manages to serve as an excellent counterweight that ensures the nib does not end up slipping on the glass while you write or draw.


Pencil by FiftyThree (Price: $59.98)


If you own an iPad Pro and are contemplating investing in the Pencil by FiftyThree, you need to keep in mind that it is more specifically designed for FiftyThree’s app.

The digital Bluetooth enabled device will give you the ability to create lines of all sizes, since it comes with pressure sensitive-input. It also support palm rejection and shading, which makes it a worth replacement for the Apple Pencil, especially if you do not wish to spend a lot of money.

The stylus has an aluminum graphite build that is comfortable to use and will not break easy. What is truly amazing about this piece of hardware is that it houses 14K gold plated sensors on both ends for accurate response. You can even flip it the other way around to use it as an eraser!


Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus (Price: $24.99)


What is truly spectacular about the Cosmonaut Wide-Grip stylus is that it is kid-friendly. The $24.99 stylus is great for writing and doodling. It features a wide-grip design that is comfortable due to a nib and a soft rubber shell.

If you pay close attention, you will come to realize it is the same size as dry erase markers, replicating the feeling of drawing on a white board. The stylus is exceptional for individuals that are clumsy and young. However, it does lack in terms of pressure sensitivity or Bluetooth charging. But then again, the stylus was simply created to be unpackaged and used without making the experience a hassle.


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