Best Wallet Cases for the iPhone X of 2018

June 14, 2018
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If you do end up buying the iPhone X, the first thing you need to do is to invest in the necessary accessories to ensure the device remains protected through thick and thin. Apart from a screen protector, you should definitely get a wallet case for your iPhone X as well. You will undoubtedly come across different qualities, which will make the process of picking the best one difficult. Fret not, as the following list has only the best for you to take into consideration.

iPulse for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $39.98)


The iPulse wallet case for the iPhone X will meet and exceed your expectations without breaking a sweat. It is perfectly suited for iPhone users that are all about aesthetics. The wallet case has a vintage design with Italian full grain leather. Its handcrafted design with a retro-book look will enhance your iPhone X’s overall appeal.

You get two credit card slots along with a cash pocket. The folio of the wallet case can be doubled to keep your iPhone X up in one place for a comfortable viewing experience.


Silk for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $24.99)


Silk’s wallet case for the iPhone X has all the qualities you can possibly expect from a premium product. It is slim and lightweight while featuring air-cushioned corners to shield your iPhone X from falls. The wallet case has textured sides for you to be able to have a better grip, which makes it quite comfortable no matter how you hold it.

The wallet case has a slot on the back for up to three credit cards. To better complement your phone, you can select from three different color options.


Davis Case for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $39.99)


The Davis Case is perfect for those purists that prefer a retro look through and through. It features top-quality leather that will age without losing its appeal in the long run.

It has a money sleeve and multiple card slots. In fact, it is crafted to serve as an excellent travel case at the same time. The case remains fastened due to its magnetic clasp, and is fully capable of protecting your iPhone X from anything you throw its way.


ProCase for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $29.99)


If you want your iPhone X to look urban then this is the case for you. The ProCase is made from genuine leather and is built to last. It has a rich profile with bold stitching which makes it even more appealing than it already is.

The wallet case has a money pocket and three credit card slots, ensuring you do not have any problems carrying your valuables wherever you go. Due to its ability to function as a kickstand, the wallet case is an excellent option for those that wish to enjoy their media content on the go.


SHIELDON for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $34.99)


With SHIELDON you will come to realize it manages to tick all the right boxes. The handcrafted design and genuine leather go hand-in-hand to make your iPhone X look great and protects it from scrapes and vice versa.

The interior features a heat dissipation and anti-slip design, which makes the wallet case a bargain. But that is not all, as it has three credit card slots and a money pocket for your cash or loose change. You can even use the device hands-free due to its stand.


Spaysi for the iPhone X – Amazon
(Price: $27.99)


The Spaysi wallet case for the iPhone X is for those businessmen/businesswomen that wish to stand out from the rest of the crowd during high profile meetings and such.

The wallet case with its Italian cowhide leather has a premium feel to it. The handmade design will accommodate your iPhone X seamlessly. The case is easy to open and close due to it magnetic snap closure, while the money sleeve and three credit card slots will let you carry your valuables with ease.


Benuo for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $20.79)


If retro wallet cases appeal to you a lot then the Benuo wallet case is exactly what you have been looking for all along.

The book design with its inner PC shell ensures your iPhone X remains protected. It has a couple of credit card slots for regular use. Additionally, you can choose the wallet case from two colors; black or white.


FLY HAWK for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $16.99)


What makes Fly Hawk really good to look at is its sleek design. The wallet case seems as though it were carved out of PU leather. With its sophisticated profile and accurate slots for the camera, speakers and ports, you will have a blast using your iPhone X.

You will find a couple of credit card slots on the back. The slim wallet case is extraordinarily reliable, so much so as to protecting your iPhone X from damage, even if it falls.


MIFXIN for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $9.99)


MIFXIN’s synthetic leather case is well crafted to say the least. It has a soft-textured surface and the visible stitching adds to its overall appearance. It looks graceful and manages to protect your iPhone X from scrapes and shock.

The wallet case has a small pocket to store cash and a slot for your credit cards. The wallet case can be used to enjoy video content and comes in six different colors to choose from.


Spigen for the iPhone X – Amazon (Price: $14.99)


The Spigen wallet case serves as an excellent way to give your iPhone X a formal look. It has a low-profile design that may not be something extraordinary to look at, but it something to admire. Your phone will fit rather well in the case, while granting easy access to the speakers, port and cameras on your device.

The wallet case has a big compartment for cash and has three credit card slots to go along with. You won’t have to worry about your valuables dropping, as the magnetic strap will ensure they remain as they are meant to be.


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