Best Wireless Chargers for the iPhone X of 2018

June 14, 2018
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Apple’s latest range of iPhones is easier to charge than the previous iterations, and this is made possible by the implementation of the Qi standard of wireless charging. Even though the Qi standard has been around for quite some time now, it is being perfected by companies, including Apple, for greater effectiveness.

That being said, if you are looking for a compatible and reliable wireless charger for your iPhone, here are a couple of devices for you to look into.

Ventev Wireless Charger (Price: $51.26)

The Ventev wireless charger largely caught everyone’s attention at IFA in Berlin. The charger has a smart design, that involves breaking it down for greater portability.

As for its construction, it has a solid base with non-slip plastic along with a cushioned pad to keep your iPhone in place. With an aluminum frame, it houses several notches for your convenience in regards to slotting the charging pad where it is essentially required. This translates to you benefitting from a charging sweet spot, which can be attained by fixing the position of the pad as you see fit.

Apart from supporting the Qi standards, it also supports PMA. The only drawback of using this device is that it has a bulky power brick that has to be plugged in to get 15W output. However, it is quite versatile, which can’t be said about the various other wireless chargers available in the market.


BEZALEL Futura X (Price: $49.99)

The BEZALEL Futura X is perfectly suited for individuals that a wireless charger that is light and portable. The BEZALEL Futura X is an all-rounder, meaning it can be used to charge any Android phone and even an iPhone for that matter.

Upon close inspection, you will realize the wireless charger has a glossy pad, made from premium components. It has an aluminum base with an acrylic surface. The wireless charger is available in white and black colors, and is magnets, thus ensuring your device stays in one place without fail.


Satechi Aluminum Wireless Charger (Price: $15.00)

The Satechi aluminum wireless charger is designed to be stylish; it features a circular metal frame in rose, gold, and silver. The pad is rather shiny, but it comes with a rubber across the surface to prevent your iPhone from slipping. You can also rely on the wireless charger’s grips, which will ensure it goes nowhere while your phone is charging.


TYLT VU (Price: $39.99)

The TYLT VU is considered to be one of the very first manufacturers to have introduced the now popular, 45-degree cradle design. The TYLT VU makes it possible for you to view your phone and use it as though it were lying on a flat surface.

The charger may seem to be a tad expensive, with a chunky and ugly power adapter that can produce a lot of heat, but it is not dangerous nor will your device be at risk. You can choose from red, blue and green colors, and will surely enjoy its unique design that will make using your iPhone, while it’s charging, a fun experience.


Ikea Nordmarke (Price: $70.00)

The Ikea Nordmarke is a wireless charger for the whole family, and it will not disappoint. It has three spots on the top, where devices can be placed to charge immediately. But that is not all, as it also comes with a USB port and a standard micro-USB to USB cable as well. Basically, the wireless charger will actually let you charge four devices at a single time.


Yootech Wireless Charger (Price: $12.00)

The Yootech wireless charger proves that wireless charging for your iPhone does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even though it is not entirely extraordinary, it manages to get the job done, which is quite frankly, all that matters for a majority of people. The wireless charger comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, but it does lack a wall charger. But then again, that is to be expected from Yootech, especially since the wireless charger costs no more than $12.


QiStone+ (Price: $59.99)

What sets this bad boy apart from the rest of the crowd is the fact that it is a wireless charger and a portable battery back at the same time. What this means is that it can charge itself, that too wirelessly.

As the name implies, the QiStone+ is in fact designed to look like a stone. Apart from being rounded, it is portable beyond belief. It comes with four padded feet, which prevent it from slipping. As for its battery, it comes with 4000mAh, which will do wonders for you when you need a quick charge for your iPhone.


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