The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Your iPhone – The Cordless Experience

June 14, 2018
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We’ve used wired headphones for the majority of our lives, but when you’re living in 2018 and you can avoid the tangling of cords in your pockets. You really should!

Even more so, Apple has done away with the headphone jack, which means that wireless earphones are way better than the Lightning-connected EarPods. And if you’re thinking that wireless earbuds won’t provide you quality sound, you’ve never tried one.

But, the question is: How does one select the best earbuds out of the tons available?

Let me take care of that for you.

How We Select The Best Wireless Earbuds-In-ear Headphones


Without a doubt, this should be anyone’s number 1 priority when choosing a Bluetooth earphone, and that’s also its primary reason to exist. And when you’re investing in something to listen to music, radio, and et al., your earbuds better be damn good.


Great sounding earbuds that leave you wanting to unplug your ears as well can’t be your friend for long. You probably wear your earphones for a long stretch and you’ll do the same with your earbuds, so it’s better that they be really, really comfortable. This also requires it to fit perfectly in your ear and not fall off while you’re running or having a little fun.


Wireless earbuds may pose a slight problem if they refuse to connect seamlessly to your iDevice or your MacBook. If there’s interruption or connectivity issue, it defeats the purpose.


Of course, when you pay your hard-earned cash for something, it better not just perform a singular function. It should have features that allow you to do more than just performing basic functions.


And without a doubt, pricing. Most of you aren’t probably going to be enthused about shelling $500 on a piece of earbuds, right? So I’m going to keep it at a price range we all feel comfortable with.

Keeping these points in mind, here’s my list of the best wireless earbuds for your iPhone:

AirPods ($159.00)


Apple’s own set of wireless earbuds were the stepping stones that led most companies to start taking wireless earphones market seriously.

While Apple was heavily criticised for the $159 price tag, it’s one of the cheapest Bluetooth earphones in the list that provides the maximum bang for your bucks. AirPods sound as great as the EarPods, which is amazing considering you are listening to everything over Bluetooth.

They’re the best choice for you especially if your iPhone and iPad are your major medium of listening to music and videos, etc.


Jaybird Run ($179.99)


If you’re an athlete or just like to be more active than the average person, Jaybird Run was designed for you as the name might have hinted.

Not just that, though, even if you love your couch or commute for hours at the end on the subway, Jaybird can be the great companion for your ears. Not do they fit excellently in your ear, but they have customisable sound, easy-to-use controls, and they are water-resistant.

Jaybird Run’s battery pack may be a little bulky for your pockets while you’re on the run (on tracks, of course) they’re still an excellent choice if you want passive noise cancellation and great sounding earbuds with an excellent fit.


Beoplay E8 ($299)


These are on the high-end of the price bar, but the sound quality they boast justifies the wallet-hole they create.

Out of all the earbuds listed in this article, Beoplay E8 have the best sound experience. The cherry on top is the fact that you can tinker with the audio experience and further enhance it you know your audio. This pair is super easy-to-use as well with the touch panels providing you with a simple way to raise or lower volume or change your tracks.

Despite the price tag, Beoplay E8 is a highly recommended wireless earphone out there.


Bose’s SoundSport Free ($249.00)


If comfort is your forte, Bose SoundSport Free is your go-to set of wireless earbuds.

Bose is known to provide some of the best quality headphones and earphones in the industry, and they do not disappoint in the wireless category as well. This pair from Bose can go up to 5 hours on a single charge, but that may not be its strongest point given the size of these Bluetooth earbuds.

However, these are the most comfortable wireless headphones to wear on this list. They fit like a cork in your ear (without the pain) and it’s almost impossible to shake them out of your ears. This makes this pair an ideal for runners and cyclists.


Jabra Elite Sport ($249.00)


Being the cheapest wireless earphones on this list has its perks, but it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages.

While Jabra Elite Sport may not provide you with the quality other Jabra products do, they’re still an amazing set that not just provide you wireless sound, but have built-in features and sensors that can monitor your heart-rate and track your runs and exercises, etc.

While it does have minor issues, it does not mean that they provide you value for your money. They were built for sportspeople, as the name must have suggested, and if you’re from that category, you’re in great hands (or ears, if you prefer).



All the wireless earphones on this list are a shut-your-eyes purchase for anyone wanting a good pair of wireless earbuds. In case you think there are better wireless headphones out there for your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do the rest!

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