Best Freelancers iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 28, 2018
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Considering the hectic life and work schedule the freelancers work with, one should always consider themselves always starting or working on a task. Technology has come to their rescue this one time as well. I mean, Since freelancers don’t have any specific office, to work in, that often results in them working anywhere on the internet.

Today, everyone can do nearly everything on their iPhones and iPads. In this article, we will be looking for the top 15 best apps you got to work with on your iPhones or iPads to lessen the burden on the freelancers’ shoulders. Let us get started with the list.

The 10 best apps that may help you get started with your freelance work:

Here’s a list of top 10 apps:

1. Shoeboxed:


Want to keep a trace of your receipts, mileage or the business cards? We have the best possible solution for you. Shoeboxed iOS App is at your service to perform all your work for you, without the need for the manual data entry of any sort. Neither understanding how the app functions are any tricky, all you got to do is click a picture of your receipts, and it categorizes the receipts into varying categories. Also, you get an edge, to create responsive reports and send them right from your phones.

2. Freelancer:


Here is another beneficiary service providing the app for you. Freelancer iOS App is an iOS app that is dedicated to providing a platform for maintaining a connection between the freelancers and the employers. You may join anytime and start finding yourself at work.
This app can get you to work anytime and from anywhere.

3. TimeTracker:


Next on our list is the time tracking specialist app, the TimeTracker iOS App. Now, one can track time they have been giving to their jobs, with this smart and easy to use the app. The app is designed and constructed with the aim to simplify the user’s life.
In all, TimeTracker’s an essential utility tool for a user who’s finding a need to track the time they spend on their jobs.

4. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker:


Another time tracking app we have found here for the freelancers. With Harvest Time and Expense Tracker iOS App you can not only track time offline or online, rather there are a multiple numbers of features available for you to perform. You can also submit reports of the client projects, check to validate and edit time entries, managing invoices, keep a record of payments, get yourself the payment notifications, and stay synced with the team are a few of the numerous actions that you can perform using the Harvest Time & Expense Tracker.

5. FileMaker Go:


A good business handling iOS application for those busy people who need to manage from anywhere through their iPhones or iPads. FileMaker Go iOS App lets you connect to your data from anywhere, right from the word go and easily lets you share the data and information with your entire team.
FileMaker Go enhances your productivity once you get the app and started your work. FileMaker Go can work for you whether you want to be checking an inventory of a warehouse, or updating project statuses. It is one of the best database apps for you to handle,

6. Awesome Note 2:


Awesome Note 2 iOS App is a daily planner & Note that you may consider using when carrying a busy and packed schedule. Its rather quite an innovative and note taking the app and to do manager, which eases the users with the power to combine them both.
With Awesome Note 2, you get access to wonderful writing features (not only for note taking your notes but also for writing). It is easy to use a simple app, with the neat interface for users. Not only that you can also share and sync the data from the app.

7. Things:


About Things iOS App, one can say it is an easy to use task manager and be stated as your ultimate companion for no matter what you want to achieve. It keeps a significant balance between easy to use and facilitating you with magnificent features.
Using Things you can be in control of to-dos, notes, due dates, and various projects. It enables you to work as effectively as possible. Another thing to catch your eye is its versions for iOS and Apple Watch and also has its own Cloud.

8. iFiles:


iFiles iOS App fall in the category of File Management, and it allows you to be the one controlling all the data. iFiles is the standout file managing iOS app that allows you various features including the multiple cloud server connectivity, also managing the transfer of files between the computer and cloud server, voice recorder, web downloader, text file editor and so much more.  Talking about the Key Features, there is a long list that we can talk about such as the Web downloader, Share files, PDF Viewer, ZIP/File Extract, Transfer Manager, Clipboards and much more.
In all, it is an easy to use multi-purpose application that offers you a lot more than just managing your data and storing data for you.

9. Square Point of Sale:


Square iOS App is probably the best well-known of all the mobile POS system, this is because Square definitely put a lot of money into the marketing of the last few years. Anyone not living under a rock definitely seen wandering late-night commercials they’ve got a proprietary reader that works both with Apple Android. Flat pricing model with no monthly fees, that allows you to run mobile transactions anytime anywhere.
Coming to the features, Square offers you with accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Record cash, send and track invoices from your device, customization of products, send receipts via emails, access to real-time sales data.

10. PayPal:


Who hasn’t heard, or aware of the PayPal iOS App and its functionality? PayPal is the most effective money transferring app for the freelancers. It enables its users to send and receive the money from anywhere to anywhere, and at any time. Within seconds, you can get done with the transactions with full ease.
Using the PayPal is simple and very much easy to use. You can transact money to people in more than 100 countries just using their email or mobile numbers.
Whenever, money is transacted, or received, you may get a notification to help you keep a trace of your money. You will always remain informed of the money you received, sent, or used PayPal card to pay for your expense. You can manage it all right from your pocket and that too with security.

Bottom line:

We have covered 10 apps that the freelancers may find helpful for their work management, scheduling, keeping a track of their time dedicated to their work, tracing the money, keeping the records, syncing the receipts and much more to offer. There are various and numerous apps of the similar kind present on the iTunes or the App Store, but we have sketched out the best 10 (according to our preferences) for you, in order to help you find you the best and the effective most iOS app that you might find worth keeping.

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