Best iOS Car Buying/Selling Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 24, 2018
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Best iOS Car Buying/Selling Apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you on the lookout for a new car but the entire process of getting one is taking a toll on you? The process of buying a car, whether old or new, can be a hectic process and this is where technology comes in to play its part. In the era of a smartphone, all you need to do is download some car buying and selling apps and kickstart the search for your dream car online.

Blinker: Buy, sell & refi cars (Free)

By Blinker, Inc

Blinker’s online platform makes it easier for people to buy and sell their cars with the aim of sellers earning more and buyers saving more with no middlemen in place. Often people find it difficult to sell off their cars as they have loan installments to pay but that is not the case with Blinker: Buy, sell & refi cars as you can sell your car even if you have installments to pay.

Blinker will also refinance your car at lower rates and ease the installment rates to help you out. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Blinker to get an ultimate car buying and selling experience.

Autotrader – Shop All the Cars (Free)

By, Inc

Autotrader helps people with buying the best cars on its platform from new, used, and certified vehicles available in the listings. The app provides all the details about the car including vehicle report if available. You can also save your favorite searches in order to review them later from any other device.

Through the platform of Autotrader – Shop All the Cars, you can also share details of any car with your friends and family members through text or email. So start your search for the perfect car with Autotrader now.

CARFAX Find Used Cars for Sale (Free)


If you are only looking for used cars, then CARFAX Find Used Cars for Sale is the go-to platform for you. You can search for any used cars from the millions of listings posted by more than 28,000 car dealers. The mobile platform also provides free vehicle report of all the cars on its app.

You can save any car and view it later on through the saved search option. CARFAX also lets you compare different cars before you make a final buying decision.

Instamotor: Used Cars for Sale (Free)

By Instamotor Inc.

The main concerns that people have while buying any car online has to do with frauds and scams. And this is where Instamotor takes strict measures with its screening process in order to avoid any fraudulent activities in the buying-selling process. Every vehicle on Instamotor’s platform gets a free fraud check and a vehicle history report provided by AutoCheck.

You can also get financing options for buying a new car right within Instamotor: Used Cars for Sale app. What else do you need to buy a car?

Autolist - Used Cars for Sale (Free)

By Auto List, Inc

While cars are the most common type of vehicles that are readily available on different mobile platforms, Autolist – Used Cars for Sale boasts to have trucks and SUVs on its platform as well. You can find the biggest collection of sports cars, SUVs, and trucks on Autolist. The online car selling platform also provides price comparison with other cars, predicts future prices of vehicles, and also sends out alerts if your favorite vehicle has witnessed a drop in its prices.

Among the many apps that deal with cars and motor vehicles, Autolist is one of the most highly rated ones. So head over to Autolist and get your dream car right now.

Used Car Search Pro – iSeeCars (Free)


iSeeCars is another online platform where you can search out for more than 4 million cars and trucks that are listed for sale from more than 40,000 dealerships. You can get your perfect car with the help of 50+ filters that are available which will help you meet your exact requirements and demand.

iSeeCars will automatically sort out the best cars by prices and deals offered. You can also get email alerts for any new listing that meets your set criteria.

VIN Report for Used Cars (Free)


While purchasing a used car, the most important thing that people often examine is the VIN report. A VIN report gives you all the information about the vehicle’s history whether it’s a car, SUV, truck, or a boat. You can get VIN report of cars from VIN Report for used cars through which you can do proper research before going on to make the purchase decision.

The report will include price analysis, dealer scorecard, listing and pricing history, projected depreciation, and other important keynotes as well.

CarMax: Used Cars for Sale (Free)

By CarMax

The online platform of CarMax will not only help you in buying a car but it will also help you compare it with 10 other cars at a time. With more than 40,000 cars listed on its platform, CarMax allows you to save your searches for future need and also sends out automatic alerts whenever there is a plunge in the prices of the cars that you have saved.

You can also calculate your payments and savings from the CarMax app, which makes it a complete app for car buying and selling and you shouldn’t miss out on this one! – New & Used Cars (Free)


Finding new and used cars in your nearby areas just gets a lot easier with the help of Based on your need and requirement, will filter out the best possible result for your from the listings available on its platform. You can calculate payments, know the Black Book value of any car, and find out repair and maintenance costs of your existing car.

What’s even better about app is that you can also read reviews about any car from experts and car owners before making any purchase decision.

Edmunds (Free)

By Edmunds Inc.

Edmunds provides you with a complete package while purchasing a used car. You can get reviews about cars and ratings provided to thousands of models by the people. Edmunds also calculates the true market value of a car and provides an average price of different cars, SUVs, and trucks which helps in a better comparison of the cars.

As is an option in many other apps, you can also calculate your monthly payments before buying any car from Edmunds, so it makes the purchase decision a tad bit easier for you!

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