Best 5 iOS Football Coaching Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 13, 2018
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Being the most popular game in the world, football is also the one most played. While many think the game is about creating a team of 11 individuals who can hit or save goals, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Football is all about tactics and game plans. Managing a team of 11 is a momentous task since you don’t want your players to play as they wish. This is where a soccer coaching app can help you the most.

By using an app, you can make sure that your tactics are up to the mark and your team is up to date with your strategies.

But, when you will hit the App Store, you will find a lot of soccer coaching apps, both compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Confused? Well, here is a list of best football coaching apps for iOS devices. By the way, the list is not a ranking one. All of these apps are awesome and you test a couple of these before finalizing one for your team.

  1. i-Drills Football
  2. Coach Tactic Board: Soccer++
  3. 24/7 Coach
  4. Soccer Dad
  5. Soccer coach clipboard

i-Drills Football ($4.99)

By i-Drills Apps Ltd


If you’re a football coach or the captain of your football team, you’d need something like a planner to ensure your team knows what strategy you’re using. i-Drills is perhaps the best session design app to help you strategize. It’s easily the fastest and a fully-featured coaching app that elite professionals and coaches around the world are using. Previously known as i-Drills Soccer, this app contains 27 different training canvasses where you can create details tactical plans with intelligent player positions and estimated time durations. You can then share your plans through your favorite social media website or save them on Dropbox or Google Cloud.

In order to keep an eye on your team’s performance, you can create a library of sessions, so you can visit them as needed. Through the CoachMates functionality, you can share content with your coaching friends. Want more advice? Then, you consider subscribing to Transfer Market where you can download plans from coaches all around the world.

i-Drills Football is a wonderful coaching app for anyone who is leading a team. Due to its easy-to-use features and dedicated community, it is the No.1 Ranked app in over 50 countries. This is why I believe you should give this app a try.

Coach Tactic Board: Soccer++ ($4.99)



Creating advanced tactics in the minds of your football team can be difficult. They need the visual representation of what you’re planning and what you intend your team to do. For this very reason, Coach Tactic Board: Soccer++ is a great app that is replacing whiteboards from team rooms all over the world.

You can mark where you want your players to be, or you want them to move on the pitch. While the app contains 47 different tactics, you can create your own easily. With more than 20 training equipment, you can develop exercises for your training routines. You can even create different teams and lineups, and if you fancy, share them on your social media channels for feedback etc.

Furthermore, you can group similar gameplans by creating a folder. One of my favorite feature of this app is its ability to export tactical plans to PDF. This way, I can always print out a plan on paper whenever I need one. Furthermore, you can store the gameplays on a Dropbox account or on your device as pictures.

All in all, Coach Tactic Board: Soccer++ is a brilliant soccer coaching app.

24/7 Coach ($5.99)

By 4to Limited


Want to train your team on a half-pitch? Or a full-size pitch? Maybe you want tactics for a futsal game, or under 10s. Even if you want a custom pitch training, 24/7 Coach Football is the app you’re looking for. This is an iPad app built to give you the power to develop your team and match tactics with ease.

You can guide your team using the app visually and the graphics and icons are a great help as well. With these elements, you can plan out detailed exercises and move-by-move strategies. You can then share these with your players and other coaches through email by exporting your data as images with accompanying notes in a Word file.

The app is a blessing for those who work on custom-sized pitches as it remembers these pitches for future use. Furthermore, it automatically saves your work. Needless to say, but all sessions recorded in the app can be edited on a later date and moved into dedicated folders whenever required.

It’s an easy-to-use app and has a great price tag that justifies the purchase completely!

Soccer Dad ($4.99)

By idadapps LLC


Not everyone’s a professional coach. In various neighborhoods around the world, there are soccer dads (and moms) who train a team of aspiring football stars. And, they don’t have it easy. There are practices to plan, parents to inform, and events to look after. All of this hard work is for the progress of the beautiful game.

If you are such an individual, consider Soccer Dad as your new best football friend (BFF?). While other apps are more aligned towards the seriousness of playing soccer, this app aims to deliver a full-fledged experience of organizing neighborhood games.

With this app, you can manage your team’s schedule, create virtual whiteboards, track events and stay in touch with parents and guardian with the built-in contact manager.

Do yourself (and your young team) a favor and get the app now.

Soccer coach clipboard ($1.99)

By Family Fit


Soccer coach clipboard has been featured on the walls of Apple Store and has reached the top 100 paid sports app worldwide as well. All for a reason: the app does what it promises! It’s a simple whiteboard application where you can plan tactics and drills easily.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad, and in fact, you can get it on the Mac App Store as well, and easily sync the data between all your devices! It’s the cheapest app on the list, but perhaps the best one too!

These were our picks for the top 5 best coaching apps for football (or soccer) on iPhone and iPad. Did we miss out on any? Let us know in the comments below!

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