Best 5 iOS Music Apps For iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 28, 2018
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Remember the good old days of the iPod? Today, the iPhones and iPads have taken over and we listen to most of our music on them and do a lot more. There is an iOS app to enhance your music listening experience, discover more music and share what you love. We want to share our picks for the best music app for each different category.

The built-in music app and the way Apple approaches music in iPhone and iPad can be frustrating for some. However, there are ways around these problems – through amazing third-party apps.

Spotify Music

By Spotify Ltd.

This one is our top pick for people who like to discover new music, with a dedicated “Discover” section the Spotify app will give you new music suggestions according to your taste. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your music library then Spotify will be your best bet. Spotify is stock full of amazing features and clean design that has allowed to come out on top as one of the best music apps for almost every category. If sharing your music is important to you then Spotify delivers that too with easy sharing options. Its developers are constantly adding exciting new additions to the app, making it perfect for any music lover.

Listen: The Gesture Music Player

By MacPaw Inc.

Two words: Gesture control. Yes, this app has landed in our top favorites for its unique navigation system that focuses on gesture-based controls. Yes! With a swipe of two fingers, you can control the volume or go to your library or use single finger gestures for play, pause, stop, share and more. The app displays album artwork load and proud, which we also love about the app. The interface is smooth and reacts perfectly to your gestures making it one of the coolest music apps out there. The free version of the app is perfect anyone who needs a basic music player, the paid version $2.99 per month will give you access to online radio.



For high-quality sound turn to Tidal. From the music mogul Jay-Z, Tidal’s edge is its high-quality stream that is unmatched by any other free music app for the iOS out there. Therefore, if you consider yourself as an audiophile and the difference between different streaming bitrates then you probably already use Tidal, if not, then you are missing out on its 1411Kbps streaming bit rate for better sound. Tidal is also in your favorites list due to its great interface that is easily organized and looks cool. The app also offers exclusive music and content that make Tidal even more interesting.

Google Play Music

By Google, Inc.

Google Play Music is for all of you who take pride in your large collection of music that you have put together with a lot of devotion and care and therefore deserve an app that lets you listen and stream that collection seamlessly. The app initially converted Apple Music fans into Google Play Music fans by allowing them to break away from the constraints Apple puts on its users. The Google Play Music works well on other platforms as well which is why we preferred it to Apple Music. Recently, it was announced that Google Play Music iOS now works Apple car play as well.

iHeartRadio – Music & Radio

By iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.

Our pick for the top online radio station streaming app is iHeartRadio, which we consider to be the finest app for those who prefer radios over building their own library. The app offers a large variety of Am and FM radio channels so there is something for everyone here. You can also choose radio stations based on your preferred genre, country and more; and listen to exclusive podcasts from well-known local and international celebrities. The interface is beautifully designed to be simple yet effective. The paid version of the app comes with attractive new features that we believe are worth the price.

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