Best 5 iOS Navigation Apps For iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 25, 2018
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Let your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch be your guide towards your destination choice! We believe navigation apps are a godsend to save us from the embarrassment of asking for directions and admitting that we are lost. The best feature apps navigation apps will guide you, help you explore, avoid traffic, get the shortest and best route and then some.

Let’s see what are our top Navigation Apps For iOS picks and which is the one we are currently using:

  1. Google Maps – GPS Navigation
  2. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
  3. STransit • Bus & Subway Times
  4. PMapQuest: Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic
  5. NAVIGON North America

Google Maps - GPS Navigation

By Google, Inc.

An app that beats Apple’s own navigation app, Google Maps is our top favorite navigation app for so many reasons. First of all, it is the cleanest, most well-made and efficient navigation app that includes almost all of the feature that you would find in any other navigation app. With a long list of features including address and business/points-of-interest search under the “Explore option” using Google’s powerful Local Search utility, sync searches and favorites (with Google login), there are also multiple map views  – traffic, public transit, biking, satellite, terrain, or Google Earth; Google Maps is the app we turn to every time. Also, since Google owns Waze too, so you also have the best traffic reports on this app and reports of accidents, incidents, or blocks that may affect your route.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

By Waze Inc.

The community-based traffic and navigation app Waze is unique in the sense that it does not rely on data provided by city officials like most other navigation apps. The main source of data is the users of the app that are combined with Waze’s unique algorithms to provide the directions, estimated time and most importantly the traffic updates. The app can not only help you explore popular locations, there is a lot more the Waze app provides, such as our favorite: information about gas prices, type of gas, the next gas station, and the brand, this data is collected through their real-time traffic information feature. Users just have to tap the “navigate map” and then the “gas” icon to get the information.

The interface is simple, clean and cheerful. It is to report information, as to get the information you want from the app so reporting does not feel like a hassle.

Transit • Bus & Subway Times

By Transit App, Inc.

The most awesome app for those of you who rely on public transit to travel, Transit will be an essential aid that will help you navigate your city’s public transit system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders. A real time saver if you think of it, because you can save all that time wasted waiting at the bus stop, or the subway station. The only reason this app has been rated low on our list is that it is currently available 125 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe, so do not rely on this app if you are elsewhere.  The app will also provide you updates about your Uber, car2go, or bike share.

The bold interface of the app makes the information you need to stand out, it is both clean and effective, which adds to the appeal of this app.

MapQuest: Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic

By AOL Inc.

A well-rounded, feature rich navigation app for the iOS, which we believe is better than Apple’s navigation app, but not as much as our top choice, MapQuest used to be the go-to navigation app before Google map took over. The comprehensive features of the app include: Up-to-date satellite imagery and live vector maps, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, automatic reroute and alternative route options and more.

This navigation app is about simplicity and no frills and that is also reflected in the monochromatic look of the user interface, it is clean, intuitive and efficient. You can also search the nearby points of interest in different categories such as restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc.

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