Best iOS Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 25, 2018
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Photo editing apps are not just a great way of fixing and improving photographs, now you can use photo editor for the iPhone and the iPad to explore your creative side and create unique pieces of art and share them with just a single app.

If you are willing to pay, then let us tell you which Paid Photo Editing Apps for iOS are worth the investment. Whether you are looking to get the Hollywood star look to your portraits or bring out the color of your latest photos, we have a constructed a list of the very paid best photo editing apps.

    1. Pixelmators
    2. Pixomatic photo editor
    3. Facetune
    4. LightX
    5. Mextures


By Pixelmator Team

A powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that has the most comprehensive set of basic and advanced photo editing tools in one app. This app really is the complete deal but it comes with a high price tag considering there are many great free photo editors available, however, after using and testing out the app we can confidently say that this app is worth its price. Its complete set of tools gives you endless editing options that will allow you to bring out the best in any picture including selfies. From the mere basics such as auto color correction and beauty tools for the more advanced features and tools like layer based editing and brushes, Pixelmator is the closest alternative to Photoshop on a desktop computer. The app is packed with interesting effects that transform photos.

The Pixelmator app for the iPad is even better in our opinion. The ability to transform your app into a canvas with the full-featured Painting tool, with this app your creativity will know no bounds as you edit photos and create art using more than 100 artist-designed brushes and numerous painting techniques. This app completely justifies its price.

Pixomatic photo editor

By Qube

A paid layer-based image editor for the iOS by the developers Qube LLC. Priced at $4.99 offers an array of advanced level photo editing tools, however, its biggest selling points its ability to allow users to extract objects from images and repurpose them. Pixomatic offers layer based editing at its finest, it is easy to use on small screens of an iPad or iPhone so it is “Average Joe” friendly, meaning you do not need to be a Photoshop expert to work with this app. After using it for a while, it is easy to understand why this app has been featured by Apple in “Great Photography Apps”, “New Apps We Love” and the “Share the Fever” on the App Store in more than 20 countries.

The latest major update of the Pixomatic really raised the bar as it brought even better tools. The Hair Tool that will allow you to select, mask and easily cut out even the trickiest hair is a tool that currently most other layer based photo editor tools do not offer. Pixomatic is deemed the pioneer in the photo editing world because it was the first of its kind to offer desktop level quality for selecting and masking images on mobile devices.


By Lightricks Ltd.

Extremely popular among thousands of social media influencers and selfie addicts, the Facetune app by Lightricks is the best app for achieving a Hollywood star, super model like airbrushed look to your selfies and portraits. While professional photographers use advanced tools in Photoshop to achieve this look, the Facetune app has simplified the process with a few power tools that retouch photos, remove blemishes and give it a fashion magazine look that we all secretly love and hope to achieve. From tools that refine your smile, remove unruly hair strays, define your best features, and give your eyes that little something that makes them pop, it has all been arranged in a powerful iOS app that some people just love to hate, however, we love this one for its power and usability.


By Andor Communications Private Limited

Finally! An app that does not cost a lot yet provides ultra-impressive features including the cutout and combine tool that was one of our top favorites when we tested the app. The app has been designed to be fun and easy yet powerful, priced at $1.99 really gives a serious bang for your bucks. The thing that lends itself to the success of the app is its user-friendly interface that makes editing images simple and fun. There is something here for everyone, advanced tools for the hardcore editors and filters and beauty tools for selfie lover, and if you consider yourself to be both then you will find LightX’s tools that allow you to remove backgrounds, retouch selfies, add cool color splash effects, blend for double & multiple exposure effects and apply selective editing effects and blur effects, all in one easy to use app.

One tool that we believe that you must know about is the Shape Manipulation tool, in terms of its usability and effectiveness, this tool makes LightX even better. With this tool you can improve the shape of your image, to make it look more symmetrical. The app also has brushes that allow you to do selective editing giving you more precision. The latest version of the app had, even more, filters and vignetting effect has been added.



This is not your average photo-editing app, with Mextures (an extra point for the innovative name) is an app that will give your photos a unique look through high-resolution texture overlays. So this one does not come with color correction tools, or the beauty filters because this one is unique but a lot of fun. Create your own formulas by combining different texture effects or use the 100+ formulas already available in the app. With over 130 textures like light leaks, to gradients, and more, there is a lot to choose, mix and create with especially since you can work with layers too.

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