Best iOS Photo Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

July 31, 2018
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Let’s face it, the old box of family photos collecting dust in the attic is not getting any better. Soon those photos will be lost and forgotten, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Scanning all of them used to be a herculean task even a few years ago but today you don’t need a dedicated scanner to preserve family heritage when you can do the job with the powerful camera of your iPhone and iPad!

That’s right. App Store has a multitude of apps for scanning photos. Here at iOS Appers we have ‘scanned’ all of those apps and compiled a list of the top best photo scanner apps for iPhone & iPad that you should consider downloading.

  1. Photo Scanner Plus
  2. Photo Scanner Pro: Scan Albums
  3. Pic Scanner: Scan Old Photos
  4. Pic Scanner Gold – Scan Photos
  5. PhotoScan by Google Photos
  6. Office Lens

Photo Scanner Plus ($0.99)

by Photomyne LTD

Photo Scanner Plus

Capturing old photos digitally is simple with Photo Scanner Plus’ automated method. All you have to do is hold the device and capture the photos, and the app automatically performs all the basic functions like rotate, crop, and saving the photos in an album. Scanning multiple photos in one shot is easy as well. Photo Scanner Plus iOS apps automatically detects the boundaries of each image and scans them separately. This powerful tool can let you scan whole albums in a matter of minutes with each and every photo scanned separately and sorted into a digital album.

This app lets you apply basic filters so the scanned photos look even better than original. Managing photos is a piece of cake as well thanks to location tags, dates, and names that you can add to all the photos for easy management!

You can use the free version of Photo Scanner Plus for iPhone try the app out but it’s limited to just 50 photo scans:

Photo Scanner Pro: Scan Albums ($6.99)

by doo GmbH

Photo Scanner Pro: Scan Albums

What’s the one thing common in almost all old photos? Their colors are faded. What if a simple app could not only save them, but maybe even restore them to their original glory? That’s what Photo Scanner Pro: Scan Albums promises. The best part about using Photo Scanner Pro is that the entire process is short and can be repeated for many boxes of photos in no time.   

Photo Scanner Pro automatically detects images you are trying to scan and crops them for you, which makes scanning bulk of photos very simple and easy. The app’s intelligent filters make sure that the images you scan look good in their new digital form, and all this comes at a fair price of $6.99.

Pic Scanner: Scan Old Photos ($1.99)

by App Initio Limited

The tons of albums you’ve stashed away can be difficult to scan, especially when you have to deal with each photo individually and replace them back in the album as well. To counter such problems, Pic Scanner: Scan Old Photos auto-crops so the photos can stay in their albums but appear sorted separately in your iPhone or iPad.  

It’s easy to perform editing processes on the photos once they are scanned. You can back them up and the cloud for safekeeping and even enjoy them on Apple TV via this app once scanned.

Pic Scanner Gold - Scan Photos ($4.99)

by App Initio Limited

Pic Scanner Gold - Scan Photos

Pic Scanner Gold offers all the basic tools from automatic cropping to automatic backups for your scanned photos, but the factor that makes this app stand out in this list are the ways those scanned photos can be viewed; you can make personalized greeting cards from them; you can create slideshows to display the photos; you can enhance and restore the photos digitally.

While scanning photos, you can choose between high-resolution scans or space saving mode. This feature can be very useful if you need to scan a lot of photos but have little storage space.

PhotoScan by Google Photos (Free)

by Google, Inc.

PhotoScan by Google Photos

If you want an app that just gets the job done, Google’s Photo Scan is meant for you. It offers glare-free scans with ease and speed. However, the most noticeable feature of Google’s app is that it’s backed by Google’s giant storage, which means that you can store as many scans and photos on their server as possible.

All your scans and photos are also readily available on your Google Photos account, so they’re there for you to share with your friends whenever you need them.

Office Lens (Free)

by Microsoft Corporation

Office Lens

To conclude this list, I feel like going a bit off-track to include an app ideal for a different context; Microsoft’s Office Lens. Any document, handwritten or printed, is harder to manage than a digital document. So why not just use this app to digitize any document and organize it in a searchable way for multiple people to retrieve it instantly?

Office Lens intelligently adjusts the pictures if your board is tilted and takes a front facing view that is easy to read and completely searchable as well!


That was it for our list of best iOS photo scanning apps for iPhone & iPad devices. Do you know any apps that should be on this list but aren’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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