Best iOS Photography Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 5, 2018
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Selecting a good app is a difficult task. And when it comes to selecting a photography app one wants the best app because one has to capture moment and memories. Therefore anyone doesn’t want to take the risk by just being depended on app stores result. It is difficult to make a rational decision when one has no knowledge about it. This article will give you a better knowledge about free photography app which will include not only taking photo app but only editing them. After reading this article you can select a better select app which will make you look better.

Prisma app is most popular app. It provides a range of different features. It has amazing filters which are different from others app, another app has harsh filters but Prima has flexible filters. It has the ability to transform your photo into artworks by using different styles of a famous artist. And it has the feature to adjust the lighting and background in the photo. After fixing your photo with amazing effects it has the ability to import or share it on different social media sites. It has a unique feature of setting the lens and adjusting it according to your need. Prisma acts as a complete package for a user, it has the ability to click the photo without opening pone’s camera and will give the same result, unlike another app in which picture quality is compromised. And then after clicking it has the ability to edit it without changing the app, reducing the hassle.

The need of making colleges is quiet often and in every occasion, we prefer to make the collage to express our feeling for other. While making college, we select photos and then we edit and then make college. This is time-consuming. But using PicArt app it will help you to save your time as it is all in one, it has picture editor, Picture College, camera, meme marker, clipart and drawing tool. It has amazing camera result and unlike another app, it gives you the opportunity to edit each picture separately used in college. It has multiple features such as adding text in your picture, free amazing college layout, photo sticker and college packs. In this app, there will be new clipart every season. To get more filter and clipart there is in app purchase to get unique filters which you can use to enhance your photo. It can share a photo on Instagram, Facebook and on other social media sites directly.

It is an app which is used by 200 million people. This app has amazing filter any free app could offer. This app has easiest filter tools which help to adjust your image and picture. It helps you to edit image easily and the best thing about this app is that it can resize picture according to the borders of Instagram or Facebook and eventually our photo doesn’t have to be crop in order to be uploaded. This app has filters which are uniquely different from other apps and it has the ability to save a picture in high resolution and this high-resolution picture can be saved on different social media sites. This app has editing tools which include adjusting lighting and brightness in the picture. Moreover, this app has AVA technology which helps to enhance your image and make you look more beautiful.

Snapseed is an app which has detailed filters and is considered as best photo editors because this app gives you control over all the filters and a user can use them according to his needs. It has 26 different editing tool which includes tuning of the image adjusting the exposure and colour of the image, it facilitates its user to be critical about the photo by giving minutes details of photo structure. It can adjust the brightness of the selective portion of the photo. Moreover, it has unique features which are that it has a blurred lens in which a beautiful background is added to the photo, such as the background of a river, or a forest which can make your picture look altogether different. And like another app it has all editing tools such as frames, sticker, adding text to the picture.

It is an amazing photo editing app which includes different stickers and filters which change the look of the photo. What I find unique and different about this app is that unlike another app, it gives us suggestion what editing tool or stickers should we used in different pictures. I feel all others app expects us to make a judgment call but not everyone is expecting, I feel this app is best for people who don’t know much about editing or they remain to confuse about which filters are better. Moreover, this app pays more attention to faces and adjust all dark circles, skin tone, and make your skin look smooth.

It is a photo editing app which offers simple editing but yet powerful to make your photo look pretty amazing. It is a camera app which is designed to mimic the designs of vintage and modern films, lens and flashes, and it provides a vast range of different photographic effects. It provides the lens which helps to better focus on the object and click a better picture. It even has a feature to change the lens and background after a photo has being taken. An exciting feature is added to it is that it has its own sharing community, you can share your photo with Oggl users and can interact with them. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to build your own inspirational board where you can collect work for a great photographer which you see online even on Instagram. It has an in-app purchase to get expand your collection of lens.

VSCO is a popular app which is not only a camera but also a photo editing app. It has a rich collection of filters and filters are not typical filters which are available in every other app but it has modern style filter which is developed as per the need of a young audience. Moreover, it allows to adjust the filters according to our needs and gives us such a flexibility to adjust it according to our taste. The best thing about this app is that it provides a sharper tool which helps to sharper the picture without distorting its quality. This app can be used as social media sites where you can make your profile and share with people, it provides you a platform to connect with people all around you. Therefore, I believe this app is a complete package. In this app there in I app purchases of some filters.

Lens Distortion is a unique app. Sometimes basic filters don’t excite you as they are found in every picture and there is anything new in that picture but Len distortion allows you to have freedom on your picture elements.  It does not only gives you a rich collection of filters but also it allows to create your own filters by adding organic and natural element in your photo. For instance, it gives you the power to add bright sunshine (Light Collection), haze (Fog Collection) and a fragment of glass (Legacy Collection). It gives you an opportunity to frame your image with beautiful shades of glass or to adjust your eye colour in your selfie image, or adjust background by sing fog collection and gives a lighting atmosphere. However, this app provides a basic collection and limited freedom to control your photo for free, other tools and collection are available in an in-app purchase but they are worthy.

Pixlr has an around 200 million combination of effects, overlays, and filters. This collection can enhance your photo and can change your photo in whole, it has enough combination to make yourself busy for hours and still, some combination will be unexplored. It has the feature of an eraser which can Auto fix and auto contract and added labels for better navigation between different effects. Moreover, it has an amazing collage maker and in college making, you can editing and uses a different combination of filters. And as there is a vast collection, this app creates user’s favorite which user uses frequently, hence this would save users time. It has a feature to resize the image, and it can make your selfie looks better by adjusting the cheek colour, or adjusting whitening of teeth and most importantly adjusting red eye which destroys a good selfie.

Lensical is a complete package of Camera, Photo Library, and Image Editor. It is all in one app. And it is a perfect complement to iPhone6 and iPhone 6S camera. It has a wide range of feature starting from filters to face effects. This app is best for selfies photos because it makes face effects as simple and easier as using filters in your photo. It has the ability to shoot amazing click with good focus, it can click the sunlight and natural effects and after clicking by just swipe down the picture it can be saved in your Photo Library. It is easy to use the app with an amazing feature. After clicking the picture it could be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on other social media sites.

It is an app which enhances your images by adding a number of possibilities. It has amazing built in camera which will give the high-resolution result. The image clicked by using this app will show the details of minute things which will make your picture look beautiful. It has features which will give a user an opportunity to add different amazing designs in the photo. There is a feature in iPhone camera that is gradient has become lost art in iPhone photography but this app is able to give what everyone needs.  All it require is little more patience while clicking the photo. This app gives a user opportunity to customize the setting and features according to what they need. It is an amazing app with great filters.

Camera 360 is remarkable iPhone photo app. It is a perfect package with all filters and with the huge range of functions with no app ads popping in and disturbing the mood to click pictures. It has a new dimension of setting a picture with amazing filters and sticker which will give a new look to your image. After taking the picture, there is a vast range of features available to edit and fix your photo in a way you want it to be shared with the world. It has all type of sticker which would include funny stickers, facial sticker, which comprises of almost 200 stickers available within this app. It has advanced editing which professional would require, editing tool such as Mosaics, heighten, aperture, crop, rotate, shadow and these all are available for free, there are no in-app purchases. What else would you want?

Photo Wonder is the best app. It has got best app award in App store. It has amazing features. It has a filtered camera which can click your artist picture with artist and classic effects which will make your picture look more beautiful. Furthermore, it has editing tools which include cropping, rotating, and adjusting lighting and contract. It has a feature to make the photo look more beautiful but adjusting the face, it has a feature which can conceal your skin. It has a feature to make amazing and beautiful collages and it that collage it has a feature to blur the background. In my opinion, one of the filters named “Vintage” works magic on building and on scenery. It has an amazing collection of frames.

Magic Hour Lite has amazing filters and title shift function will turn your photo into a unique image which would have great results. All the filters seem to work best for a lighter image such as those taken in daylight and those which are pre-edited to reduce underexposed. The best thing about this app is that it turns every photo in a square shape and you can directly upload on Facebook or Instagram, you won’t need any borders neither your picture will be cropped out nor you have to compromise on your picture. It has editing which is equivalent to editing needed by professionals. It is a complete package and has whatever a user wants to make your photo looks better. And this app adds free app.

Line Camera has the vast range of filters which are truly amazing, it has unique, stylish borders, icons, and stamps which can differentiate your picture among social media. This app has a capacity to translate your picture in a unique style which is different from pictures of other people who are not using this app. The pictures look amazing because it doesn’t have typical or basic filters but this app has amazing filters and filters can be customized as well. It can create a unique collage which has amazing colours and there is another whole collection photography aid such as a timer, touch photo, grid display and other aid which are needed in other settings. It can take a photo is 1:1 or 3:4 aspect ratio. And most importantly there is easy sharing, you can share your picture on any social network you want.

Tadaa is a unique app. It not only has all basic tools needed for editing such as solid range of filters, tool to adjust lighting, brightness in an image. But it also has fine tuning which gives freedom to the user to adjust the strength of filters, it is especially useful for those people who doesn’t like typical filters and want creativity in that. This app even gives you the opportunity to make your own filters by using other tools. In my opinion, it is the best app because it doesn’t constraint you but on other hands, it gives you all power and freedom to be creative with your image. It has all professional editing tools. And the picture taken are HD pictures from iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. All the tools are available for free and there is no hidden charges or in-app purchases. This app makes your pictures looks amazing.

It is one of the best photo taking app. The picture taken by this app takes your picture to next level, it gives you the result of professionals photographer or DSLR results. The functions and filters of this app are very sophisticated and grown up. This app is not only good in taking pictures but also it is best for editing the picture, by just clicking on ‘Awesomize’ button your photo will automatically adjust, it’s light and brightness will be adjusted and if you didn’t like the automatic adjust then it even allows to adjust according to your need. But the only problem with it is that some editing tools are paid features but the good thing is that every paid feature have a demo attach to it. By seeing the demo you may realize you need it or not, it would help you to make a rational decision.

It has an amazing app which can make creative college which has vast range of layout giving you more variety of layout. It can make college by accessing or importing pictures from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and now from Google photos. You can even pick a photo for college and can manually edit and crop picture. You can easily add text to an image and can download amazing and unique designs layout. This app has ‘Straighten and ‘Flip’ which many apps doesn’t have. It is new features which have layout of “Intelligent Layout” and “Style Transfer”. You can adjust the photo in a way that it will give you a completely new look. You can change the boarders’ thickness and colour of the image and can apply beautiful background as well.

It is an amazing app which provides every tool a user would need for editing the photo. It has over thousands of layout, filters, and styles but unfortunately not every app is free, there is a lot of in-app purchases in this app. Moreover, this app gives you features to make your own memes, so it gives you the opportunity to add text to your image and make interesting memes one can make. It can modify brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadow. It can adjust saturation, warmth, and tint and fade which will enhance your image. Plus, you can share your image easily on different social networking sites. It has feature which can adjust your face, such as whitening of your teeth and make you more beautiful.

It is an amazing app which has the filter which is nothing new but its effect takes it to next level. This app has the vast collection of cartoon, sketch which can be added to your image. It can take photos with amazing effect and doesn’t take any time for processing the image, it is a super-fast app which saves time while taking a photo with amazing effects. This app has a unique feature of paperize the photo which is that it has the ability to turn the image into a sketch or with cartoonish effects just by clicking a button. You can even share images on different social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has filters which give your image a new look with stylish effects. There are some neat effects on offer – including cartoon, half tone, and sketch.

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