Best 10 iOS Productivity Apps For iPhone and iPad of 2018

May 31, 2018
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Productivity apps are the apps that make our smart devices so much more awesome, with these apps you can increase your overall productivity and make the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

There are a few apps that we personally have tested adopted into our daily lives and have grown to love which has helped us be more useful with this platform, and now we would like to share some of our top picks that we think you should check out too.

    1. Things 3 (iPhone, Apple Watch)
    2. OmniFocus 2
    3. To-do list & Calendar
    4. 30/30
    5. Microsoft Word (iPhone, iPad)
    6. Evernote – stay organized (iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch)
    7. Asana: organize tasks & work (iPhone, iPad)
    8. Newton Mail – Email for Gmail, Outlook & Exchange (iPhone, iPad)
    9. MyScript Nebo (iPad)
    10. SwiftKey Keyboard (iPhone, iPad)

Things 3 (iPhone, Apple Watch)

By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

The winner of this year’s Apple Design Award, Things developers recently came out with a new version of the app and we have become big fans of the to-do list organization app. Things 3 the original a re-thought and renovated version of the original app and carries the same “Get Things Done” methodology.  new and improved features have been added to the app and features such as the headings, today’s tasks, upcoming and checklists provide better structure, a newer design structure greatly improves the usability of the app. The user interface looks clean and neatly organized to minimize confusion and improve productivity.

OmniFocus 2

By The Omni Group

If you are someone who handles large projects or juggles multiple responsibilities than OmniFocus 2 is a must-have app on your iPhone or iPad because it will help you break down those large projects into smaller tasks and let you check them off as you go. The due dates keep you on track and the ability to add tasks with a specific concept is our favorite feature in the app, which keeps things nice and organized so you do not end up on work-related tasks while you are focusing on home duties. We fully recommend the $19.99 pro upgrade. To-do list & Calendar (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch)

By Any.DO

This one gets the maximum points for its design that is clean, intuitive and beautifully designed. Its biggest strength lies in its simplicity that focuses on making quick to-do lists and syncing them across the different platforms you may use. A unique feature of the app Any.moment helps you in reviewing tasks on a daily basis, this keeps you on track about what tasks you have completed and what needs to be done. There are also Geolocation reminders that will alert you of a task that needs to be done in a specific location; this is a handy feature that we like.


By Binary Hammer

A task manager targeted towards the procrastinators. Supporting a simple interface yet an effective methodology that lets you time your tasks to help you stay on track and maximize your productivity. This app really impressed he procrastinators of our team. If just creating a bunch of to-do list does not work for you then we suggest you give this one a try. The user interface is simple yet elegant but highly effective for the purpose of the app. Just set up a list of tasks, and the length of time, then you can start the timer and let it alert you to move on to the next task when the time is up.

Microsoft Word (iPhone, iPad)

By Microsoft Corporation

If you have done anything productive on a desktop computer then we will assume that you know about Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel; and therefore understand why you need these three apps on your iPhone and iPad. The iOS versions of these three productivity programs are just as good as your desktop versions, in fact, the design and user interface is consistent with the desktop version so you do not have to worry about a learning curve when using these apps. With the Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel we no longer had to run to the desktop computer to edit or create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There is cloud support too!

Evernote - stay organized (iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch)

By Evernote

The latest overhaul of the digital note-taking app has removed a lot of the complaints users of the previous versions have had with the performance. Evernote 8.0 has a new home screen and a major focus on simplification and speed. Now you can make notes more quickly because the new note button has been placed prominently on the screen, above the list of recently created or edited notes, there is also a stared notes section where all you note that you have tagged with a star are kept. Context feature has also been improved, now you can keep business and personal notes separately.

Asana: organize tasks & work (iPhone, iPad)

By Asana, Inc.

There are plenty of apps that focus on improving the productivity of the user of the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, whereas Asana focuses on improving the productivity of both individuals and groups. The unique thing about Asana that sets it apart from the many other task management apps is that it allows you to add team members to a task or a project thus enabling team collaboration and easing communication. A simple solution that reduces the dependency on emails and other apps for communication. There are plenty of features that allow easy communication among the team members about the projects such as mentioning team members in project comments, update alerts and more.

Newton Mail - Email for Gmail, Outlook & Exchange (iPhone, iPad)

By CloudMagic, Inc.

A subscription-based service that claims to supercharge your email with power features like Reading Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps and more. This email app is perfect for anyone with more than one functioning email (who does not) because it keeps everything organized and sorted so you do not have to go from one app to another managing your inboxes. The latest version of the app is even tidier and borrows the concept of context folders from other email apps – a much-appreciated improvement. The latest version feels more intelligent with features like bulk unsubscribing, smarter prioritizing of emails and more. Expensive but worth every penny!

MyScript Nebo (iPad)

By MyScript

The winner of the Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown and for good reason because this app is the closes thing to the pen and paper experience on your iPad with the Apple Pencil. Equipped with a built-in calculator that calculates written equation, it is hard not to get impressed by the intuitive and responsive performance of this app. Transform your handwritten script to digital text with a simple tap, cross out words to erase them and you also have image import. For the three dollar price, we believe that MyScript is hands down the best digital note taking the app out there.

SwiftKey Keyboard (iPhone, iPad)

By SwiftKey

Sometimes your productivity on your phone relies heavily on the speed of your typing and it is needless to say that the type of digital keyboard you are using will have an impact how quickly and correctly you are typing. SwitKey Keyboard is the gold standard of intuitive digital keyboards with its swipe typing and quick learning. We recommend that you swap your keyboard to this 3rd party option because it is different in the sense that it allows you to type by simply swiping rather than tapping saving you some time and effort.  Its performance is smooth it is also amazingly accurate.

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