Best 20 iOS Social Networking Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2018

June 5, 2018
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World is changing, moving faster, the information bombardment is at the tips of finger and just a touch away on our mobile screens. Our businesses and social interactions require social media to reach out to maximum number of people in a limited time and under limited resources.

It is an instant messaging application. It is extremely clever in its development that it uses Bluetooth to communicate with each other. It comes especially handy in situations where other local networks and messaging apps get overloaded or difficult to use. It is also very clever in the aspect that it provides the privacy that other instant messaging apps usually do not. It has some drawbacks as it can take some time to deliver or receive messages ‘instantaneously’ due to which group messages can be chaotic. All in all the clever use of Bluetooth to communicate through messages makes it in our top 20 list.

If you’re a Twitter addict then you probably know about this application. It’s an application that’s great for people staying ‘active’ on social media with what they’re doing at the moment. Periscope designed to give Meerkat a competition, an app of the similar kind, allows the users to live stream their video to the whole world. Although crude in its features and development when it came out, the app has gone through major changes that has made its user interface friendly and the app more workable. Periscope allows people watching the live stream to give their feedback in the form of hearts/likes seen floating on the screen at the time of stream. Although it has its discrepancies but it’s a good experience.

It would be highly inappropriate for me to discuss Periscope but not Twitter through which it came into being. Although it took quite a lot of time for the Twitter Inc. to come up with a Twitter app friendly for an iPhone nevertheless, it is undeniably one of the most addictive social media apps. Twitter helps the user stay in touch with what REALLY is happening around the world by connecting the people and news on a single platform. In my personal experience I have gotten news faster on Twitter than on a news channel. It helps the user get directly in touch with politicians, celebrities, NGOs and what not. Plus it provides an all time entertainment too.

It’s an undeniable fact that ‘short messaging service’ or as majority of us like to say SMS has become a commodity. At this time, WhatsApp is an application that each and every one of us is familiar with. WhatsApp has evolved a lot since the time of its origin. It’s literally now a complete package in terms of an instant messaging app. Along with its group chats and sharing pictures, videos, audio and contacts feature, it also allows the user to share documents. WhatsApp has also made the feature of video calling available along with the voice call giving Skype some serious competition. WhatsApp is also defeating racism by incorporating emojis of all colours and ethnicities.

Tumblr is my favourite application to tell you guys the truth. It is the ultimate social media app/blog that is absolutely chic, interesting, highly addictive and entertaining. It brings people of the same mindset and thinking together on one platform. It helps share ideas with the whole community and develops the creative thinking of a user. You can easily share pictures, audios, links, videos, texts, quotes even ask questions both anonymously or not (your choice!), share your story, seek help in any form. Tumblr has also started the feature of instant messaging making it friendlier. With its top notch animation and cool graphics and friendly user interface, Tumblr is hands down the best social media application.

Pinterest is particularly famous among Tumblr users. I wouldn’t say it is similar to the aforementioned app but it kind of serves the same purpose, to bring like minded people in a community closer so that together they can share ideas and be more creative. Pinterest is specifically for such things. If you want to plan something, a vacation or a party and you need ideas for it then Pinterest is your to-go place. If you need to see some DIYs or hacks or design an outfit, Pinterest is amazing for it. It is a place to discover and polish your passions.

Whisper to me is one of its kind social media app. The idea of Whisper is quite unique as it helps people speak up. Speak about their problems, confess whatever they feel like, and say their feelings out loud. It gives people who are introvert or who have problems expressing what they feel a platform to speak out without having the concerns that someone might be judging or the what ifs. It lets people post anonymously to the world hiding their identity. This application is more raw and real and brings people closer and gives them a sense of comfort and belonging, more so because it lets people talk being completely anonymous to each other.

The idea of Instagram rooted from having to post your pictures instantaneously out there to the world without going through the hectic process of capturing and then logging into your account and waiting. After that it has become a great opportunity for budding and professional photographers alike to share their talent with the world and let them know. Moreover, Instagram has gone through some big changes, as it is on a head to head competition with SnapChat, having introduced the story feature and then going live, it is certainly getting better and more versatile. Although I am not a big fan of its filters but the editor is certainly high end.

LinkedIn is an app that is the need of the time. While you need social media apps for connecting to your friends and family, keeping your professional life in order is also a requirement. LinkedIn is a place for all of your professional connections. Create a job profile and get in contact with people in the area of your interest. It helps you find jobs, build strong connections, grow and expand your business, get in touch with people.  Although it is free to download but it also comes with premium features that help you in being more organize by having access to various tools, job and profile insights and many other features regarding your business and talents.

Tinder’s concept is somewhat new and evolving. It is an online dating app that helps you select your partner of interest in accordance with your own preferences and choices. It works on the concept of the ‘swipe’ feature, where right swipe means that you are interested in a person and left means you will move on to the next person. If both the profiles right swipe each other’s profile then it is a match and Tinder will let you know and from there on you can carry on interacting or getting to know the person you have been matched to.

Peach is a social networking app developed by the Byte Inc. the same people who were the brains behind the then popular app Vine. Peach is basically an amalgamation of various social media apps. It has a little bit of everything and that’s what makes it sort of all in one. It’s a combo of Facebook, Tumblr, Path, Slack and Snapchat. You can share all sorts of things on Peach, it can be just like your personal diary or a social one too, no restrictions there. You can easily search for GIFs, pictures, links or anything you like. You can doodle; share a song or even rate 1-5 to let your feelings known. Peach can give Facebook a real time competition in my opinion.

Yik Yak is a popular social app among students. It is a location based app that is it lets the user find people in the similar location as he/she and share thoughts and ideas with them. It is in our list of top 20 apps because it lets strangers come together in one place by just the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Posts in Yik Yak can be up voted so that interesting posts that others considered to be engaging and witty will be at the top of your feed. Not only you can see posts from your location but you can also view posts from other places as well.

My friend first introduced me to Reddit when I was out of ideas for my project. Reddit provides a great space to people for sharing ideas no matter how crazy they are. It is an ultimate cure for boredom being highly addictive and entertaining. From people sharing shower thoughts to hard core philosophy, to crazy do-it-yourself ideas, it has everything for the mind. Previously users had to use ‘Alien Blue’ for Reddit but with a Reddit application recently launched for the iOS users, the experience has become more worthwhile although you still have to use Alien Blue on iPad but we can wait for the developers to come up with a Reddit app for iPad too.

Buffer is an app for professionals and people who manage their businesses through social media accounts or activists who need social media to reach out to mass number of people. It is a very neat app in the sense that it lets you post on all of the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+) at once. It also lets you schedule your posts so that posting everything all at once doesn’t clutter people’s accounts with your posts and harm your PR. Buffer is free but you can also go premium on it and avail other features. Apple watch extension too is available for Buffer.

People who previously have used Tapatalk might be familiar with Tapatalk Pro. It is a great application for people in tech and business owners and people looking to earn some revenue. Tapatalk provides an accessible and easy to use platform for hundreds of online forums. It helps view the online forums with improved efficiency and clarity. It helps the users to access the online forums easily at one place with a unified interface. It has been developed to view online forums on mobile screens allowing people to interact their and form a closed knit community. It also allows the website owners to reach out to millions of people who are a part of the Tapatalk community.

Viber was launched during the same time when WhatsApp made its place in the social market. Popular at that time because at the time of WhatsApp’s launch it didn’t have the feature of voice calling so Viber provided the alternative. It is still valid. Viber is a great free calling and messaging app at only the cost of your internet connection. You can easily group chat, voice to video call, send video messages instantaneously. Your calls are and messages are encrypted to ensure privacy. You can even hide chats which you don’t want to show, delete the ones you regret sending. You can now even approach public accounts and businesses easily

Developed by Alexander Herzick, Houseparty is particularly famous among the youth. It is a group video calling or chatting app, however you may have it. Group calling is a feature that is still limited to a few apps and Houseparty is one of them. Houseparty helps you connect to your friends the moment you come online. The video quality is exceptional and clear. Fast connection provides a boost to the chatting experience. You can easily video call to more than two people at a time. The idea of Houseparty is not something new but its easy connectivity and call connection gives it an edge among other video calling apps.

If you are pronouncing it as ‘IM-GER’ then you are wrong, the correct pronunciation is IMAGE-ERR, don’t ask me how or why, but that’s how the developers wanted it to be. Anyway, Imgur is extremely popular among people; it is a photo browsing app. Yes, you read me right, a photo browsing app that is popular. It is addictive for people who procrastinate a lot. Just sit back and relax and chill and go through an endless list of photos and GIFS and stories available on Imgur. It is sure to provide you entertainment in your boredom and times of relaxation.

If you are thinking that Tinder is the only good dating app then you have not tried Clover at all. It is all kinds of dating app together in one place. You will forget all other dating sites and apps once you are on Clover. You can easily get connected to singles of your interest. Get hooked to parties and gatherings in your area. Meet new people and get dates faster than you can imagine. With Clover you can even view the full pictures of people you are interested in. Search filters enable you to find your match quickly and accurately. You can even set-up real dates in no time with the ‘On Demand Dating’ feature. With Clover your love life will be rainbows and sunshine.

StumbleUpon is searching website and application. On StumbleUpon you can search for anything you want from pictures to videos and GIFs and pieces of information, songs, recipes, DIYs, funny memes, quotes, infographics , fitness regimes, sports news and trends, you name it and StumbleUpon will help you find it. StumbleUpon also help business owners in expanding their businesses by presenting their products to the desired customers. StumbleUpon is like a giant virtual library of everything that can be possibly found. StumbleUpon is literally your to-go place for information bombardment helping you find all the relevant stuff according to your search needs.

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