Best 20 iOS Paid iPad Apps of 2018

June 11, 2018
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Apple’s iPad is one of the best inventions of the tech giant company and we want you to make the most out of your device. The iTunes has many great apps for your iPad and it can be very difficult to find the ones which are useful to you.


Notability is powerful yet being the simple note-taking app designed to be used by students, teachers, business professionals, and so on, to take a note of their important work or daily tasks. It enables you to take notes or write down important points while attending a lecture, reading a book, researching etc. , thus, saving your time. You can write naturally with your handwriting, draw graphs and shapes etc, free-handedly. Moreover, palm detection technique on iPad makes the job easy. Notability includes full-featured typing keyboard with formatting options, Import and annotates PDF, doc, ppt files and web pages. Record and save audio, give reviews and feedback, watch animated notes while playback as well. Create an electronic workflow channel to view, check and submit work through Notability. Organize your notes by creating a subject and dropping your notes there. Share via multiple means and sync it using iCLoud to always keep up-to-date.

XtraMath is an educational app that helps your child to build knowledge basis and master the basic arithmetic operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It helps the children to recall and practice the mathematical facts quickly and maximizes the potential to solve more complex and advanced problems. XtraMath activities require only a few minutes a day and are very simple and straightforward that comes with appropriate methods to take the student to the next problem keeping the child’s pace in accordance. In addition to that, you will receive a weekly report of your child’s progress via e-mail so you can keep track how well you child is doing. Students find XtraMath a great way of excelling the basic arithmetic operations, and upon completion of their operation, they get a reward as well in the form of certification.

Duet Display-iOS-Apps

Duet is among the best-selling iPad apps among 20+ countries, so what it is about? Duet turns your iPhone or iPad screen as an extra display for your PC or Mac. Duet offers you to be more productive by offering an extra display where you can continue your work, moreover, the display quality and graphics won’t be affected at all and you will get a smooth display with high quality. Duet offers unparalleled performance with no lagging at all! It allows you to do multi-tasking, even while traveling or where you don’t have an additional screen to carry out your tasks. Using duet is extremely simple, just connect to your PC and your device will automatically be detected, and turned into a touch screen display with high performance. With Duet Pro, your iPad can be turned into the professional graphic tablet to be used by professionals.

Scanner for Me + OCR-iOS-Apps

Scanner for Me – is the most popular document scanning and printing app in the Apple store. Using this app, you can instantly turn your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured scanner and printer. You can scan any written material, notes, receipts, documents, whatever you like, by using whether your camera or gallery. It makes managing your documents easily in a digital form to be used or shared anywhere, anytime. You can print the scanned documents, edit them by changing orientation, applying filters and cropping etc. You can put your sign on the scanned document, moreover, create your sign and save it for later use. You can mark, highlight the key points in the document, also you can out restrictions by putting password or TouchID. Synchronize your scanned docs across multiple iOS devices using iCloud.


As claimed, Procreate is the most powerful and stunning app that has been designed for mobile devices. It offers sketching, painting, and creating illustrations with the widest range of tools and techniques that are required to just finish off your sketch, drawing or illustration perfectly. Procreate offers large canvas with breakthrough resolution, 128 incredible brushes to choose from, advanced layering system for precise element selection, blend modes to perfect merge layers, and much more. Procreate uses 64-bit color, powered by Silica, the most powerful painting engine for iOS. Give your work finishing touches by using an essential designing and drawing tools by giving dramatic effects. Video feature helps you to record and share your work in real-time with any connected service. Also, import and export your work for sharing and workflow integration purposes.

Moji Maker™-iOS-Apps

Moji Maker makes sending emoticons more interesting and fun! Build your own personalized and customized emojis from a huge collection of emojis available today!  Now you are not required to get stuck to those standard and pre-defined emojis; instead, you can create emojis per your choice to express true emotions, feelings over messages. You can select from yellow smiley faces, accessories, shapes, hands, mouth, animals, and much more! Simply make a choice according to your requirement and put them together in the emoji builder, to get the desired emoji. Moreover, you can flip, layer, resize, move and much more. Once it is made, you can save it to the gallery for later use, and also sync with the keyboard to send anytime effortlessly. All you need to do is to install the keyboard/message app to start using emojis directly over messages!


This Weather Live is a very helpful and well-designed application which keeps you update with the current weather conditions and forecasts. It comes up with beautiful weather scenes that reflecting real-time weather conditions. It is equipped with the cloud, satellite, rain maps, and radar with amazing animation to let you know what weather is coming towards your way, that too by featured with separate effect for sunny, cloudy, snowy, rainy, foggy and stormy weather. This app also provides bad weather warning by alert and notifications, along with visibility details, which is particularly useful when you’re planning to go outside. You can choose from different weather parameters from the layouts to be displayed. There is also an arrow-shaped indicator which tells you the pressure change, which comes handy for pressure sensitive people. You can also share the weather conditions with friends across your favorite social networks to keep them updated as well.


Notepad+ is right here for you, which is fully optimized for iPad Pro and Apple pencil, to increase the productivity and let you have handy experience of pen and paper anywhere anytime. You can take notes, lectures, and meetings; sketch and draw shapes, interpret PDF documents, save the documents each with separate title and can protect them with passwords. Additionally, you can choose a template from 8 available templates as per your purpose of use. Basic to advanced editing options are there such as cut, copy, paste, zoom in & out, highlighting, inserting photos, and so on. You can use either keyboard for iPad Pro to write notes or use Apple pen to sketch and draw. Save, share, and export your single note or whole notebook, e-mail or print the file; use the quick search bar to get access to the desired file!


If you’re looking for a video editing app, Videoshop – Video Editor is your best bet. It is simple, elegant, yet packed with a bundle of features. You can trim the unwanted part of your videos, merge or split it into single or multiple clips respectively, and adjust speed to slow and fast. Music can also be added from iPod library along with various sound effects and voiceovers. There are various animated titles for introduction, and many filters and transitions to give your videos an additional touch. The stop-motion feature is also there to create clay motion videos. It comes with all the basic options such as undo, copy, tilt shift, resize, rotate, reverse etc. You can also share your videos directly on social media sites, YouTube, Vimeo, E-mail, and Dropbox.

PDF Expert by Readdle-iOS-Apps

Needless to say, most of the people use PDF files to share documents across the internet and if you happen to be one of them, PDF Expert is an automatic choice. It allows you to read, annotate and edit your PDF documents very easily.  It supports various file formats such as MS Office, PowerPoint, iWork, text, images, even audio and video files, etc. You can fill out the PDF forms with ease by using text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and another form element. Moreover, you can highlight text; create notes and bookmarks, draw, review and sign documents, and even complex interactive forms with JavaScript works like a charm. PDF Expert exclusively supports Text to Speech in your iPad so you can listen to e-books and audio files as well. You can protect your documents with Password and Encryption and sync it them with various cloud services. You can also send your files directly via E-mail.

GoodNotes 4-iOS-Apps

GoodNotes is a well-crafted app which allows you to take handwritten notes by using a pioneering vector ink engine. It synchronizes your documents between your iPad and iPhone automatically by using iCloud sync. Not only you can type, draw and insert images, you can also add PDF docs and different papers, which gives you the flexibility to tailor your document. It saves your time as well as the environment. It comes with a variety of beautiful papers and cover. Furthermore, you can also annotate, fill and sign PDF documents and may also use it as a whiteboard for presentation purposes. The trash function is also there to help you to protect your document from accident deletion and you can also set it to backup your data to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive automatically.


GoodReader – the best ever PDF reading engine along with its latest- 4th edition, has come up with more advanced and enhanced features. You can read, edit, annotate PDF files easily, highlight and markup text boxes, or you can do freehand drawings, make shapes, lines or whatever you like. Signing PDF documents have become an easy job just with 3-taps is all you need, and most of the people prefer it using while having laptops or PCs right beside them. You can view, access, share and synchronize MS Office, TXT and HTML files by using different servers like FYP, SFTP, GoogleDrive, DropBox and so on. It caters heavy file sizes and huge file collection as well. File Manager helps you to move, copy, rename, zip and unzip RAR files as well. PDF Page Management, secure signing, touch ID support, text-to-speech and many exciting features are available in the latest update. Start using it and soon you’ll get hooked to it.

Face Swap Live-iOS-Apps

Face Swap Live is an amazing and fun loving app which is used by a number of users worldwide. This app lets you swap your face with any other photo available on your phone, whether of friends or any celebrity image which has been taken from the internet or in the real-time image with anyone. The most wonderful feature is that it allows you swap faces even in real-time, even if you are on video recording. It uses your camera in real-time to swap faces, so now you can see yourself as a celebrity or your favorite pet talking to you right in front! This original live face swapping apps is now available with 3D effects and supports animation as well! To have more fun, use the filters available to make face swapping more interesting and versatile.

Let's create! Pottery HD-iOS-Apps

Let’s Create Pottery is basically an artistic app which is incredibly loved by artists and creative people. If you have interest in painting, creating and unleashing your talent, just download this app and you will enter into the world of amazing arts and crafts Select from a range of materials, start with they clay, and make pottery of the objects and shapes as you like, select colors from a wide range of colors on a color palate, choose the brush of your choice, give your pottery an amazing and beautiful look! Finally, finish it off with glaze and fire, and you’ll discover a creative and hidden artist inside you! This app is pretty interesting and engrossing as well. Imagine, create and get a 3D print of your own created pottery. Moreover, join the pottery community to complete the quests, and jump in the ranking from potter lovers across the world.

Calculator Pro+ for-iPad. iOS-Apps

Calculator Pro for iPad is an easy to use and ideal calculating utility you might look for!  It has been designed keeping in mind the usability criteria of a user. You can use a basic standard calculator in Portrait Mode, and advanced or scientific in Landscape mode. You can save and view history, track the history of calculations, equations or clear them. Beautiful and intuitive converter with 19 categories is there to help you convert between degrees, radians, units and so on. Multitasking Mode (use Calculator Pro while viewing web page, photos and so on to make quick calculations), Calculator Pro (accessible via VoiceOver), Preference Look (Skin color selection), Memory buttons, and lots of amazing and easy-to-go features to make the calculation handier. You can copy & paste results and expressions, comment equations and share the results and comments over e-mail. It is designed with simplicity yet incorporating great functionality within itself!


Pixelmator is a layer-based image editor, which is designed exclusively for iOS. This powerful app contains various features to help you touch up and enhance images. You can also create advanced image compositions very quickly on iPad by using this innovative app. Some of the features contain correction presets, levels, curves, distort and duplicate tool, which allows you to repair your photo and remove any imperfections or unwanted areas. That is not it; you may combine shape, words, and images to create an artwork. Pixelmator also allows you to apply layers, gradients, outlines and shadows to your photo. It also contains all the basic features such as crop, rotates and precise selection tools amongst many others. You may not require using Photoshop as it can also remove the background of your image. You can also control the sharpness, lightening and white balance of your photos and filters are also included to give them a new perspective.

Animation Creator HD-iOS-Apps

Animation Creator brings you the best animation creation by combining most powerful drawing tools and amazing options to create animations of your choice. There are amazing drawing tools, a wide range of coloring choice and options, also the retina quality graphics and high frame rates playback of animations will let you have life-like and stunning animations. It brings you ultra HD, 4K and tremendous resolutions to work on, no size limits, no frame limit; choose from infinite frames and animations. Import/ export background images, layer-based tools, framing options, color selection palate and a wide range of basic and advanced tools such as pencil, pen, eraser, brush, lines, fill, shapes and so on. Create and share on Cineverse, or directly upload on YouTube; can also share via e-mail as project or video. Start creating your own animations today with this wonderful app!

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body-iOS-Apps

Yoga Studio is an ultimate yoga app which lets you create, play, customize and schedule HD video yoga classes. There are 70+ yoga and meditation classes with different duration, for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels; you can choose depending on duration, the level of intensity or your ability. Create your own videos by choosing pose and duration for each class. Schedule your classes as per feasibility and also track the history to get most recent or most played video. Browse over 280 poses and get detailed information regarding benefits, cautions, variations and more in the poses library. The smart search will help you to find pose according to your ability, focus or type; choose from 20 pose blocks to make your own classes quicker. Customize the class atmosphere; download classes to play without Wi-FI. Keep track of workout and calories burned with integrated health app.

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Tom Loves Angela for iPad-iOS-Apps

Tom Loves Angela is an entertaining and interactive app in which Tom climbs all the way up tp the rooftop to meet Angela. Tom tries different methods to convey his feelings to Angela, and you’ll have to help Tom to impress, chat or talk with Angela. Talk to Tom and he’ll repeat the words to be said to Angela; you can poke them to see their reaction, shake the device, swipe Tom and so on to perform different acts and functionalities. The song can be played for both of them, Tom can give a gift to Angela, or he may get hurt by pot! Press Letter button and you are all set to talk to Angela, type the message and Tom will convey it to Angela; you can talk about anything you like, and Angela will reply in voice. Start playing quizzes, or listen jokes by Angela by typing the specific commands.

Tom Loves Angela for iPad-iOS-Apps

Fontmania is an amazing app which turns your photos into inspirational images and greeting cards. It contains a huge collection of unique artworks, stylish texts, and various fonts to enrich your photos. It also contains a customization option that you can use to make your images stand out from the others. Using Fontmania, you can not only create images and greeting cards, you can also create memes, sign your memorable pictures, and create astonishing wallpapers for your home screen. It also comes handy for adding a quick note or comment. The Fontmania user interface is clean and user-friendly. You can also scale, crop and enhance your photos before customization and apply the text. Once you’re done, you can save it on your phone or share your result with your friends on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and much more.

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