Best 20 Paid iPhone Apps of 2018

June 28, 2018
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After a detailed analysis of all the amazing paid iPhone apps available, we have sort out best apps and prepared a list of 20 paid app for all the iPhone users who can’t decide what apps are worth their hard earn money.

1# Arielmoji ($1.99)


Arielmoji iOS App is an official and fun sticker app which comes with tons of stickers and accessories to decorate your very own favorite Baby Ariel. Arielmoji includes 96 high-quality stickers which can be shared back and forth over messages by your friends to create customized stickers as per your choice or festive occasions. The sticker pack is packed with all sorts of fun and creative stickers which include decorative stickers, facial expressions, words, drag and drop accessories onto Ariel’s face, and ought to have objects! Create fun stickers and chat with your friends, don’t forget to use #Arielmoji to show us your favorite or customized Arielmoji.

2# 7 Minute Workout Challenge ($2.99)


7 Minute Workout Challenge iOS App is a research-based fitness app which has been designed for workout purpose by the team of highly qualified trainers and professionals. This app includes 12 regular exercises with each one of 30 seconds, along with 10 seconds interval for rest. This app eliminates the special urge to have any exercise equipment and can be done anywhere anytime when you feel like. The app has got the stunning design, with male and female instructors to guide you via images, videos, and text; you can also keep track of your activities, monitor your weight; and the more you workout, the more you get a reward. This app definitely helps you to maintain strong metabolism and also proven to be effective as that of an hour workout, because the exercises included are selected by the best fitness trainers.

3# Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar - Learn and Play ($2.99)


Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar, iOS App as the claim is “the world’s largest catalog of guitar & ukulele chords, tabs, and lyrics”. This app comes handy when you want to learn to play your favorite songs. The library includes over 100K tabs including the popular songs from the latest releases. You can also get the complete list of chords, notes, lyrics and guitar scores for over 500,000 songs. It also allows for the offline access so you can access your favorite tabs even without the internet. There is a quick search option which allows you to find your favorite music by type, difficulty, tuning, and rating. It is also equipped with the auto-scroll option and MIDI controller support. There is also in-app purchases available which include powerful extensions such as Tab Pro, Accurate Tuner, Precision Metronome, Tab Tools, Tone bridge, and more.

4# Videoshop - Video Editor ($1.99)


Videoshop iOS App is a simple and easy-to-use video editing app yet being equipped with fast editing tools, filters, and many other features at the same time to personalize your video. It has got a number of features ranging from basic to advanced level to give you the best-edited video. Its features include trim, reverse, copy, tilt-shift, rotate and resize the video. Moreover, there are different filters, transitions, animations to choose from. You can add sound effects and add music right from your gallery. Add text, voice-overs, make your video a slow motion or stopped one, whatever you want! Just play with this app and end up getting a video of your choice! Share the video on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Dropbox, Vimeo, Whatsapp or by e-mail.

5# Toca Hair Salon 3 ($2.99)


Are you in a mood of designing and giving a stylish look to someone? Toca Hair salon 3 iOS App is a game right here for you which has been quite popular in its series and here is back with more amazing and exciting features. You can choose from a number of available customizable characters and give them a look of your choice. It is all about using the tools and flowing with your favorite style techniques. Choose from the basic tools, advanced ones, different hair types and get set go with the styling, make beards, color the hairs; moreover clothing and accessories are available to give a perfect salon groomed look! Upon completion of giving the best look, you can share with your friends as well! Get your hands-on and experience ultimate fun playing the game.

6# Facetune ($5.99)


Facetune iOS App is one of the best portrait and selfie photo editors available on the store. Facetune provides you with the most amazing and powerful yet easy-to-use and handy tools to give your photos and selfies a revitalizing look! You can now get the same look as that of professional cameras with the help of Facetune. Facetune has got everything you want, making your smile a perfect one, glowing your skin, reshaping facial structure, featuring penetrating eyes and so on. Moreover, hair-do is also available along with bright makeup which ultimately changes the whole way you look. You can make artistic effects using different filters, make photo enhancements (cropping, blurring, changing background etc.). Get yourself a perfect portrait and share with your family and friends!

7# Akinator the Genie ($1.99)


Are you ready for a challenging game? The famous Genie, Akinator iOS App is here to read your mind and guess what character you are thinking about. This is a fun and challenging game in few you will be asked few questions by Akinator and he will tell you which real or fictional character you are thinking about. You have to help the Genie by searching and unleashing Aki awards. Akinator compels you to push your memory to the maximum limit, make the game more difficult for him by tricks and beat your friends on leader board. You can also customize the Genie by unlocking new Avatars and backgrounds. Get more customized Genies by finding five new characters each day!

8# Moji Maker™ ($1.99)


MojiMakerTM is ranked amongst the top emoji apps in the apple store. You are now not confined to use that predefined emojis, instead, you can create your own customized and personalized emojis to convey your exact feelings and emotions to your friends! You can search for hundreds and thousands of creative designs and create your own customized emoji using the emoji builder. Effortlessly create the emoji and sync through your keyboard to get it shared over any media directly. There’s much more you can do with emojis, ranging from high definition animated objects, resizing objects, flipping, and layering. You can save your customized emojis to share with your friends which can also be resized while sending. Install messages app/ keyboard and start sharing new and different emojis!

9# HotSchedules ($2.99)


HotSchedule iOS App is ranked amongst the best scheduling app designed for the employees in order to keep track and necessary changes in scheduling. It gives you quick access to view the schedule or send reminders/ alerts to the employees or other persons regarding the tasks, meetings or any sort of reminder. App Features for owners/ managers include keeping track and history of sales and labors, viewing actual and scheduled shifts and rosters, approving/ editing/ changing shifts, sending alert to employees and etc. Whereas team members can view their shifts, sync it with calendar, review pick-up, and release shifts, connect to co-workers via HotSchedule platform and much more! There’s a lot more features, you just need to explore this app to get the perfect handy schedule for your job/ business.

10# Enlight ($3.99)

Enlight -iOS-App

Enlight iOS App is claimed to be the best all in one photo editor designed for iOS. It comes up with the latest, comprehensive and high-quality tools that can be used for the photo editing purpose. The user-friendly tools help you to make your images perfect by applying analog and duo filters, B&W photography, doing artistic things, decorative touches, mixing, reshaping, photos and applying a number of enhancement and editing techniques. Create a collage from a number of available templates and share with your friends and family over social media. In short, a power pack photo editor with outstanding features is right in your hands – all in one app!

11# Afterlight ($0.99)


Looking for an image editing app that is pretty simple and easy-to-go? Afterlight iOS App is such a photo editing app which is straightforward to use and you will get what you need in just a few taps. It does not offer complex tools and techniques, yet providing easy to use features right in front of you. There are; Adjustment tools – for image enhancement purpose, Filters – adjustable and fusion filters (mixture of tools, filters, and textures), Textures – delicate and thinnest film based texture featuring scratchy and smooth ones, Cropping & Transforming Tools – Crop using preset shapes, transform by rotating or flipping the image, straighten it, double-exposure and so on. This was a quick look about the app that shows its simplicity to use. This app is ideal for less time-consuming editing for getting a perfect image!

12# Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer ($2.99)


This app is rated amongst the top-selling fitness app. Full Fitness incorporates hundreds of exercises along with images, videos and text instructions to guide you through the whole fitness and workout routine. The best thing about this app that it sorts out the suitable fitness exercises for you according to the body weight, intended target weight, and equipment. It also keeps track of your progress and record as well to get you notified and up-to-date regarding your fitness schedule. Apart from your own routine, there are 30 predefined routines that will help you to reach a certain goal. There are cardio and stretches exercises as well if you do not have the equipment. Full Fitness iOS App will make you fit shortly by tracking your food intake, weight balancing and suggesting exercises under fully qualified trainers. Also, it caters for multiples users.  Go and get yourself fit starting today!

13# Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day ($2.99)


SkyGuide iOS App is the most amazing and outstanding star app you may have come across. Have you ever wondered that how the sky is filled with stars, the patterns, constellations, planets, and the paths and patterns associate with them? Now you can know what’s up in the sky right above you by simply turning the iPhone/ iPad up in the sky direction, and the app automatically detects the pattern, star, planet, or whatever in the sky. Now you can enjoy night-time by the ultimate graphics and curious-cutting app. Float to the past or future through time controls by knowing the moon and stars locations. Sky Guide helps you to identify and get knowledge all about stars, satellites, and planets which are reserved in its vast domain of knowledge; it doesn’t require internet connection either! Now indulge into the beautiful star filled the sky and beautiful galaxies!

14# Live Wallpapers for Me - Animated HD Backgrounds ($2.99)


Featured in Best apps in the past year, this app offers a wide and amazing collection of live Live Wallpapers for Me Animated HD Backgrounds iOS App designed specifically for iPhone 6 & 6s, iPhone 7 & 7s, so that the iPhone users can get the latest and the most amazing live wallpapers. Give a new and spectacular look to your iPhone by applying awesome and animated screen locks, give your screen a customized and fascinating look by using time-lapse sceneries, different abstract patterns, drizzling raindrops and much more.  There is a constant update in the app so you will always have some awesomely new animations right on your screen! Choose one of the mesmerizing live wallpaper from our collection, save and choose your lock screen to the chosen live wallpaper, upon unlocking the screen, let you be amazed to see the wonderful glance from our high-quality animated collection!

15# Pixomatic - Layer Based Photo Editor ($4.99)


Pixomatic – Layer Based Photo Editor iOS App is a layer based photo editing app which allows you to edit your photos with precision and ease. This app allows you to perform several edits such as blur, removal or change of backgrounds or image elements, dynamic grayscale effects, multiple filters, adjusting color and shadows to name a few. As Pixomatic claims, it does take your image editing capabilities to the next level. Though it takes a little time to get used to, but once you figure it out, it’s quite handy for a quick editing of your photos. The interface is quite simple and user-friendly. You can also save your cuts and edits in a dedicated album for future editing and also share and upload them to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr).

16# Boating USA ($9.99)


Boating USA iOS App is one of the most popular marines and lakes app which is a hot favorite of the sailors, cruisers, fishermen and divers. You can find detailed GPS plotter charts and maps; moreover, you can get the extra detailed map coverage as well with the help of sonar devices that can be connected to your mobile anywhere. App efficiently incorporates Navionics+ which helps you to download nautical and sonar charts, community (users) updating of charts, advanced map options, weather and tides, detailed timeline and much more. Synchronize your journey by tracking maps, time span, distance and much more! There’s a lot more than the mentioned features the app is offering. No doubt why it is being so much appreciation and loved by the users!

17# iScanner - PDF Document Scanner App ($4.99)


iScanner iOS App is an amazing scanning app which will turn your iPhone or iPad into a scanner. Now the scanning has become handy with this app; you can scan your notes, books, documents, receipts and so on with iScanner. This app allows you not only scan but also store those scanned images and multipage pdf or jpeg files, and share those file with anyone via e-mail, messages, Dropbox and so on. iScanner uses smart techniques for scanning which allow image enhancement techniques, automatic detection of boundaries, cropping, noise reduction techniques and other basic adjustments. Text conversion from scanned document is also provided along with advanced editing options. Moreover, you can put passwords on your scanned files as well. iScanner is, thus, a perfect handy scanner for you to get the job done anywhere, anytime!

18# Photomyne - Album Scanner – Full ($5.99)


As they claim, Photomyne – Album Scanner – Full  iOS App is the ONLY app which lets you scan your multiple photos or your album just in a single shot and save it in a digital form by keeping distinct records, so that you can share it your friends and family. The app offers easy to use interface with latest scanning technology which lets you get your job super quick! The app automatically identifies multiple image in a single shot, crops and saves them. You can also save an unlimited number of images and create as many albums as you want by scanning just one page with multiple images. In addition, you can edit your images and share instantly on a social network like Facebook, Twitter etc. In-app purchase allows you to enjoy cloud services as well. Cherish your memories via scanning your albums and saving it in a digitalized form to preserve them forever and wherever you are!

19# Weinermoji - Dachshund Emoji & Stickers ($1.99)


This is a fun and emoji app in which you can send wiener dog emoji to your friends. If you are a Dachshund lover, that you will surely like this app, as there are three dogs to choose from: Black, Brown, and Dapple. These stickers work wherever you message from. They are available via following means: via Wenermoji app, via Message Sticker app, or through custom keyboard extension. Weiner dogs are supposed to be the cutest of all – they may often be called as Dachshund, wiener dog, Sausage Dog, and many other names. You can exchange the stickers and enjoy cute stickers with your friends.

20# Toca Kitchen 2 ($2.99)


Toca Kitchen 2 iOS App is one of the creative and best kitchen playing apps you may have come across with more new features and challenges. You will explore and try different tools and techniques, new recipes and much more! It gives you new dimensions to be more creative with your dishes, makes whatever you want! Choose from five different tools to prepare food, set up your own recipes and dishes, experiment new mix of ingredients, and make your cooking time a fun time. You will be having new guests who will taste your prepared meal and give their remarks and make preferences; alter your dishes if they are not liked by the customers by adding or eliminating something perhaps! It’s fun experimenting with new dishes and taking out to serve the customers and watch their reactions!

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