Best 10 Photo Editing iOS Apps For iPad Pro of 2018

June 25, 2018
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Your MacBook may be a great tool for photo editing, but your iPad can be better at editing your pictures for personal use. However, you probably use the iPad Pro for professional use and are looking for pro photo editing apps, and that’s why we’ve rounded the Top 10 Photo Editing iOS Apps for your iPad Pro.

These photo editing apps for iPad Pro can be your perfect companion in 2018 and you can’t go wrong with these. Let’s dig in!

Affinity Photo ($14.99)

by Serif Labs


Affinity Photo is easily one of the best photo editing apps available for your iPad. You can edit your photos,¬†add filters, and perform other basic functions every editing app would provide. What’s even better is the fact that you can save and edit files in PSD format, making it highly convenient for editing on both the desktop software and the app if needed.

There’s a huge library of drawing brushes & painting, and Affinity Photo even includes 360-degree image support, as well as panorama stitching with correction & lighting adjustment. While it’s a little bit on the costly side compared to other apps ($14.99), just know that it’s a worthy investment and you’ll get every penny’s worth out of this brilliant app.

Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad (Free)

by Adobe


Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad is free of cost and if you’ve used it’s desktop counterpart, you’d know how important this app can be for photo editing. The app empowers to turn simple photos into amazing work of arts to say the least. Given the sheer number of features it has and the way you can tweak your pictures, this is a must have for photographers.

Lightroom CC is part of the Adobe suite, so if you’re not a Creative Cloud member, you’ll have to shell some bucks for the more advanced features within the application. If you’re a CC member, this app is hands down the best, and you can even test it on a trial!

Snapseed (Free)

by Google, Inc.


Created by Nik Software, Google bought Snapseed later because it’s just so brilliant! Despite there being tons of photo editing apps on the App Store, Snapseed stands out thanks to it’s simple and elegant user interface. But it’s not just that. It’s the sheer editing options that the app provides that make it a truly useful app for photo editors. There are tons of filters and effects to help you get that perfect look, and there are precision tools to get the exact result you desire.

Snapseed can work on RAW and JPG files as well, so that’s a huge plus. But the best part is that all these amazing features and tools come at a price of zero dollars, and we couldn’t be happier for that!

Pixelmator ($4.99)

by Pixelmator Team


If you’re looking for a full-featured image editor that allows layer-based editing as well, Pixelmator is your answer. Touching up a picture is just a basic function for this app, because you can sketch, paint, and even create advanced images on your iPhone or iPad. Pixelmator is one of the most powerful image editors for your iPad apart from Affinity Pro.

So to say, this app can be used as a complete Graphic designing app where you can work on layers, blend and merge pictures, and do far more than you’d expect from a mobile app. All in all, the price of $4.99 is a real bargain for what you get from the app!

Enlight ($3.99)

by Lightricks Ltd.


Apple Design Award Winner of 2017! What more can you say about an app? Enlight has won many more accolades than this, though, and had other apps not edged out, this could have been on top of the list. Enlight is basically an all-in-one app that won’t have you moving from one app to another to get your work done on images.

It’s like a proper Photoshop type app, just taking away the steep learning curve, giving reason to why it’s been the number 1 app in hundreds of countries for a long time. And the price tag of $3.99 is once again a bargain!

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

by Adobe


Adobe is known for its sleek suite of software to help your creative juices flow. Hence, it’s no surprise that another title from Adobe makes the list and, and does Adobe Photoshop Express bode well among the apps we’ve mentioned? Maybe it’s not the best, but it’s not exactly a dull app either. You get all the basic features, filters and tools to get your pictures and images looking sharp, and in fact a lot more.

You can touch your way to far better looking pictures on your iPad with this easy-to-use app, but know that you won’t have the advanced features of the likes of Pixelmator and Affinity Pro.

Photo Sketch - Doodle Effects (Free)

by Huiying YIN


Now let’s talk about not touching your photos to make them look good, but about making them look different. If that’s your style, Photo Sketch – Doodle Effects is the perfect app for you! It lets you convert your photos into sketches, cartoon avatars, memory style sketch, and basically something that stands out is a sea of professionally edited photos!

The app has a highly intuitive interface that you won’t take much time to understand, so get this free app and mesmerize your audience and friends with cool looking photos of yourself!

Facetune for iPad ($8.49)

by Lightricks Ltd.


Always worried about taking a bad photo? Facetune may be the best app for you. It can definitely take away your worry of letting any badly taken picture embarrass you because it can help you tweak away even the tiniest of flaws from your pictures and you can zoom in and zoom out to ensure everything is set before you share the image with the world.

2016 saw this app as the second most downloaded paid app, so there’s a reason why people are paying $8.49 for this insanely great photo editing app! So if you want the best of your pictures, invest in this app asap!

Prisma Photo Editor (Free)

by Prisma labs, inc.

Prisma-Photo-Editor-iOS- app

Prisma gained immense fame when it was initially released thanks to the great filter effects it introduced. While it wasn’t revolutionary, Prisma did pioneer the weird and modern art filters that made everyone jump on the bandwagon. It may not be an app that will allow you to create the most stunning images or let you draw your own stuff, but if awesome filters fancy you, this is the app to get!

If you want to get the most out of Prisma, you’ll have to shell out some bucks for the Premium version ($4.99/month or $18.99/year), and the subscription is worth the money!

VSCO (Free)

by Visual Supply Company


VSCO claims to be an app for the creator by the creators. This app differs from other photo editing apps on the list in a way that VSCO focuses more on you being part of the community rather than creating work and sharing in your personal circle. Hence, once you download the app, you become part of that community, and which values your honest and imaginative work.

You can even create great videos through some seriously slick effects and then share and connect with other creators around the world. That makes this app a real treasure and even paying $19.99 a year for VSCO X membership experience is no big deal!

Well, these are our top picks for the best photo editing apps for iPad Pro in 2018. But know that most of these apps are available for iPhone and iPad both so you can use them on both iDevices!

If there’s any other list that you’d like me to create for you, let me know in the comments below!

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