Best 7 Valentine’s Day iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 7, 2018
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Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to do something out of the ordinary for your significant other. Possibly an unforeseen excursion, blooms, or a special dinner reservation is the thing that will make it a flawless day for you both. In case you’re searching for a little motivation to enable you to impress them, you have to look at these best Valentine’s Day applications for iOS.

These apps have everything covered. From getaways to flowers and dinners, you will have everything you need to make your valentine’s day one to remember.

1. For a memorable Last minute getaway, AirBnB (Free)

This is the ideal application for a surprise getaway with your loved one and if you can make it a surprise, it will become one of your most memorable valentines.You can book a home anywhere on the planet. Choices are partitioned into classes so you can seek by value, neighborhood, enhancements, instant booking, dates and more. It’s an awesome method to find new and energizing spots, and you’ll frequently get suggestions from your host about local attractions and activities.  


2. Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? Send Flowers via 1-800-Flowers (Free)

The most customary activity on Valentine’s Day is to purchase flowers for your loved one. 1-800-Flowers is a standout amongst similar services for sending flowers, plants, and gifts to your loved ones wherever and whenever. In the event that you need to send flowers, treats, fruits or chocolates, you can do it all through this service. The biggest advantage of using 1-800-flowers is that it works in the United States and 195 other countries as well.


3. Arrange a romantic dinner through OpenTable (Free)

This is an awesome app for year round, but especially useful on Valentines day. Nothing says “I cherish you” like a romantic dinner at an extraordinary eatery. You can look up restaurants and book reservations, even if they are last minute affairs. There are unique offers from a few eateries and a customer loyalty program as well. You win points when you reserve a seat using the application and you can exchange them for a dining rewards gift or an Amazon gift card.


4. Send Sweets via Shari's Berries (Free)

Do your loved ones have a thing for sweets? With this application, you can send heavenly strawberry treats and delicacies using your iOS device. When you have chosen your gift in the app, you can type a personalized message for the receiver as well. Once your order has been processed, it will be sent via express service and packed in ice so that it stays fresh for your loved ones to enjoy.


5. Custom cards through JustWink (Free)

If you to want send a custom card to your loved one, this app has you covered. JustWink lets you send custom cards through social media, email, and even your Apple Watch. This app also has different categories for different scenarios so its utility goes beyond Valentine’s Day. Definitely an app to keep for all occasions. This app also lets you send a card to your Valentine through your local mail carrier.


6. Make Love, not War..iKamasutra (Price: $3)

Some say that the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one is to give your all to them and we’ve found an app that can help you express all that you are feeling in a way that will make a lasting impression *wink wink*. iKamasutra lists hundreds of ways that you can use to impress your partner and they are listed on the basis of intimacy, strength, and complexity so that you can choose the one that suits you and your loved one.


7. Poetry..the language of love (Free)

You may not be an awesome poet, but you can simply discover incredible literature to impart to the one you adore. WIth this app, you can browse through a colossal database of poets from Shakespeare to the legendary Pablo Neruda. You can save your favorite poems and prose and share them via social media if you like. The search function is incredibly well optimized: regardless of whether you know the names of the poets, you can simply look by categories or themes. You can stumble by some great literature to begin Valentine’s Day in an incredible way.

Poetry iOS-Apps

We sincerely hope that you utilize these apps to express your love to your significant other, and serenade them in the best way possible! Let us know in the comments below if you believe any other app should’ve made the list as well.

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