Best 12 iOS Football Manager Games for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 29, 2018
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Football fever is at its peak with the FIFA World Cup 2018. This is when we watch, play, think, talk and even dream about only football. The best part of this craze for me is going back to my favorite football manager games on iOS.

While playing FIFA rules supreme, there’s something exhilarating in managing your team.

Since I am an avid fan, I have played all of the Football club manager games on both iPad and iPhone. Therefore, in this post, I will list down the best ones that are worthy of your attention.

  2. iClub Manager 2
  3. Top Eleven 2018 Soccer Manager
  4. Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
  5. Hattrick
  6. Football Tycoon
  7. Top Football Manager – Soccer
  8. My Football Club Manager
  9. Club Soccer Director 2018
  10. Football Management Ultra 2018
  11. Mobile FC – Manager
  12. Underworld Soccer Manager 2018




If you haven’t here of PES Club Manager, then you have missed out on a good football strategy game. With 28 million downloads from over the world, this game has attracted the attention of many football fans like you.

In this soccer management game, you can test your skills as a coach, a scout, or a general manager against teams from around the world. PES CM has official licensed deals with many popular European and Southern American teams and leagues. Therefore, you can build a team by using any of 5,000+ real player profiles. Although the game syncs with global football match roaster, it does not expect its player to be committed.

iClub Manager 2 ($1.99)

by CotrinoApps


After the success of iClub Manager, Contrino Apps revamped the game with dozens of new features by releasing iClub Manager 2. Even after the huge update, the game play is still very intuitive and simple. This makes iCM2 a complete, challenging, and addictive club manager game.

In this football manager game, you take on the role of a soccer team manager who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of running a club. You will start from the fifth division and will have to complete objectives. If those objectives are met, the teams will offer you to continue—or else they will simply fire you.

Better multiplayer options and more competitions make iCM 2 a very irresistible option when considering football manager games.

Top Eleven 2018 Soccer Manager (Free)

by Nordeus


If you want to go up against your friends—or Man. Utd. manager Mourinho, this app is surely the right fit for you. Top Eleven Soccer Manager for iOS gives you a chance of creating your football management journey.

Since you are the club manager, your decisions matter as they affect their performance and reputation. You will be responsible for training sessions, selection squad, formulating strategies, and designing kits.

In this game, you can pick official jerseys and emblems from leagues such as the iconic Champions League, the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, and many more.

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) (Free)

by Gamebasics BV


Online Soccer Manager lets you step into the shoes of a real football team manager. The app has over 5 million downloads with above 4.5-star rating.

You get to choose the club and manage everything about it. You will decide the line-up, and then the tactics for the match. You also get to train your players and transfer them among other things. Even though it sounds as simple as eating cake, it’s not. 

Once you have managed everything at the club, a daily match is simulated and you have to prepare your team as well as possible. This is where it gets tricky. If you win, it’s cool. If you lose, you can be in trouble.

Hattrick (Free)

by Hattrick Ltd


If you are an avid fan of soccer management games, then you should have played Hattrick. Delighting football fans since 1997, the Hattrick app for iOS builds on the spirit of the original web-based games. From the very first day, this game has always been a free one.

The gameplay is simple. You create a club where you are top boss who will be scouting talent, training players, creating tactics, and choosing the squad for playing against other human managers around the world. Since Hattrick has gathered a thriving community of over 300,000 active members, you will never get bored. However, you will learn a lot.

Football Tycoon (Free)

by Sunset Games


Why be a football manager when you can build an empire! This app does not rest at being just a football manager. Football Tycoon for iOS does not follow the traditional soccer management route of the other apps. Instead, it is focused on building a football ecosystem where you call all the shots.

But, you won’t have it easy. Start from scratch with a tiny 4th division league team and grow onto be at the top of the premier league. In the process you will be hiring (and firing) managers and players, building and improving improving team’s facilities and stadiums and signing sponsorship contracts among other things.

Of course, you will be competing with other managers around the world. So, it is important you keep your team happy and satisfied.

Top Football Manager - Soccer (Free)

By gamegou

Top Football-Manager-Soccer-iOS-Game

If you have ever dreamed of coaching a championship-winning team, look no further. Top Football Manager for iPhone and iPad is designed to put you in charge of a team that is determined to rule the fields. You will be scouting for upcoming talent and bidding on golden players in order to create a first-class team.

Apart from that, you will have to train your team and test tactics and formations against other real players from all over the world.

You can witness the progress your team in an immersive 3D simulation where graphics and powerful game engine bring your coaching dreams to life. You can command any of your players and even bet on other matches in the league. In the long run, you get to build the entire team that will rise through the ranks under your supervision.

My Football Club Manager (Free)

by Sports Director Ltd


My Football Club Manager is a fast-paced and strategic game. It also deserves to be mentioned on this list because it does not ask for any prior experience. You just need to start playing in order to become the football manager you want to be.

You get control over a complete football club. The decisions you make will decide whether your team climbs the peak of success or ends up being like 2018’s German World Cup squad.

This is a well-designed casual football management game that keeps complexity at bay. It does, however, simply grant full control over your players, lineups, staff, and facilities. All you need to do is use these factors to take your team to the top.

Club Soccer Director 2018 (Free)

by Go Play Games


While other games let you be a mere football manager, this game allows you to be a director! You can take on the role and manage an established club on a daily basis. There is an option to start a club from scratch too if that is what you are interested in.

The game provides an option to choose from over 350 clubs in 16 leagues from across the Europe. Since you are the one who is running the whole show, you are responsible for a lot of things. While you will be managing a club, you would also have the task of handling the funds you get. You would be sitting on the negotiations table to get star players and score sponsorship deals.

Football Management Ultra 2018(Free)

by Trophy Games Development ApS


Football Management Ultra for iOS devices gives you the chance to be the next Mourinho or Guardiola.

Your tactics will be tested against other soccer managers from all over the world. This will ensure your football skills are constantly improving.

The allows you to handpick your final eleven players to help you climb the rankings. Training the players into pros using FMU’s soccer training system will be on your to-do list. Also, you will be managing other factors like soccer stadiums, facilities, and sponsorships which play a strong role in any club’s success.

Mobile FC - Manager (Free)

By krassGames


Mobile FC Manager lets you have a shot at being at the top of the league. You will be training your players for the best possible outcome. Apart from that, you will be formulating plans for your game and managing player transfers for your team.

You will need to use all your wit and football knowledge to be successful.

Underworld Soccer Manager 2018

By Stanga Games


Underworld Soccer Manager is a football managing game with a twist. In this club manager, the beautiful game has gone dark. Instead of being honesty, you are asked to be corrupt. Bribe your way up in football and plan violent attack as playing fair won’t get you anywhere.

Your destructive urges will be put to use here. You will be raising your underworld empire by raising money from your illicit football practices. This may include many unthinkable acts like paying other players to score own goals or attack your players to get red cards. You will join a syndicate and battle it out with other syndicates from around the world. Football has never been this fun. Right?

Of course, this is not a complete list of football management games for the iOS devices. While I have covered all the popular soccer club managers, I might have missed out on a hidden gem. Do let us know about it in the comments below.

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