Best 20 iOS Adventure Games for iPhone and iPad of 2018

May 28, 2018
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With the ever-increasing number of mobile games each better than the former one, it is extremely difficult for an avid gamer to filter through these games. So, here’s the list of best 20 ios adventure games that are gaining more traction every day.

  1. Myst
  2. Stoneship
  3. Batman – The Telltale Series
  4. Machinarium
  5. Samorost 3
  6. Alto’s Adventure
  7. Dragon Hills
  8. République
  9. Limbo
  10. Ember
  11. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
  12. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  13. Bastion
  14. Detective Grimoire
  15. Lara Croft GO
  16. Her Story
  17. Lumino City
  18. Tiny Wings
  19. Piloteer
  20. Love You To Bits

Almost all of us have played this one, if you have not then you got to play it right now. Myst is one of the most amazing and innovative adventure games to have ever developed. It’s utterly surrealistic that will not only challenge your imagination but will also demand your intelligence and cleverness. From the mind boggling puzzles to a breathtaking story line, Myst guarantees you a marvelous experience. It is available for only —-. It is compatible with iphone, ipad.

The developers of Myst bring forth another excellent adventure game for all the ocean lovers out there. If you loved Myst then you will definitely become obsessed with Stoneship as well. This sea-based adventure is not only a worthy inheritor of Myst but it ten times better both with respect to graphics and storyline. The absolutely bewildering world of Stoneship will mesmerize you til the end. Once started playing, you cannot stop unless the story ends. The experience will be timeless and surreal as you sail upon the vast oceans and explore the islands.

For the third rank in the of our 20 best-paid adventure games, we have selected Batman: The Telltale Series. The game has a narrative nature which makes the game even more interesting as it lets you explore the character of Batman in the areas that we rarely visit besides comic books. Play as Bruce Wayne and make choices that will decide the fate of the king of the night – Batman as well as the corrupt city of Gotham. This adventure game will keep you engaged for hours it’s amazing graphics and gritty storyline by the creators of The Walking Dead.

For all those puzzle & adventure lovers out there, Machinarium is a must play. With mind boggling mind teasers and paradoxical puzzles, this adventure game made it into our list of top 20 adventure games. The feature that sets this game apart from other click and point games is that it does not make use of verbal or written language instead it uses thoughts in bubble heads. This game is available for only $1.99. The drawback of the game is that it is compatible with ipad-2 only. The plot revolves around Josef, the robot who tries to save the city from his enemies-the cap brotherhood who intends to blow up the city. The captivating graphics and soundtrack makes this game stunningly impressive.

Available for only $4.99, it is compatible with all iOS devices.Third in the sequel of Samorost it is a work of art both in terms of graphical animations and sound track. The story revolves around gnome who is controlled by the player who uses his flute to solve puzzles and advance further into the game. The gnome also communicates with different creatures and helps them out including ghosts. Innovative use of animation and attractive storyline makes this game more appealing. Since it is void of any dialogues, the player needs to be using his cleverness and wit to get through the game with the help of the thoughts in the bubble heads.

Any snowboarders out there? Alto’s Adventure is for you if you are looking for a fast and furious adventure. The player needs to be very attentive while playing this game to avoid crashing into rocks. You need to catch up to those runaway robust llamas while saving yourself from the grumpy old man. With every new level you complete, you can access to new snowboards on your way. You will get obsessed with this game. The graphics and the soundtrack will truly mesmerize you. It is developed by the snowman and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch.

This is an extremely engaging and adventurous game which will blow your mind. The hot-headed princess accompanied by her dragon is determined to destroy her enemies. Available for only $1.99, it is almost inevitable that you will be pleased that you spent few dollars on this game. The cute little princess is set out to destroy her enemies on her fire breathing monstrous dragon but seems like she destroys more than just her enemies. Control the dragon which flies across the land, into the earth and the erupts again, blowing up castles and infrastructure on its way. He does what the princess commands. The princess wants to eliminate her enemies. Help her out!

In just $1.99, Republique will blow your mind up with its uniqueness and thrilled filled adventure. It is a episodic adventure game in which you must help a young girl to escape safely by using only the backdoors of surveillance cameras as well as security cameras. The gameplay is simple and easily let you switch between camera or hack objects via a single touch. This game will keep you engaged and intrigued till the end with its story and realistic graphics, you can’t keep your fingers off it.  You can even hack into metamorphosis to escape the guards. This game has a total of five episodes for you to compete.

One of my personal favorites, Limbo game calls out to be played. This award winning game is one of the best adventure games developed by playdead. It is available for only $4.99 and is compatible with iOS. Limbo is a fantastic and extremely addictive adventure game that will take you into an astounding world of fantasy. The dark and creepy, the freaky and terrifying, the eerie world of limbo will make you fall in love with the game as soon as you start playing it. Explore the world of limbo and I guarantee you that you its awesomeness will creep you out to the core.

Ember is a role-playing adventure game that will left no stone un-turned when it comes to fill the appetite of the adventure seeking players. With diverse gameplay, more than seventy quest and extremely astonishing visuals, this RPG adventure game offers more than thirty hours of fun-filled adventure to the players.  The Embers must fight for their freedom and existence or else they will become extinct or a just a dead legend. Choose your weapons, armors & magic wisely as the fate of Embers rest upon your shoulders. The price of this game is a bit high, but the fun and adventure is what lend it to our list of top adventure games.

Love to wreck public property and create a fiasco around you? This game is for those who just want to engage into some serious action and are prone to break the laws. Basically, this game is pretty perfect for those bad boys who don’t play by the rules and want to have complete autonomy over every mission they are assigned. Avail this game for just $6.99, And be the bad ass gangster on the roads of LA, Virtually of course. You can go broke or you can be rich, it is all up to your criminal skills and good judgement. Just make sure you don’t get caught by the police. You can drive astounding vehicles, roam wildly and freely all over the place.

You will need iOS 8 or later to play Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery. It is available for only $3.99, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The game is based on a mythical realm where a lone warrior fights with the help of her exceptional sword fighting skills and makes use of sworcery to evade the puzzling and perplexing mysteries which she encounters on her way across the realm. Interestingly, many events will only take place if moon is in a certain phase, meaning phases of the moon has an impact on the features. The outstanding soundtrack and flabbergasting artwork makes this one more appealing to the gamers.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the developers of Bastion took gaming to a whole new level, making it one of the most excellent games to have ever emerged in the gaming world. With astounding handmade artwork  and extremely appealing music, this one makes it into our top 20. If you are planning out on a long journey and need something to keep you entertained and occupied than buy this game. With completely captivating animations, and mesmerizing soundtrack this one is a must have. What sets this game apart is the introduction of a mysterious narrator in the background.

Who doesn’t love to play detective? Especially when the animation is exceptionally designed and the soundtrack is equally remarkable. This game is worth a try, if you want to put your detective skills to use. Advance into the game by solving the crimes, collecting witty clues and evading the perplexing murder cases in this adventure game.  For those peeps out there, who love some good crime solving games, this one is definitely a winner. Ever read Sherlock Holmes? If you have, then you definitely have experienced the thrill you experince while searching for clues, making deductions based on observations and the clues given. This game will definitely satisfy your ever increasing thirst to play detective.

Award winning game, Lara Croft Go guarantees its players an eretheal experience with remarkable graphics and outstanding sountrack. As you advance through the game, the level of difficulty is increased and the new levels introduce new enemies as well as obstacles. You need to evade the obstacles such as boulders and traps. Tackle deadly enemies such as lizards and spiders. You can move both in vertical and horizontal planes unlike other games developed by the same company. In short, this game will provide you an absolutely amazing experience. Available for only $1.99, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You will require iOS 7.0 Or later version to play the game.

An concoction of a movie and video game, Her Story brings forth an amazing opportunity for you to play detective. Unlike any other game you have ever played, this one will give you access to complete police database and live footage. You will actually put your mind and heart to solving this murder case with the help of the clues you will find in the database, where you can access all the interviews and other  video clips to put together the puzzle. This is definitely something you should try. It is only for $3.0, And is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

I have never played a more creative and ingenious game like Lumino City ever before. The energy and the effort that has been put into making of this game is exemplary. The love and dedication put into crafting this game is evident from every angle. You can appreciate the astounding handmade art which gives this game superiority over many other brilliant and innovative games. It is available for $4.99, And trust me it is worth it. It requires iOS 9.0 Or later and is compatible with iphone, ipad, and iPod touch. When you are paying for this game, you are appreciating the developer’s marvelous and innovative talent.

Tiny Wings is a very simple but very entertaining game which will keep you busy for hours. The cute little birdy doesn’t have long enough wings so the poor thing can only go few inches before gravity take its toll and brings the birdy down to earth, literally! The engaging storyline, the abundant tasks to complete and the over flowing prettiness all around, will make you fall in love with this game. You can avail this game for only $0.99 and this one like the rest of them is definitely worth it. The ever changing world of Tiny Winds, and the remarkable effects, makes game even more appealing for gamers than any other “one-tap” arcade game.

Piloteer is a physic based game that will take you to an adventure where a female Piloteer wants to defy gender stereotypes and wants to learn to fly a jetpack. With its simple & attractive graphics and beautiful sound effects, this challenging adventure games makes its way to our top 20 adventure game list. This game will make you feel more alive when you will learn the tricks to balance and fly the jetpack in its various sixty missions. Even ridiculous failure seems fun in this. For $2.99 this game is fun filled and worthy enough to try and does not have in-app purchases.

Such a beautiful amalgamation of both cute and crazy, silly and fun. The cute little Kosmo makes this game ever more interesting and thus makes it into our top 20. As Kosmo, the inexperienced astronaut explores the space in search of poor Nova, who had been in a terrible accident he meets many hurdles. On his way he meets many aliens both good and bad, solves space mysteries and explores new worlds across the universe. Set out on an amazing, crazy and extremely cute journey with Kosmo and uncover his heart-aching love story on the way. Available for only $3.99, This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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