Best 10 iOS Board Games for iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 6, 2018
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Here’s a list of classic and modern board based games. These top 10 iOS Board games will surely be an additional fun for your friends and family and have been picked to suit the style of different individuals so that most people can find them useful.

1.) Agricola ($6.99)

The game is situated in the 17th century Europe when the farmers were having a difficult time to earn a living. This is a turn based board game with 2 to 5 players both online with friends and offline against AI. Each player has to choose a location in town and farm their way to the top. You have to harvest crops and raise cattle to become a strong contender. The game ends after 14 rounds of play. The player with the best farm at the end wins the game.

Nightfall ($2.99)

Imagine an Earth without a Sun to shine. A world of complete darkness every moment. Darkness invites all type of creatures. Nightfall shows such a world where you have to fight for your survival through dangerous creatures. To master the game, you need to play your cards very strategically for maximum impact. You will start the game with a set of minions and as you progress you will have more choices. With the clock on your head, you need to take your decisions quickly.

3.) t Chess Pro ($7.99)

Doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a chess master, you will face the opponents that are equivalent to your level. A classic game of chess with fine HD graphics. As you will win games then your level will keep increasing. Whenever you’re stuck in the game, you don’t have to worry because the game has expert opinion available for you. You can also track your progress to check how much you’ve improved over time.

4.) Sudoku⁺ ($2.99)

Want to overdose on Sudoku? Then get going with this ultimate Sudoku app. No matter if you’re online or not, you can get unlimited Sudoku fun anytime and anywhere. The interface of the app is very convenient and simple. No extra annoying sound so that you can enjoy your personal music simultaneously with Sudoku. With 6 different levels of difficulty, this game will always put up a challenge against your intelligence. Customizable displays will give you a new look every time you start a game.

6.)Summoner Wars (Free)

It’s a battle between the factions of elves, dwarves, goblins and many others. Both online and offline match making available. You play as a summoner of spells and creatures who has to use his deck of cards to eliminate the opposition summoner. By customizing the deck according to your style you can create your ultimate strategy towards victory. The game has a lot of diversity because each faction has a different style and special powers. So be ready for whatever comes your way because this won’t be an easy battle.

5.)Tic Tac Toe Pro ($1.99)

One of the most favorite game of everyone is now on the app store better than ever. Very attractive and cool interface with catchy sound effects. You can play against the AI consisting 3 difficulty levels so that the game remains competitive for everyone. Play against people online and now you can start 16 games simultaneously and make your move whenever it’s your turn. Keep a track of your score so that you keep your losses in control. If you have to close the game in between a match, then you can auto save and leave any time.

7.)Mancala (Free)

A game of marbles but with complete different rules. You have 6 boxes on each side. You have to move the marbles from the bottom boxes to your right hole. The direction of the move has to be counter clock-wise. If you end up in the right hole, then you get another go at it. Loads of fun with different backgrounds to keep the game attractive. It is a quick game with an average level of effort and will surely be worth your time.

8.)Jenga (Free)

If you know Jenga, then you will surely love this app. The classic Jenga game created by seeking assistance of the original creator Leslie Scott. You have to pull blocks out of the pile and place them on top. The smooth touch screen of the IPhone will help you do your job in the perfect way. You need to have very delicate and accurate touches in order to win. View the tower from multiple different angles to give you a realistic feel and help you with your perfect move

9.)Jigsaw Puzzle (Free)

Everyone loves to play jigsaw puzzles but no one wants to clean the mess at the end. Now you can play hassle free jigsaw puzzles on you iOS device. The game has been built to cater to all audiences and you can adjust the difficulty according to your level. With over 10,000 different pictures that will become the most difficult puzzles of your life. You can also use pictures of your own and transform them into puzzles. Keep solving the puzzles and come out on top of the leaderboard.

10.)Ludo King (Free)

Choose your lucky color and join the battle to become a Ludo king. Roll your dices and make your move. The ultimate goal is to get all your 4 tokens home after a complete board trip. Whoever comes in your way shouldn’t be forgiven and should be sent back to their starting position. Up to 4 players can join the Ludo king fun. Play this game and have a fun filled time with your friends and family.

Pick a game you can master and show off your skills against friends or people around the world. These are our picks for the most addictive and probably the top 10 iOS Board games, and these will surely keep you gripped onto your device for hours. Let’s get rolling and challenging who we can!

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