Best 10 iOS Kids Games for iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 30, 2018
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Children today are surrounded by technology far more advanced than what we had as kids. Easy access to the internet, smart mobile devices and social media means as parents it is our job to ensure that our kids are using apps and playing games that are appropriate for their age.

Fortunately, there is a vast ocean of apps, especially games that have been developed with children in mind, and the best amongst them are the ones that capture the inquisitive minds of children while entertaining and educating them.

To help you identify the best apps for your children, our team has decided to explore, test and list down the top 10 games that your kids should be playing. 

Monument Valley

By ustwo Games Ltd

We decided to go with the latest version of the game, however, both instalments of Monument Valley are great games for children and adults enjoy it too. With its immersive puzzles, stunning graphics and beautiful soundtracks, either of the two Monument Valley two games are the winners for us. Although Monument Valley games are all about solving puzzles the games are not too difficult for kids to enjoy. The story arcs that develop as you play add another layer of pleasing complexity to the game that most children will enjoy. The controls are simple, and there are no in-app purchases so you do not have to worry about your children accidentally spending money through the game. It is easy to see why this game has such a huge fan following.

Where's My Water?

By Disney

We love this one for its message, personal hygiene and staying clean, which is taught in a fun and interesting manner by Swampy the Alligator. Sadly, the water supply to Swampy’s shower has been disconnected and it is your job to dig pathways for the water to reach the broken pipe that leads to Swampy’s shower, where he is eagerly waiting for his bath.  With almost 300 levels, you will have a seemingly endless amount of fun with this one. The game is extremely simple and will appeal to children aged between 5 -10. The imaginative graphics, simple controls, and cute sound effects make this a perfect iPad game for kids.

Fruit Ninja®

By Halfbrick Studios

We are sure that many of you are big fans of this game and we are too, and we believe most kids will love this one too. There are no lessons here, just a lot of fun slashing and slicing fruits flying through the air with a sharp sword. The reason behind the tremendous popularity of this game lies in its simplicity, no frills and a lot of action. This one has proven to be a favorite among children of all ages including the kids at heart. Just remember to turn off the in-app purchases for this one or it might cost you.

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds: Experience Music and Animation Art in an Indie Game


This game made it into our list because of its stunning sounds and graphics designed to appeal to children of ages 9+. This game has a lot to do with imagination and you will experience that once you play this one. Similar in style of the extremely popular and our top favorite game Monument Valley. This one is perfect for children with a creative and artistic side. With a few levels and a moderately challenging gameplay, the real standouts of this game are the ethereal soundtracks and graphics. The game packs a ton of charm that won us over.

LEGO Harry Potter

By Warner Bros.

There is a different version of this game for different age groups, LEGO Harry Potter is a rarity among games that were extremely popular movies or books because it is very well done and really entertaining. Some of you, who are Harry Potter fans like us might also enjoy this one because it let players join Hogwarts to become a wizard or a witch. A little more challenging than what we had expected, the game has an interesting gameplay, easy controls, cool graphics and sound effects. There is a LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for the younger ones and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for older kids.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

By Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Continuing on the path of great games that were once movies or books, the Angry Birds Star Wars II has been able to successfully combine two of our favorite things Star Wars and the Angry Birds games into a fun game that is all about using the force for good against the greedy Pork Federation. The second installment is a little different though, and in our view a bit more fun from the first one because it allows players to join the “Pork Side.” That is right for the first time, the developers allow you to choose which side you would like to be on making things a lot more interesting. Again, when letting your young ones play, make sure the in-app purchases are turned off. May the force be with you!

Thinkrolls 2


Let’s return to a game that entertains and educates at the same time because such games pack a double punch that we love to highlight. Thinkrolls 2 and Thinkrolls may not be extremely popular games, however, that does not take away from the fact that these games are great for teaching preschooler a few science concepts in a fun and interesting way. The game encourages kids to think, question and learn. An easy gameplay, with cute graphics, sound effects and characters convinced us to direct your attention to this overlooked game for preschoolers.

Candy Crush Saga

By King

If you are not already addicted to this one, let us play the role of the devil’s advocate and encourage you to download this one for your kids to enjoy. In all honesty, this is a  fun game for killing time, the simple gameplay combined with sweet, candy-themed graphics and complementary sound effects are great for kids of most ages. It offers variety and challenges. However, be forewarned, if you have not played this game already, the game is pushy with its in-app purchases, so it would be best that you turn off the in-app purchase option before you let a child play. The game can also be a great learning experience for the younger kids because they will learn about different colors and patterns.

Cut the Rope

By ZeptoLab UK Limited

Kids love candy, you know who else loves candy the cute little frog named Om Nom in the Cute The Rope puzzle game. This is another widely popular game loved by adults and kids alike. Help Om Nom get his candy by cutting the rope and making laws of physics work for you. You might not have noticed but this game is great for teaching physics to children. Moderately difficult but with really simple controls, this game is great for older kids 10+.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

By Mojang

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the popular sandbox survival game has plenty of educational value and is perfect for curious and creative children. Who love to explore, the game focuses on exploring and surviving in a randomly generated pixelated world. There are plenty of interesting characters and creatures to interact within the game. The gameplay is simple, the graphics are eye-catching and have very much become iconic of this game and the sound effects are fun too. The game is available on most other platforms including Mac and gaming consoles, which add to its versatility.

There you have it, our list of the top ten iOS games that you can select for your children to play. Our objective was to share with you games for different game groups and interests, so there is something for every kid here. Have Fun!

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