Best 5 iOS Paid Games For iPhone & iPad of 2018

May 30, 2018
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If you are like us then you must also feel a little apprehensive about spending your hard earned cash on online games on the app store. Is it any good? Will I get my money’s worth from the game I am buying? Will I play the game long enough to justify the money I am spending? Well, these are all pretty reasonable concerns that most of us have. Therefore, we decided to venture out into the world of Paid iOS games to find out which we enjoyed the most and share our experiences and views with you.

The global game industry is thriving and newer and better games are hitting the app store on a daily basis, however, some have the lead on other in terms of quality. We dived head first into the massive ocean of paid iOS games on the app store and here are our top 5 recommendations:

  1. Monument Valley 2
  2. This War of Mine
  3. Galaxy of Pen & Paper
  4. Heads Up!
  5. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Monument Valley 2 ($4.99)

By ustwo Games Ltd

The second installment of the highly popular and award-winning puzzle game, Monument Valley is the type of game that will amaze you with its stunning graphics and beautiful soundtracks. It managed to tug on our heartstrings with its mother-daughter storyline that we witnessed growing stronger and better as we progressed in the game. The gameplay is simple enough for children to enjoy, but interesting enough that even adults will have a great time playing this one. A few things have changed in the second game, in this once you have two characters to control but that does not mean that you have to play the first one to enjoy Monument Valley 2.  

The graphics and design of the game are as stunning as the original game, if not more. The developers have added new and more complex puzzles this time so the fans of the previous one will not be disappointed.

This War of Mine ($14.99)

By 11-bit studios s.a.

If sandbox and survival games are your things then we have a dark one for you. This War of Mine is certainly a lot different than the more popular sandbox survival game Minecraft, this darker and more somber game puts you in control of a group of civilian survivors stranded in a war zone with no hope of you feel a little uncomfortable with the choices you have to make to keep things going, nonetheless this game is different and enjoyable.

With a price tag of 15 dollars, this one is on the more expensive side, however, it makes up for through its immersive gameplay, amazing graphics, and sound effects. This is not your average pixilated randomly generated world most commonly found in sandbox games. This game is serious business. However, we do not recommend this one for kids.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper ($4.99)

By Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME

Let us look at our top choice for the best adventure game – Galaxy of Pen and Paper. Another sequel, the Galaxy of Pen and Paper is the successor of the original Knights of Pen & Paper [$4.99]. The RPG is delightfully complex and expectedly funny like the previous game. For those who have played the Knights of Pen & Paper, you will enjoy this one a lot too, because things have improved its evident by the changes and developments made in this game that the developers Behold Studios have learned a lot from the previous games as well as their other ventures. However, if you are new to the franchise then we suggest you get this one and skip the problems Knights of Pen & Paper had. In the game you will be traveling to distant planets, fighting aliens, building a team and saving the galaxy. The graphics are the same nostalgic pixel style that seems to work in most genres.

Heads Up! ($0.99)

By Warner Bros

Here is a paid game that the whole family can enjoy! Heads Up has been played and featured by America’s darling Ellen DeGeneres, and maybe we are partial to what Ellen plays, enjoys and recommends (we are huge fans) but we think that this social party game is a ton of fun. Heads Up takes the classic Charades game and makes it current and more convenient, which can be played easily anywhere and at any time on an iPhone or iPad. You can select the category of words that you want to guess and then hold your iPhone or iPad up to your head with the screen facing towards your opponent, the word appears on the screen and they have to give clues without using words while you guess the word. We had tons of fun with this one, all in the name of research!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier ($4.99)

By Telltale Inc

Still in the thick of the zombie apocalypse,  The Walking Dead: The Final Frontier is the third and the game of the Walking Dead series  by Telltale Inc. in the game you will be making choices as Javi or Chem and watch as their decision have a larger impact on the group and the final outcome of the game. Much like the previous two installments, we found this one to be extremely well made which seems to be the norm of Telltale games. The game is divided into different episodes and each was highly anticipated by our team members eager to see and experience the story and gameplay unfold before us. We especially like the fact that people who are new to the franchise will also be able to enjoy the game while fans of the series will be more than satisfied with what this last installment has to offer. The graphics were high quality, the controls were easy and the sound effects went perfectly with the game.


There you have it our list of games that we believe you can pay for and be assured that your money was well spent. We have tried to cover different genres of games to ensure that those of you with different likes will be able to find something that caters to your needs.

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