Best iOS Strategy Games for iPhone and iPad of 2018

May 28, 2018
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This list comprises of games which will surely put your brain to a test. All of the games have been put together to give the players a complete strategy based gameplay. Some of the games give you a chance to manage great armies from history while others give you a chance to show off your strategic greatness.

1.) ROME: Total War ($9.99)

The glorious and iconic Roman Empire is now in your hands. Feel what it’s like to be a roman emperor who will do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Control your army and fight your battle strategically and tactically. A one of a kind experience with an army consisting of thousands of troops and cavalry all in HD graphics. This game requires you full commitment and devotion if you want to become the ultimate emperor of the Roman Empire. Only playable on the iPad.

2.) Invisible, Inc ($4.99)

You will need all your sneaky and stealth skills to ace this game. Invisible Inc is about infiltrating and hacking through huge evil organizations. The risk is quite high so you will need to be at your best because with great risk comes great returns. You get to choose from 10 characters, 6 agent variants and 6 hacking programs. You have complete control of the game in terms of the way you perform your task. So select your inventory according to your style. With so much versatility, this game will never let you get bored. Available only on iPad

3.) Twilight Struggle ($9.99)

Re live the 5-decade long battle between two super powers, USA and Russia. Twilight struggle will place you in the era of the cold war where both these super power nations were trying their best to gain political influence. This is a card based strategy game where you choose to be one of the super powers and you have to use your techniques to gain influence over the world. Strengthen yourself playing against the A.I and then go on to challenge live players online. Compatible with iPad only.

4.) Warbits ($4.99)

It’s not always good to take conflicts to battlefields. Sometimes it’s better to take it lightly and solve them harmlessly through Warbits. The game consists of different modes that are packed with multiple power-ups. The campaign has 20 missions that are based in 5 different surroundings with a gripping narrative. Or you can play the challenge mode comprising of 30 interesting missions. You can also go online against friends and players all across the world. So start virtual destruction right now.

5.) Pike and Shot ($19.99)

Be in the footsteps of great leaders from the Pike and Shot era. The game is situated in three different places. There’s the 16th century Italian war, The Thirty years war in Germany, and The English civil war. Know what it feels like to be a fearless musketeer who would battle till his last breath. The game has a very realistic feel because all the details have been carefully studied and put into the game from the history. The game has 5 difficulty levels to give you more competition as you get better. Compatible with iPad only.

6.) Clash of Clans (Free)

Enter the world of Giants, goblins, barbarians, and much more. Protect and expand your village against millions of users online. Build your clan and fight against other clans for more loot. Start from town hall 1 and go all the way to town hall 11. This game requires a lot of determination and dedication if you want to be one of the best. The game has many different strategies which makes it even more interesting. Start Clashing.

7.) Clash Royale (Free)

Another great strategy game by Super Cell. Clash Royale is an action-packed heads up card based battle game. You have to protect your towers and attack the opposite towers at the same time. The game has more than 50 different characters from which you have to choose 8 characters and build your powerful deck. As you win you will get different kinds of chests which will reward you with existing and new cards. These cards can be used to upgrade your troops and become the best. This is a very addictive game with a lot of variety to keep you into it forever.

8.) Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

More plant and more zombies. The classic plants vs zombie action is back and even better than before. Use your army of fearless different plants to defend against the waves of zombies. You have the classic sunflower and many other new plants who are ready for the action. Be careful because the zombies are angry and even better equipped than before. So fight across 11 worlds and 300 levels of a fun filled journey.

9.) DC Legends (Free)

This is where all your favorite DC heroes and villains come together. Build up a collection of your favorite characters and take them to a 4 versus 4 battle. Multiple different events with huge rewards. Keep winning to unlock amazing additions for your character. You can level up your character to make it a legendary. Every month you can collect a free legendary character as a gift. Be strong because the DC Universe is depending on you to save them.

10.) Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Free)

Dominate the Star Wars galaxy by joining up a team of dark and light heroes from the Star Wars galaxy. This is a turn based strategy game where you have to face the darkest of bosses in the ultimate battles. As you progress your characters will get better and more powerful. Make sure you pick a team of characters that create synergy with others by their side. You have multiple different power-ups and special moves that can get you through the toughest of battles. Show of your greatness by coming out on top of the leaderboard. I hope you enjoyed going through all these games and are excited to play one of them right away. Make sure you have a lot of time because these games are certainly very demanding, and you will probably be mesmerized by most of them and get glued to your iOS screens!

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