Best 9 iOS Tennis Games For iPhone & iPad of 2018

June 25, 2018
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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. And what with Roger Federer’s undisputed dominance on the court and Rafael Nadal’s challenging quest, the sport has gained even more fame among sports fans around the world. But doing what those maestros do on the court is almost impossible for us mere mortals.

So the best thing to do is pick up our smartphone and create the magic with our fingers, right? Yup! Here are our best picks for the top 10 iOS Tennis games for iPhone and iPad in 2018.

  1. Virtua Tennis Challenge
  2. Ultimate Tennis
  3. Stick Tennis
  4. Hit Tennis 3
  5. Ketchapp Tennis
  6. Flick Tennis Online
  7. Evolution Tennis
  8. One Touch Tennis
  9. Virtual Tennis Live Smash Tour

Virtua Tennis Challenge



Right off the bat, Virtua Tennis Challenge iOS GameĀ by Sega is one of the best Tennis games you can possibly ask for on your mobile device. And thankfully it’s on iOS because unlike many Tennis games that promise to live up to the real-life sports, Virtua Tennis isn’t a swish and slash game.

It’s a proper Tennis game where you can Lob, Slice, and Hit your best shots to defeat your opponents. Not just that, because of the physics of the game as real as they can get. Keep sliding your opponent to the far side, hit one on the other, and your opponent won’t be able to reach it. You have many different modes of play, as well as stadiums and arenas to select. So to say, this is a complete Tennis game that will have you hooked for hours at end without you getting bored.

Ultimate Tennis

by 9M Interactive Co.,Ltd


While Virtua Tennis Challenge may have its own place in Tennis games, Ultimate TennisĀ iOS Game is no slacker either. This Tennis game on iOS offers great graphics as well and almost a great finger-swipe function to match Virtua Tennis Challenge. There’s a lot to be had in Ultimate Tennis with different modes and challenges to complete.

You can play with several different players of your choice and even challenge your friends over the game too. You can even tweak your players’ abilities to ensure that they stand tall against their opponents.

Ultimate Tennis is available for free on the App Store.

Stick Tennis

by Stick Sports Ltd


With Stick Tennis iOS Game, we move on to the light side of tennis games on the App Store. Stick Tennis is one of those games that are really easy to play, seem like you have to do nothing, yet are highly addictive because of the hidden need for tactical plays. It’s a simple swipe gestured Tennis game with a fast and fluid gameplay, and it’s sure to keep you busy for hours.

There are daily challenges, tons of players to play with, and many courts to unlock. But the cartoon looking characters and the funny style of play takes the cake, and will surely have you hooked.

Stick Tennis is available for Free on the App Store.

Hit Tennis 3

by Focused Apps LLC


It is a truly straightforward Hit Tennis 3 iOS Game. How can it look? All things considered, there are no players on a court, just your racket and your opponent’s. All you require is to swipe or flick your finger to hit the ball. Get scores and win competitions. Incidentally, your rival can be a fledgling as well as a genuine expert, so give careful consideration to it.

There are 24 idealize competitions crosswise over 8 areas all around the globe, so you can fight your rivals and put them out of the match altogether.


Ketchapp Tennis

By Ketchapp


Ketchapp Tennis iOS Game has a place with such sort of applications with moderate energized characters. I truly don’t know individuals who don’t care for playing this amusement, in the event that they downloaded it once.

From one viewpoint, it is completely free and doesn’t require any paid membership or charges in any case, then again, you will get an entrance to straightforward control, more than 65 distinct characters with their own style and 25 super courts.

Flick Tennis Online - Play like Nadal, Federer, Djokovic in top multiplayer tournaments!

By Rolocule Games Private Limited


The depiction says: Flick Tennis Online iOS Game” Play like Nadal, Federer, Djokovic in top multiplayer competitions!”

Brilliant designs make this application extraordinary compared to other games applications on AppStore. Everything will resemble in a genuine you should keep control on nine stunning courts with key developments and an assortment of shots like groundstroke, hurl, drop, cut.

Talking about its highlights, it is a genuine online application so that you can contend with clients around the entire world. You will take an interest in occasions or week by week competitions everywhere throughout the world and vie for the primary spot with world’s best e-players. Consistently you have to demonstrate your abilities on a court and level up, at that point, you will win focuses and increment you’re positioning.

Evolution Tennis



Evolution Tennis iOS Game is one the most played tennis games on iOS due to an excellent single player and easy controls. Its career mode is well designed and rewarding. Definitely worth buying.

One Touch Tennis

Zen Capital Pty Ltd


One Touch Tennis iOS Game is an addictive one tap command game that is based around the concept of tapping the screen when the ball or object is at a certain point. The gameplay is focused on timing. The controls are also simple and easy as you don’t have to tap on a tiny on-screen joystick.

As far as quality is concerned, this game provides the best in class experience in its niche and genre. Definitely worth its price.

Virtual Tennis Live Smash Tour

By Anupama Rani Saparapu


Visit Virtual Tennis Live Smash Tour iOS Game to play genuine tennis shots with the tennis ball to feel sensible tennis material science. in our Play tennis amusement, you can end up noticeably tennis ace by intersection distinctive levels.

Concerning directions, you should simply to swipe or drag the screen with your finger to swing the racket and hit the ball over the net. Despite the fact that the diversion is easy to begin however to ace it is the genuine test. Be that as it may, on the other hand, all it takes is a couple of swings to get its hang, so don’t surrender.

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