Best iOS Thrilling Games for iPhone & iPad – 2018

May 23, 2018
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  1. Minecraft: Story Mode
  2. It’s Killing Time
  3. DEVICE 6
  4. Cognition Episode 2
  5. Max Payne Mobile
  6. Criminal Case: Pacific Bay
  7. Criminal Case: Save the World
  8. A Dark Room
  9. Choice of Robots
  10. Sorcery! 4
  11. Sorcery! 2

Best iOS Thrilling Games for iPhone & iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad and you still haven’t figured out which games you can play, then you’ve been wasting your time. There are a number of thrilling games in the App Store that you can download and play for free or for a small price.

Some of those games often come with a proper series, thus creating more suspense and drama for your pleasure. Here’s a list of some of the best iOS thrilling games that can be played on iPhones and iPads in 2018.

Minecraft: Story Mode (Free)

by Telltale Inc

Minecraft is an episodic graphic adventure game where the players have to collect items, talk to characters, and solve puzzles in order to find out what should be done next. The decisions made by the players during this time have an impact on the current as well as future stages of the game as well. During the five-part series, there will be numerous challenging adventures that you will have to encounter as a player.

Apart from the five episodes, players can also get episode six, seven, and eight (adventure pack) through in-app purchases. The game itself is available for free on the App Store but in-app purchases range from $5 to $15.

It's Killing Time ($4.99)

by Choice of Games LLC

In the list of adventure game, It’s Killing Time is one of the most compelling ones. Playing the game is great fun where you get the chance to meet different people and kill them for money as a hired assassin. The character of the assassin can easily be customized on exactly how you want him to look like.

It’s Killing Time is for those who seek to understand what it feels like to be a killer and not about anything apart from money. It’s all about your choices, whether you want to be a spiritual hitwoman/hitman, a psychopath, a ruthless assassin, or a righteous killer. The game is available on the App Store for $5 only and runs on iOS 7.0 and above.

DEVICE 6 ($3.99)

by Simogo AB

DEVICE 6 is a popular thriller game that won the Apple Design Award back in 2014. The game starts off with the main character, Anna, waking up in a castle located on a remote island. And then it’s your job to take control of Anna and guide her out of the castle by solving codes and puzzles. As you do so, the doors will unlock as the path to get out of the castle will get clear.

However, the game is not that easy as the players have to think out of the box to solve the puzzles with different scenarios changing the gameplay completely. The game requires iOS 8 and above to run and can be downloaded from the App Store at a price of $4 only. You can also read a full review DEVICE 6 here.

Cognition Episode 2 ($2.99)

by Phoenix Online Studios

Cognition Episode 2 revolves around two main characters i.e., Wise Monkey and Erica in which someone close to the latter has been kidnapped by Wise Monkey. And now Erica is racing against time to save the life of the kidnapped person as well as solve the cases she has in her hands as an FBI agent. Unlike the first episode, the second episode has no breather and you have to move ahead at a steady pace.

The new episode has introduced synergy where you can use cognition on different inventory items at the same time. There are subtitles available in English, Italian, and German with the game requiring iOS 8 and above to run. The game can be downloaded from the App Store for $3.

Max Payne Mobile ($2.99)

by Rockstar Games

Max Payne is an arcade thriller game that has won different accolades on different platforms. The gameplay of Max Payne revolves around a cop fighting a losing battle. Max has been named for a murder that he never committed and now he has to clear his name while going through different plot twists.

A new feature in this game, called bullet time, slows the game down automatically and Max can take advantage of that time warp. The game is available for players 17 years and above, with support for iOS 8 and above. The game can be downloaded from the App Store for $3.

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay (Free)

by Pretty Simple

If you are deep into investigations, then this thriller game is for you. Criminal Case: Pacific Bay will allow you to investigate and solve different murder cases by questioning the suspects and looking for evidence found at the crime scene.

You’ll also be required to deliver justice once you’re done with your investigation. The game is available for free to download from the App Store with in-app purchases priced at $1 and can go up to $5 as well.

Criminal Case: Save the World (Free)

by Pretty Simple

Criminal Case: Save the World is similar to the game above. The game plan and final goal are the same but the only difference is that in this game you have to solve cases from all over the world, and not only from the Pacific Bay region.

Again, this is a must have game for the Sherlock in you! The game can be downloaded for free from the App Store with in-app purchases priced at $1 and can go up to $5 as well.

A Dark Room ($1.99)

by Amirali Rajan

Just as the name of the game implies, A Dark Room starts off in a room that is… totally dark. The game has no instructions at all and even the start of the game gives only one option whether you want to proceed with the game or not. Once you proceed, you have a wood with fire and from there on the game kicks on as you look out to collect some more woods from the nearby forest.

You have to find out different maps, fight battles in the dungeons, and collect new resources to move forward. The more dungeons you clear the more safe heavens you will make for yourself. The game runs on iOS 10 and above and can be downloaded from the App Store for $2 only.

Choice of Robots ($5.99)

by Choice of Games LLC

Choice of Robots is a game where you can change the world by designing your own robots. The choices you create will control the story as you create robots that will change the world for you. The robots can be obedient ones or independent ones, then you have to teach the robot whether they should love others or hate them.

The game becomes a proper thriller when you keep on changing the choices and make robots that no one has ever witnessed. The game runs on iOS 7 and above and can be downloaded from the App Store for $6.

Sorcery! 4 ($4.99)

by inkle

This adventure game revolves around magic, traps, and monsters. During the game, you have to find different creatures to move forward while cheating death and casting different spells. You can disguise yourself in the game so that no one can recognize you and also cheat and deceive to move forward.

Sorcery! 4 is probably one of the most thrilling games on the App Store and you should give this one a must try. The game can be downloaded from the App Store for $5 and will run on iOS 7 and above.

Sorcery! 2 ($4.99)

by inkle

Sorcery! 2 is an adaption of the best-selling gamebook series by Steve Jackson, the legendary game designer. This is part 2 of the Sorcery! games franchise and you can create your own path in the city and cast different spells, along with many other features for you to enjoy. There are more than 30 different monsters in the that you will need to fight in a strategic battle.

This game is also available for $4.99 on the App Store and is a highly rated game that you shouldn’t miss out on!

These were our top picks for the best iOS Thrilling games for iPhone and iPad! Do you think we missed out on any? Let us know in the comments section below!

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