Best 20 Paid iPad Games of 2018

May 31, 2018
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We have ranked down the Top performing paid games that can bring out the best out of your iPad. The list is comprised of all genre of games and the ranking we have given is completely unbiased, original and solely depends upon the performance of games on iPad.

Here, take a look at the paid game listing and spend the money wisely.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is a horror game and is the fifth of the series of Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game sums up all the activities, interactions, story-telling, fun and all of the above – the scariest game play. It is all about Circus Baby’s Pizza World, where you have to survive the five nights and reach to the end in one piece! Each of the night includes challenges and certain objectives which you need to complete in order to become competent for the next level. In this game, you have to find out whom and where the sister is, meanwhile you will come across different horrifying characters which will surely crack you up! Custom night feature has been added to give you more fee hand to adjust the difficulty level accordingly to play the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is an excellent game based purely on your imagination and your creativity that takes out the best of you! Build your own world using the blocks; craft, create and build the things whatever you like. The game can be played in either mode: a Creative mode in which you will have unlimited resources to build the structure using your thoughts, possibly making your own imaginary and creative world. The other is Survival mode, where you have to explore the world, ranging from caves to the dungeons. Moreover, you need to craft the items like weapons, shields etc. to defend yourself from the monsters. This mode ranges from creating small-scale houses to the vast occupied areas building or complex structures which let you make the most of the world.

Heads Up! is an amazing fun and hilarious game best for a party play. In this game, you have a deck of cards which contains the name of celebrities, movies, animals and much more) by unlocking themed packed cards), and you have to guess the word that is written on the card on your head. The game is very simple, you just have one minute to guess as many cards as you can, from the hints and gestures of the people in front of you. If you have guessed correctly, just tilt the phone down so that next card will appear, else you can move the cell upwards to pass on the card. Moreover, you can record the gameplay using the front camera to share or view the exciting game whenever you want!

Bloons TD 5 is a captivating and light fun-to-play game. It is probably one of the finest tower defense games as you can build awesome towers of your choice, upgrade them, hire newest and cool special agents as well to do the job. This game comes up with more new and exciting challenges as it offers wonderful graphics, original tracks, and also the Monkey Lab, where you can further upgrade your towers and take it to another level. Bloons with specialized and powerful towers needs to be saved from the enemies which try to destroy them. The game is loaded with numerous tracks, paths, special missions, random missions, difficulty level settings for different age groups. In short, you can spend hours and hours of playing this wonderful and challenging game.

Geometry Dash is a fast-paced flying and jumping game which has gained so much popularity due to its amazing graphics and rhythm-based features! You will have to fly, jump and flip through the objects and the obstacles in your way to make it to the finish line. On your way, you have to collect the hidden coins which will help you to unlock and upgrade to the new colors and new icons to customize your character. Each level has a different and unique storyline and amazing sound effects. The level editor helps you to create and share your own customized levels. Practice mode helps you to take your skills to the next level. Moreover, game-centric achievements will be rewarded with the completion of each level or certain goal achievements. This fast-paced game lets you test and pressures your skills to the ultimate level!

Are you willing enough to infect the whole world? Plague Inc. is right over here which lets you spread various kinds of diseases and infections all over the world such that the humanity is on the verge of end. This game is a unique mixture of both strategic and terrifyingly realistic simulation with outstanding retina graphics and with the well-defined interface. Plague Inc. has been designed using high Artificial Intelligence concepts. There are different diseases which have been divided categorically, and also the help and guidelines are available for each of the diseases so that tutorial will guide you enough how to infect over 50 countries by adopting different traits and practising deadly strategies. There is much more to go like mind-controlling worms, zombies’ spreading virus and so on. Check out yourself!

Monopoly turns out to be the best engaging and captivating game which is loved by people of all age groups, and with its increasing popularity, it is on the top of the charts. Finally, the CAT mover is available to play this game! You can buy, sell and trade renowned properties, build hotels and make properties, and it has become easy with by tapping a screen; roll over a 3D dice by shaking your device and choice is all yours! You can also customize the levels according to difficulty and can play with up to 3 of your friends via same Wi-Fi or play multi-player with friends having the same app on their iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. Playing monopoly has never been so easy and interactive; enjoy this fun game with your friends now!

NBA 2K17 has been consistent to maintain its grace and promise to be the best of the authentic sports video game as it kept its promise by promoting the finest and the genuine way of playing the sport in NBA 2K16. This game has diminished the difference between playing a video game or whether playing in the reality by incorporating new controls and add-ons. Physical game support and refurbish game controls have become available to play along with the beautiful graphics to give you a smooth gameplay. Deeper MyCAREER mode has introduced for more upgraded options and player attributes. Play with Euro League, more historic players, select from alternate uniform and much more! Feel like playing basketball in real!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the biggest release to mobile yet by Rockstar Games. It comes with 70 hours gameplay which covers the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas with enhanced visual fidelity. The main attraction of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette, and improved character models. The support of the physical controller feature for iOS controllers is available and it also contains dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control. Furthermore, there are three different control schemes and customizable controls, so it gives you great flexibility in controlling your gameplay. That is not it, you can also play across all your iOS devices as it also provides Cloud save support for Rockstar Social Club Members.

True Skate is the official Street League Skateboarding mobile game which has been loved by all the skateboard lovers around the world. It has been designed using realistic touch based physics to give you a true environment as if you are on a skateboard in real. True skate game comprises of a beautiful skate park which has got stairs, ledges, grind rails plus a bowl, half and quarter pipes to roll on. You can flick the board, and push the board by dragging finger to ground. Additional attributes, missions, challenges and more skate parks & locations can be made available using in-app purchases. Complete the challenges and mark your position on the global scoreboard.

#11 Papa's Freezeria To Go! $0.99

Enjoy the new and exciting experience of preparing and serving sundaes with the brand-new version of Papa’s Freezeria! You’ll be running an ice-cream shop where you have to prepare delicious sundaes by pouring ice-cream, adding mixable and syrups, blending sundaes, adding whipped cream, and finally putting yummy toppings to give a perfect summer touch! All you need to do is to quickly switch between the different stations (build station, mix station, top station) along with multitasking between the preparation of sundaes and attending the customers. You’ll get an extra tip for your timely order completion and the perfect blend of the sundae. This extra earning will help you to upgrade to new sundaes and ingredients as well us decorating the restaurant. The new updated version has come up with more user-friendly controls specially designed for small screens.

The Game of Life is an interactive app which involves not only you but your whole family around. This app features mini-games inside it so that you have a variety of different games to play and push your skills to the maximum level. In this game, small board piece characters come to life and make their way towards the finishing level – the yellow block. On their way will go through various stages of life. This game offers multiplayer online so that you can connect and compete with other friends online. The local play mode offers three players at a time on the single device, whereas the fast mode offers you different challenges with different goal sets. Different mini-games and onboard characters keep you captivated and addicted to this awesomely animated 3D game.

The Hitman Sniper is a simple yet elegant game. It is not just another sniping game, it is a well thought and designed puzzle game with a fine level of complexity. You have to learn about the abilities and the weapon system in order to get the maximum points. You get into the shoes of Agent 47 and discover a very compelling storyline of a sniper. You’ve to think like a perfect assassin and demonstrate his skills in the tactical and deadliest missions. The level of difficulty increase after every mission, but you get the tutorials about how the game works and how to get the optimum results. The game includes more than 150 missions and eleven new contracts. You also get to use 17 unique weapons to eliminate your targets. You can compete against your friends to take the top of the leaderboard.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fantastic blend of the simple yet terrifying game which challenges your sharpness and presence of mind. You are at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where families come for fun and entertainment who are attended by Fazbear and his two friends. Their behaviour is very friendly but at night it somehow turned weird and suspicious. You are the one who will keep an eye on them throughout the night to avoid any sort of mishap or find them if they get disappear. You have to carefully look after the things within your limited electric supply, as you may run out of power if used excessively. Protect yourself from the danger, and get over your fears by dealing up with still horror images and toys – at the night time! Survive the five nights and the show is yours!

Goat simulator is probably one of the fun apps you could probably come across but it marks the latest in the goat simulation technology where you can experience being a goat that how much and what possible you can do! This simulator helps you to get out of the fantasy of goat life and lets you in its place. You can get an idea how much destruction you can make, by either bugging, wrenching and much more. Get rewarded for wrecking stuff, though bugs are there except crashing one, in spite hilarious things are still there. This may appear stupid to you at once being a goat, but it is a fun and mad play game if you are going to be nuts with your friends or siblings!

Undoubtedly the best-selling and award winning game – The Sims 3 is here! The Sims 3 has come up with more interactive and eye-catching high-quality graphics that will leave you stunned! Create your own sims by choosing their character and appearances, and make them come to live. Unleash and explore new locations with vast open-world surroundings. Enjoy more exciting and new activities through keeping your sims energized and active by satisfying their basic needs like eating, sleeping, and so on. Keep intact by upgrading your place and buying new and luxurious stuff, doing different jobs and completing the objectives to maximize the chances of getting more bonuses and unlocking the advanced stuff!

Terraria is an amazing game which is more or less seems like Mine craft, but takes it with a different approach in which you build your own world  with a number of building blocks as large as you can explore different worlds ranging from the floating islands in the sky and taking you to the deepest level in the earth. There are different day and night, water and lava cycles. Adventure around the various parts of the world, dig and explore for more crafting items like weapons, armours, potions and much more! Throughout your journey of exploration, you’ll confront different enemies, fight with them and conquer the world! Multi-player game is also supported with which up to 4 players can play on local Wi-Fi. Enjoy this amazing battlefield plus exploring the game with your friends!

Remember the days when you were crazy about the flappy bird? To bring you back to the flying world with more fun and excitement; Tiny Wings is here to rejoice your fun and excitement, challenge you to the utmost level. Tiny Wings lets you fly freely in the beautiful world filled up with hills, which ultimately helps you to jump; slide down on the hills and flap your wings to fly with your finger tap! You can choose between two modes: day trip and flight school, with flight school having beautiful hand-designed levels.  However, you’ll have each day an amazing world with procedurally generated graphics. Complete tasks to upgrade the nest; you can choose to fly whether as a mother (bird itself), or one of four children. Sync your play between iPhone and iPad via iCloud support.

The all-time favorite game genre is here in the form of Sonny! It’s one of the best RPG games that you have been playing for your whole lift, which includes fighting, strategy making, and perfect timings. The game starts when the Sonny has brought back to life with his missing memory, then he, along with his companions set to the mission to find out the truth and on this search mission, they will encounter many enemies which include zombies, weird creatures, and beasts and so on. You have to fight with them so that you can proceed to the next level. The game gets a bit difficult with each level. The game has stunning backgrounds and environments which will keep you captivated during the whole game. It’s a bit cunning and strategic gameplay which surely you’ll enjoy if once you had been a saga and knock out games lover!

The clue is the classic mystery game which is surrounded by a lot of characters, suspects, a grand mansion and come up with multiple challenges and investigation. The game revolves around a murder which takes place in the Tudor Mansion, and you’ll choose a character among Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid and Professor Plum, to take in charge by roaming around various rooms in the mansion and collecting different clues. During your investigation, you’ll be having an innovative and interactive logic based sheet which turned out to be a great help as it contains all the visual clues and suspect notes to help you in solving the mystery. It’s an amazing clue game which is based on case-wise playing schema. Go and lost yourself in the mansion and come out with the mystery solved.

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