Best 20 Paid iPhone Games of 2018

June 7, 2018
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After much thought and long nights of research put into it and ourselves testing them first, we have come up with a list of top 20 paid iOS games for all the diligent gamers out there.

1# Monument Valley ($3.99)

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a must to be played a game. With just available for $3.99 the developers have made a game with a storyline that is thought out, the graphics being ingenious and inventive and breathtakingly aesthetic. It has a unique storyline, with a silent or a mute princess in search of salvation and you need to guide her to her final destination through a series of adventures and hurdles. The sound effects, music and the graphics have been diligently worked upon especially the music is transcending and calming which gives the user a remarkable experience. Therefore, after much thoughts this game has made into our top 20 paid iOS games.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a pretty well-known game series among serial gamers. It is an extremely popular point and touches horror game that is sure to send chills down the spine of the user. In this game, the animatronics come to life and being a guard you have to save the pizza place you are working at. The graphics aren’t winning much but the game is sure to keep you engrossed and hooked to it. The game is available for just $2.99. This horror and survival game is more than just any other point and clicks game and hence it calls to be played.

Heads Up

Remember Ellen DeGeneres? She had a little game of her’s where people had to act out whatever they were shown by her and make her guess the correct answer. Heads Up! by Warner Bros is on the very similar lines. It’s an engaging and full of fun family game. Where a person with the use of his/her cell phone or tablet device is able to entertain the whole lot. All you have to do is select a category and start the game, put the device up on your forehead facing others so that everyone but you can see and with a limited time available the people will help you guess whatever is there on the screen through acting out or giving you hints.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is the board game that we all used to play at some point in our childhood or even adulthood but now it has been digitalized keeping up with the pace at which technology is advancing. The Game of Life is yet again a family game which keeps you engaged and hooked from hours to minutes depending on the free time that is available to you. It has various game modes for you to play accordingly. The graphics have been improved. The developers have even made the option of online gaming available if you are bored and you do not have people to play with. The different game modes make the game easier and versatile to play.

Bloons TD 5

Bloons Tower Defense games are a series of popular point and touch games. Bloons TD 5 is the new version of the well known Bloons Tower Defense game series. It is highly addictive and keeps the players engaged for hours. Balloons or as they would like to call it “Bloons” keep on invading your empire and you need to destroy them and keep them at bay in order to protect it. Therefore, you need to build towers and hire and train expert monkeys who will help you in targeting and killing the “Bloons” efficiently and effectively. But let me warn you as simple as it sounds it isn’t that easy to defend your towers.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is one addictive point and touch game. The soundtracks fit perfectly with the theme of the game and its challenging and quirky level design add a layer of replayability and  The graphics are efficiently designed and it incorporates the laws of physics and geometry together quite effectively. It has different game modes with a variety of levels which you can master. The colour schemes and graphics are lively and vivid and ensure to keep the player hooked to the game. This game provides an active participation of users cognitive skills and his full attention towards the game which serves as a brilliant feature and a factor of great interest.


Minecraft is again a pretty famous and different from most of the games. What makes this game different and makes it stand out among the rest is the user’s experience with it. It doesn’t have any set of rules as such it all depends upon how the players design it according to their own way. In this update which is called the “Ender Update” you get to battle the Ender Dragon, moreover, it includes the thrilling battle, The End Battle. This edition comes up with loads of other exciting features and mash-ups which are guaranteed to keep you hooked to your device screens.


We have all spent our teenage and most of the time when we were bored and we had nothing else to do playing Solitaire. Using our cognitive skills and tricking the computer and trying to win the ever tricky and addictive Solitaire game. Well as the famous saying goes by “old is gold”, the developers have brought the old school game with innovation and an eccentric touch to it. In this game of Solitairica you need to win in order to prevent yourself being eaten by a monster. Your every win assures you a safety from the hungry monsters. The game is unique and innovative and it keeps you hooked just like the old times.

Superbrothers Sword Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is point and touches adventure game. The developers Superbrothers collaborated with the artist Jim Guthrie and produced a fine and graphically aesthetic game. The graphics are very cleanly developed with the pixelated view. The game also comprises of pleasing music. The storyline is great and elaborated as is the game. The storyline is well thought and laid out in a way which keeps the player engrossed in the game. With a strong female protagonist unlike other generic games which star males as the lead, the idea is new and worthy of praise. Its aesthetic graphics and music and a captivating storyline make it on our top 20 list.


Botanicula is a point and touch game developed by Amanita Design which is famous for their another eccentric puzzle game Machinarium. Botanicula is laid out on the same principles as Machinarium. It is a rather comical puzzle game in which you being a peculiar and ethereal bug need to protect an ancient tree from parasites. The game is quirky with exemplary graphics which makes it attractive to the players and keeps them hooked. The puzzles get difficult and sometimes are not easy to play but the unusual storyline and the exquisite graphics make up for the discrepancies in the game.


As discussed above Machinarium is the product of Amanita Design. It is also a puzzle game. But it isn’t just some simple puzzle game, Machinarium is, in fact, a well processed and a well developed with well thought out storyline and astounding graphics, puzzle and adventure game. What’s pleasing are the graphics of the game which are purely a work of art in every sense. The storyline of the game has some deep meanings to it and serves a purpose of education. I am talking about fighting the bullies courageously and helping those who can’t help themselves. Amanita Design has yet again blown our minds away with the complexity of puzzles and depth of storyline and perfectionism of the art.

Pumped BMX 3

It seems we are riddled with point and touch games. Pumped BMX 3 is one amongst them. Like Tiny Wings it focuses on ramps and the physics of it. You need to guide the biker through the ramps till he achieves his goal. But do not be tricked by the simple and clear description of the game for it is quite tricky to play and to master the game requires a lot of effort. Yet of all the failures the person is glued to the screen until he/she achieves his/her target. Pumped BMX 3 because of its difficulty level and user friendly features is a part of our list.

The Bug Butcher

The developers have gone on the classic road with this game. It is like the hit and miss arcade game but only on screens and virtual. Although it is not the usual point and touch game because the maneuvers are given at the bottom of the screen, it makes it slightly difficult to handle the game causing hotch-potch but the iPhone screens give a compatibility and comfort of playing. You need to squash the bugs with your hammer like device and achieve the desired target.


A point and touch game in which you are an intergalactic trucker whose shipment has been derailed and lost somewhere, now your task is to get your possessions back from the bad guys. You are stranded on an alien planet in the middle of nowhere and while tracking down and retrieving your possessions you get to know about a deadly plot of world domination. Find out about “what’s been cooking” and prevent the mass destruction with your abilities. Train yourself and get out of the planet safe and sound. With vivid graphics and pleasing music and a full of fantasy storyline this is a game that you cannot miss at any cost.


Point and touch game with a female protagonist who has a dream to be a pilot and ride her own jetpack like a pro. You have to help her in achieving her goal. It seems easy at first but once you start playing you will know how much difficult and tricky it is to guide the young pilot and tackle the jetpack which sometimes feels like a nuisance. With physics applied in the game and graphics that are nicely developed, Piloteer is sure to keep you hooked. It sometimes gets frustrating with all the loses but once you start playing you just can’t stop playing it.

Tiny Wings

With the advent of Flappy Bird everyone went berserk. Tiny Wings is produced on a similar perspective. You have ambitious birds who want to fly but unfortunately they cannot because their wings are quite tiny as made clear by the name. You need to make the bird hover and fly and jump past the obstacles and hurdles to reach the final goal. There are many levels which keep you entertained for hours plus its gradually increasing difficulty level also makes it harder to achieve the goals and complete the levels but it is the increasing challenges that makes you want to play more.

Dark Echo

Dark Echo – A point and touch game which is completely different from any other puzzle game you have played. What makes it unique is the incorporation of audio along with the visuals and a play of light and sound together makes it quite mysterious and dark and captures the attention of the user instantaneously. It’s a room or a place with complete blackout and you can’t even see your figure, there are monsters and evil creatures lurking in the dark and you have to guide your character through the echo its footsteps produce. Beware of the monsters that lurk everywhere.

Dungelot Shattered Lands

It’s an arcade adventure, point and touch game. Dungelot: Shattered Lands takes you on an adventure full of ride in dungeons filled with cows turned into zombies and huge evil mushrooms and other monster creatures. You need to fight them and escape them and get back home in a single piece. Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? But wait till you play it. It just seems easy and simple to play but is difficult to play in actuality. So beware and watch out for the dangers lurking in those dark and damp dungeons waiting to attack you at every step you take.


You are a monarch of a throne to be benevolent or malevolent is all up to you. You need to rule your kingdom efficiently. Fulfill the wishes and needs of your people, protect your kingdom from mortal enemies and grow and build your empire into a mighty kingdom. You need to take every step and decision with great caution and care because each and every one of your decision has an impact on the empire. You are the master of your game. Make it or break it. It is all up to you. This game is thrilling and full of fun and will keep you glued on to your screens for hours.

NBA 2k18

This is a game for all the die-hard fans of National Basketball Association. It is a pretty famous game that has been on top of the market and players’ lists for years. NBA 2K18 is the renewed version of the classic game. You get to fulfil your Basketball dream through this game. The controls of the game are easily maneuvered which keeps the players happy and hooked to the game. The graphics are spot on with remarkable clarity and vividness. So if you are an NBA fan then this game is certainly not to be missed at any cost.

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