Football Movies You Can Watch on iTunes During FIFA World Cup 2018

June 14, 2018
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The Fifa World Cup is here, and football fans around the world are just warming up. The Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool drew widespread attention as well with Los Blancos clinching their third consecutive European championship and making history, hence the excitement levels are on the rise!

It’s safe to say that football madness across the globe is firing up, so what better time that this to watch soccer movies. We’ve scoured iTunes for you to find the best titles, so get those shins pads ready!

Goal! The Dream Begins


Directed by Danny Cannon, Kuno Becker stars as “Santiago Munez” in Goal! The Dream Begins, the closest movie where you’ll get to see what it’s like to being offered a chance to play professional football after living a rough life. The best thing about Goal! is that it was made with cooperation from FIFA itself. This is the reason why you actually get to see world-famous players in the film. This Midas touch turns the movie into an even grander watch.

With one of the biggest collaboration between a corporate brand and a film production (with Adidas spending $50 million), Goal! The Dream Begins is simply one of the best soccer movies out there!

Goal II: Living The Dream


Goal II: Living The Dream is the sequel to Goal! In the previous movie, you’ll see how a talented player gets signed. However, this sequel revolves around transfers and extensions. The movie starts with Santiago Munez’s humble beginning at Newcastle United, but things take an interesting turn. Our hero gets a chance to be signed with Real Madrid, one of the biggest football clubs in the world. This leads the viewer to witness the surreal life of a rising football star as he gains stardom and earns big money—but, his loyalties are also tested to the limit!

Find out whether Santiago leads his new club to victory or is spoiled by the riches that come with football stardom in this epic movie.

Bend It Like Beckham


Starring Parminder Nagra (Jesminder aka “Jess”) and Keira Knightley (Jules) in the lead, Bend It Like Beckham is a story about a girl who dreams to play football professionally but is held back by the conservative beliefs of her Indian parents. Despite living in London, Jesminder’s parents are not okay with her following the dream of one day making it big like David Beckham. However, she finally gets her chance to play pro when Jules discovers her potential and introduces her to her football team coach.

Watch the movie to find out what happens when Jess makes it to the final but isn’t allowed to play.

Victory (1981)


Starring Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone, the movie is set in World War II where a group of Nazi officers cook up a propaganda of Allied Prisoners of Wars play a game of soccer against an all star Nazi team. The prisoners agree only because they want to use the game as a means of escaping from the prison!

Watch the movie to find out how the story and drama unfolds. And oh, guess which great player also stars in Victory? The legend himself, Pelé!

The Damned United


The Damned United is based of the fictional book titled The Damned Utd, which follows the author’s interpretation of Brian Clough’s tenure as the ill-fated manager of Leeds United in 1974. Michael Sheen plays the titular character of Brian Clough, with screenplay by Peter Morgan.

Although the movie nowhere depicts what actually happened with Brian Clough at the helm of Leeds United, it still makes for a great watch!

Green Street Hooligans


Think football isn’t a serious business to the fans? Watching Green Street will change your mind completely! The movie stars Elijah Wood (Matt Buckner) and Charlie Hunnam, where Matt is a Harvard undergraduate who moves to London and is introduced to the underworld life of football hooliganism.

Watch the movie to find out how fans defend their club and what happens when the things get serious at the Green Street Elite firm!

Shaolin Soccer


Shaolin Soccer may not be the best ‘football’ movie out there since it’s not a traditional soccer movie in any way. But for a soccer fan who also happens to love Kung Fu, this is the movie of their dreams! Stephen Chow, a young Shaolin fan, reunites a band of discouraged football players to form a team that uses martial arts to play the game to their advantage. Shaolin Soccer is one of the funniest football movies you could hope to watch as it changes everything you know about football and plays with the rules of physics at will, but makes for an extremely hilarious watch!

Watch as the outcast players turn football into a show that you’ll never forget, and might never even replicate as well.

These were our top picks for football movies you should watch during the World Cup! Did we miss out on any great watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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